The Secret Sauce to Strong Online Visibility: Omnichannel & Intelligence

today I'll be going through you know the secret sauce for strong online visibility that really yields results um and this is across omnichannel data intelligence where we want to see um everyone improving um and just for some context to introduce myself more formally my name is Raquel I run our customer success Department here at Prima Republic so I help make franchisor successful on every channel that they're on and I'm really excited to be working with franchisors of every single side than every single industry on a daily basis and so it is really great to be here to talk you through a few of our points today so in terms of the agenda we will be going through the power of local visibility and why it's really important to be on as many local mediums as possible um what omnichannel presence means because Omni channel can just be one of those very great vocabulary words that people throw around but really putting this into practice with a roadmap to success and then data intelligence where we can take the data and make actionable insights and strategic decisions from them so hopefully we get to absolutely everything in the next 20 minutes or so um so without further Ado let's Dive In so I thought a really great place to start um today's conversation is a 10 000 foot view of what a customer Journey looks like nowadays and I know we're all guilty of doing this ourselves whether we're looking for a new restaurant or new product or service Etc where you're not only Googling something you're going to the social media and then you're going back to their listing then you're checking reviews and you're going through this really complex customer Journey that involves multiple touch points with absolutely everything that you can see on the screen and more and customers are using a mix of Google to evaluate um where local businesses are and this has jumped from 63 percent um to 81 in 2021 and from 87 in 2022 and what's really interesting is that a research conducted by bright local has highlighted that 98 of customers read reviews before going to a business or choosing a survey address so this is really important to have your digital ecosystem so to speak in line especially since competition is at an all-time high these days the consumer has several choices at any given point in every given day and journey that they're on so we want to make sure that the top of the funnel channels for franchise Awards and French IDs are really taken care of that's the best of the abilities um like listings search reviews and social media so really important to take a look at that 10 000 foot View and now we're kind of diving further down so customers are expecting convenience and accessibility when doing absolutely everything nowadays and that's no different in the franchising space so we want you to be omnipresent which means be on as many channels as you can and creating these touch points with your consumer you can double down on the offerings that you have you can showcase them in various formats so you have more opportunities and again different touch points to really spark their interest because they're not only checking One Source nowadays they're checking absolutely everything from the website to the reviews to social Etc so this is no different whether someone is preferring to do as what we just highlighted shop on your website or look at your social Pages or using their mobile app going to the Google Maps and this ensures that where your name address and profile is visible as well as all of the information and content that you're able to curate gives you a preferred advantage on these channels and we've seen that it takes an average of eight touch points to buy from you so you want to make sure that you're available to the franchise the franchisees are visible and available to the consumers when they are creating their digital presence and putting their services or products out there this Omni Channel approach really provides valuable data and insights on consumer behavior and engagement across the different channels because again every channel that you're on not only is great for visibility but it yields a lot of data that you can help make Better Business decisions with this can change our marketing strategies product development and operational decisions as you move through how to understand what the customer preferences are and identifying any Trends so by not only being present on these channels you can really yield this Advantage but you can make better data-driven decisions to optimize what your franchise's online present is and what we're all here to do which is to drive this business growth forward so a lot of benefits by being in as many places as you can be and as you can sustain as part of your strategy so here I wanted to kind of show you a little bit on what the touch points are um you can see more touch points means more data and more processing for decision making so these are just high level examples of what to track across our three key Focus points of search reputation management and social and so feel free to screenshot this slide um this is a you know example for one location and I think what a lot of people um a lot of franchisees forget it they want they're joining you because they are bought into the mission they want to be an entrepreneur they want to drive their business forward but part of owning your own business is being a digital marketer in one as well so on search we want to track our organic rankings and how that differs from the map rankings and how you complete your Google business profile is again this name address and profile in as many places as possible with complete and relevant information and the same for review management we want to see in an ideal world as many reviews as possible because as we saw people are checking reviews 98 of them are reading these reviews before making any type of decisions so this is really impactful especially when we're looking at response times and ratings because if you're getting low reviews you want to see that that customer service perspective is really put in there and same with social it might seem you know like a burden to maintain this brand consistency but there are a lot of ways to make it really easy for franchisees to stay on Brands 100 of the time and to increase their posting and not only high level content from the franchisor but also really local and Hyper local posting as well so this is again just some of the data that you can track across locations um but we want to take it a first step further into understanding to make sense out of the data and to put it into actions because we want to get this wisdom moving forward into the actionable content for your market for your business goals because we know that it's really overwhelming with as you saw in the previous screen how much data you can track for a specific location let alone your entire organization so that's where the insights are going from just you know some numbers that you're tracking to the intelligence so to speak franchisees are at the Forefront of the business because they're again the entrepreneurs whether at this local level making sure that they're competitive in all channels is really important to the success of their franchise so in order to be really successful in this Omni channel strategy for their online visibility it's important to implement A system that will help franchisors number one understand how the performance is for all franchisees but also to compare this to Industry standards and benchmarks and channels and also to set goals and track results so again it's a a grouping of the three so understanding what you're doing tracking that against competitors and setting up you know objectives and key results and different key performance indicators to get you and your franchisees where you want to be and it can start off really simple by looking at what your competitors are doing and seeing how you're going um or by processing you know at this higher level and I'm really excited um to introduce what I mean by this higher level insights is that here at Prima Republic everything that we do is eat sleep franchise just like all of you so we have analyzed over 10 000 locations across our three pillars of search reviews and reputation and social to give you a state of the industry Benchmark and you can see how and where you fall um in the industries and size and this is all coming soon so this is a sneak peek we're really proud of this data and I think this will really change a lot of the insights that you're taking especially our partners when they're making the business decisions on how are you stacking against everything that is out there so moving on to you know why we're here which is the secret sauce of online visibility and we believe it really falls into four pillars and so it's number one actually maintaining consistency online across all channels ensuring seamless versions you know we want to see three clicks or less we don't want to go from you know social to a lead page to fill something else out Etc we want to see this across all of the business directories you want to centralize as much data and reporting that you can and the parter of work smarter not harder part of working smarter and not harder of automating this with tools and Technology at your fingertips and so this is exactly what we're here to do especially for you and here at the power up convention that we have so if you're interested in this we are able to offer these Audits and we have seen that with the CMO peer talks community that is powered by Prima Republic people have already jumped on the opportunity to get some benefits without being partners of us overall we help you gather the technology the data data and process and simplify this down to make sure that you are taking the right actions and focusing on growth overall and that's what our technology is really here to do and this is you know a small sampling again you're getting the sneak peek of what we have produced as benchmarking data as well as what our reporting sample can do you can help understand what you're excelling at your strengths what is great and how you can also improve as well so if we're looking at this graph we can see that you have an industry Benchmark score which is again what we've analyzed over 10 000 locations across varying Industries and sizes as well as your individual score as a franchise and you can see all right the industry Benchmark here is you know 4.8 right now we're at a 4.2 so a little bit low but the industry I'm in as a 4.3 so even though we're below the overall franchising Benchmark we're really excelling um in comparison to our specific industry and this goes across every reputation Channel social Etc so this is what we see reputation wise as well and then moving on right my computer went backwards um we can see how to actually leverage this and utilize this when we're talking about how to improve your strategy here we have two examples of varying sizes we have oh dear which is an all-natural deer and tick and mosquito solution so pep control Home Services industry 16 locations one brand in the US and you can see that their Google business profile interactions quarter over quarter grew over 200 percent their response time decreased and so they're responding quicker and their clicks from the social media post Route 300 percent which is fantastic data to see again going through the benchmarks with them was amazing I was actually just on a call with them yesterday to review this so this was really great to see um and then we have you know on the flip side a much larger organization of over 1100 location split between 21 Brands across the American continents where you saw a 17 increase of the click-throughs as well as a 2.4 or increase so over that percent threshold in six months which is really great to see and again the reply rate just skyrocketed so it's really important not only to do the work but track what you're doing so you can see how that fits into the industry as well as benchmarking overall because everything that we've discussed today is all about how we can really grow the strategy and um the reporting that you get so on that same vein just as we've done once before in one of our webinars if you're interested in getting a state of the industry hot off the press custom Benchmark report that we will do completely for free on us because we just love data and love helping franchisors out you can write in the chat report and as you see our amazing promo public marketing team is on the call so they're able to arrange the emails and so on so definitely don't hesitate to throw it in there we will contact you if you're interested so to take a step back even further um you've seen what we do for the community I am probably all over your LinkedIn I love being a part of the CMO peartalks Community um but the number one question that we get is this community is amazing we love meeting at offline events like IFA um what do you do so I'm here to just give you a very 10 second high level overview of you know pro-republic explained because not only are we a really great way to help but make sense of data but we're a really fantastic way to automate what you're doing from our public is the only local intelligent marketing intelligence platform that is specifically built for franchise Brands so we help franchisors win in local marketing that's all we care about on across every channel um that we have we have ai power technology that really helps boost your overall digital presence we have Smart dashboards across again the social rep mutation and insights to discover hidden growth opportunities we help automate this which is the biggest pain point that we get from not only the franchisors but franchisees as well and we've become the platform of choice for really cool Brands out there like Expedia cruises which is part of the Expedia group gen Pro itrip Learning Express toys and Citywide facilities Solutions just to name a few so we are really focusing on everything that we do and all of our energy and helping our partners on digital marketing and local marketing for their franchise as well as their franchise to make it really easy for both of you to excel at this local marketing so with that I did want to pause here to see if there were any questions and as Danielle said um we have um open Forum so feel free to unmute yourself or write in the chat or you can write a direct message to me and I can respond as we go to the next um section as well so feel free to leave anything in the chat um otherwise I will hopefully see you at the franchise customer experience conference in I think just under 20 days in Atlanta so we're there we have a booth I'll be there still Danielle and Alex are amazing teammates um and hopefully we'll see in person

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