Strategies for Customer Acquisition in Brick and Mortar Businesses

um it's nice to meet you thanks for the introduction um I'll hop right into it so um our agenda we're just gonna talk about generally how our company drives traffic with multi-generational audiences um creating an experiential retail environment the channels we use the different messaging that's tailored to the end um customer um we throttle between offline and online tactics um and we have very specific approaches for the three different audiences our um audiences our kids parents and grandparents so um I'll get right into it so overarchingly you're going to want to learn how to drive traffic and sales uh to Brick and Mortar businesses in a digital age um I'm constantly meeting with Partners or potential agencies and like the first thing they ask is about our website and like you have to go into our store store cuz that's where the line and share of our business is done so um but obviously we're um utilizing all of the digital platforms that we can to reach our audiences but the most of our business is um is done in store um so I highly recommend if you're in retail um just before you try to um approach your marketing strategy and advertising and trying to get people in making sure that your brick-and-mortar retail environment is experiential it's not just transactional because these days a busy mom or another customer can purchase something with just a click of a button it could be on their doorstep tomorrow so um we're not in the business of just selling the goods um we want to make the whole ex the whole um retail environment very experiential so for our end users that's the kids um we try to make it a fun show showroom where there's lots of demos it's like they come in and in the showroom they can touch and feel and see and even play with some of the toys um and then you know on top of that we try to make sure that um that they can um um have some good children's events lined up at the store so you know on Saturday they can meet Mario or um you know um on Thursday we have um Barbie coming into the store so they can meet and greet characters so just making sure that there's fun kids events going on um making sure that the store is convenient for Mom because we're also targeting Mom and for her she's looking for high touch service um we offer free services such as um gift wrap right on the spot which helps her if she's going to a a birthday party that day just making her life a little easier it's easier to come in and get the gift and have it wrapped right there and go to the party than clicking than ordering from Amazon maybe she ran out of time or then she has to wrap it herself so just making sure that we can um add you know a convenience factor that maybe online you know is known to be convenient but maybe we can beat them in that area um also we um have a really fun gift registry program for kids where they can come in and kind of pick out the toys that they want and party guests or friends and family or even mom and dad can shop the registry but it's a really fun experience for kids um you know that they can come in and kind of do that it's it's kind of a write a passage in in childhood to come into a toy store as a little kid anyway and what what more fun than running through the store and picking out all the things that you want for your birthday or for a holiday um and then offering mom um free personalization of various items so writing their child's name on on something something like a notebook or a lap desk in a really cute way um that can be a wow gift for a niece and nephew or for a child um so those kind of free complimentary hi touch service points for Mom can be uh can be great um and then we have a third target audience which is Grandparents um and so for grandparents we want to offer a way to be helpful or useful for to them um and and how we do that is with our toy expertise so we have toy experts um that can help a grandparent like see the latest and greatest in toys maybe they're not you know their fingers aren't on the pulse with um drones or whatever it is hot new toy that we're selling um and then we can also tailor the their our product recommendations for their grandchild's age or interest hey my you know he's six and he's really into Lego oh okay this hot new Lego set so and maybe they couldn't really get that online or maybe it just is a little too cumbersome but we can point them right in the right direction so being helpful to grandparents being convenient to the parents um and having it be a fun experience for kids um I know I a lot of these examples are very specific to toy um but I hope that what you know I think that a lot of what I'm saying can transfer over to your business um um so okay so we obviously need to advertise this fun experiential place that we've built um so we rely very heavily on um the three social media networks um for Facebook we um Target a lot of our messaging toward um parents and grandparents for Instagram we target a lot of our messaging toward parents um and then Tik Tok we have seen um you know since Co it's it's really been um kind of new to us ever since Co we really started adopting this at our stores and here we use this platform to um connect with kids teens and tweens um and so we kind of change change our messaging for each audience um and kind of what we're trying to do so for Facebook they do a really good job with event marketing and so since we have a lot of events at our store we implore our um implore our stores to um put all of their events on Facebook and utilize Facebook books event tool where parents can say if they're interested um or if they're going and then their friends see that they're going to an event so there's sort of um a possibility for a viral effect um and then with Instagram a lot of parents use this um a lot of moms use it for product Discovery so um we'll gear a lot of our um uh content and messaging toward um the products that we carry and um and then with Tik Tok it's it's really about entertaining the kids and the teens and the twins um so we'll kind of show off products use you know the latest sounds or trending hashtags and um and kind of the trending formats of videos um and then kind of showing off our toys and our showrooms um for this channel we um because we're trying to talk to a younger audience we've um we've had the most success utilizing this staff that's in the store so um we'll tell our owners to identify somebody in the store to take the lead to start creating the Tik Tok videos in the store of someone young that's employed at their store that really understands Tik Tok really un is closest to our our younger target audience um and then you know we ask the stores to kind of monitor what they're doing hey take a look at the video make sure that the sounds are appropriate um and that it kind of makes sense for your store and and it's on you know on brand to the point where it's just it's not inappropriate um we're not offending anybody um but we allow them the in stor staff to create a lot of our content and it's quite honestly some of our most successful content um not just from an engagement standpoint um not from the amount of views or likes or clicks it's um truly the content that's just driven people in store people come in they want to meet the staff member that made the video that was in the video um they want to buy that thing that they saw so um we've seen a lot of success um having the franchisees and having their staff create the content um for Tik Tok so um we've really tried to to tailor our messaging um and our approach for each social media platform um but social media is not the only digital platforms um that bring in business obviously um email is really important to us um because we don't have to pay to reach our email audience we own the email list um whereas the some of the other platforms um like Facebook you really have to pay and try to boost your post to really get the visibility that you used to get in you know yester year um so we always try to drive our audiences to our email as well um because we really own that list and can continue to talk to them there um for free and then um you know certainly we want to tailor our messaging on email um through segmentation of um the the audience and also um you know the ages of their children um or or their interest hey this is a Lego customer hey this is Squish Malo customer and you know they probably want to want to learn more about that not about all the products in the store um and so um and then finally text message so text message allows us to kind of break through the noise um there's a lot of noise on social media your inboxes are getting flooded all day and certainly we get a lot of text messages but I get a lot fewer text messages from Brands and companies and stores and I want it that way so we keep a lot of our messages really short and sweet and valuable to the customer so we're not just going to blast them for no reason we're going to text them if there's like a mega sale going on at the store or something that we just know they're going to care a lot about like a huge event that's happening um not just for our regular daily kind of activities at the store so um Okay so we've talked a little bit about um um building that experiential environment reaching our Target audiences with the various digital methods um but um I think that um trying to drive some of our online audiences in store is key to driving sales but just as important is driving some of our inore traffic online um so we think it's really important um you know in order to increase overall sales of the store and the lifetime value of the customer just because they're in the store and shopping they might not follow us on social media or be on our email list and then when they out the door we lose the opportunity to talk to them again um and to drive additional sales um and so um we have we rely on signage in the store to communicate the importance of being on our social networks and being on um on our email list in order to um in in order to learn about special deals that are happening or the events going on at our store so we actually use signs with QR codes that right at the right register or the owners in theory should have signs at their registers with their QR codes um that lead a customer to all the the channels and they can sign up um and then on on the other side we've we've done a lot of advertising online say they're on our social they're on our email um we just need to make sure that our content or at least a good portion of our content is encouraging audiences to come in um and so that might be through special pricing um that might be through um uh you know having a sense of urgency through scarcity of products um or just you know um some customers of ours want to be the first to have like the hot thing and so you know letting them know that you know a new Hot Toy has arrived it was just on the Today's Show and it's just got in the store and that might drive people in as well so just making sure that um a lot of our on online content and ads are um giving people a reason to come in and come in now and then once they're in the store um just making sure that that traffic in the store is also part of our online audience um in order to um increase the lifetime value of that customer so um another tip um is to try to merge the digital and um traditional mediums together um so an example of this is we rely very heavily on print cataloges in order to reach children um and you know in order to get them excited about our products so this year in our holiday catalog we introduced QR codes to help bring a lot of the products to life and kind of demo them right online um and so it's it's nothing groundbreaking that we're doing um but when QR codes were first launched you years ago um I tried using them in print marketing and it just fell completely flat um customers just didn't even know how to use QR codes it was like they didn't get it you need like a QR code scanner on your phone um it it was a bust and I strayed so far from using QR codes on anything um and then when Co hit and everything moved touchless um or tried to be touchless QR codes made the biggest comeback and so people kind of figured them out they had to and um you could use your phone's camera um and um you know sometimes I have to remind myself that QR codes are relevant today um so this is your friendly reminder that QR codes matter um and to use them when you can in signage direct mail and other print pieces because they really can bring your printed materials that are can be just as important if not more important than your digital efforts but it can also um kind of bring them to life um and you can make some of your print and your signage short and sweet just like we've always been taught to do people don't read make it quick um but we can add a lot more content and exciting content video content um just by having a simple you QR code for the customers that are hungry for more um um okay so um let me just see where we're at with time okay we're good with time so um I just wanted to kind of go through a couple of we have you know different approaches for our three different Target audiences that I mentioned before um so we have um different events geared to our different audiences um we have we have a lot of our marketing is tailored to the three audiences um and so for kids kids we have special kids events like um holiday wish list creation around the holidays they can come in they can meet Santa we have um we have mailboxes where they can mail their letters and they can go through the store and see what they like and then we you know keep their list for Mom and Dad behind me um the register we have um the birthday box registry I mentioned previously um we have lots of kids events but one you know popular example is um like Pokemon trade card events so we'll have try to have them the same day of the week same time U so that kids get used to it like you know Wednesdays at 6 is the Pokemon event and so um and so it's easy for mom and kids to remember um and then we'll have then we have events geared just toward Mom so um around the holidays a lot of our stores will do a drop and Shop sale for mom so the idea is um it's a morning sale they'll serve like mu and Mimosas and um Mom can drop the kids off at eight sales from you know drop the kids off at school I'm sorry and then um you know it's a weekday sale the sale runs from like 9 to 12 and they have get a big discount and it's fun um and so that's an event some moms in our local areas look forward to every year um and they get all their holiday shopping done in one in one sitting um and then um we also have events for moms like stay-at-home moms that are looking for stuff to do with their little kids during the week um we'll have like a story and craft time um you know from like 10 to 11: on a Thursday every Thursday um and it just gives moms something to do with their kids and then it brings them in the store so maybe they don't buy something every time but it keeps the store on top of their mind the next time they do need to buy something or on occasion they will buy something during that story and craft period um and then also we um you know we we gear a lot of our our product messaging for Mom differently than we would for kids so um you know some stores have signage throughout the store about what what um skills the products help build for kids like fine motor skills or gross motor skills I mean that that messaging is clearly geared toward Mom that's looking for toys that can be tools for their kids whereas the the um marketing towards children is about you know the fun and the and the play value and how exciting the toy is um and then with we have special events for grandparents so sometimes we'll have like a grandma grandpa and me story time um we some of our stores have a grandparent Club where a certain day of the week the parent will the grandparent will get special pricing um so it's like Wednesdays grandparents get 10% off um and then we'll even do like different product bundling for grandparents um so we some stores offer like a grandparents survival kits so the grandparent comes in and they say the names and ages of the um I'm sorry the uh ages and interests of their grandchildren and um the toy experts will will create bundles for the grandparents to keep at their own house for when the kids come over um so these are just I mean we have a a laundry list of events and different things that we do but this is just kind of a sampling of how you can really tailor um your approach with the different audiences um and create something for everybody even though you know we're a toy store um and then you know targeting these groups um is through digital ads we will um Target certain ads um to parents of children of specific ages you can actually go on Facebook and through meta start running ads for parent you know specifically for parents of preschoolers they we're having like a Melissa and Doug sale um you know that's really geared toward preschool age um you can tail our ads to parents of teens and tween um you can just Target grandparents um and then like I mentioned earlier about segmenting your email Communications and your text Communications based on the on the three different audiences um so that's that's what I had to share today

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