4 Online Income Streams ANYONE Can Start (Step By Step)

which actually brought me $228,000 hey guys Ross here and welcome to the ultimate video tutorial in which I'm going to share with you four of the fastest and easiest passive income streams you can set up as a complete beginner as soon as today in the past month all of these four income streams have made me $27,000 and the goal for today's video is by the end of it you should be able to replicate at least one of these four and earn your first $2 to $300 per day for free before we start let's see what I consider passive income stream for me these four that I'm about to show you have been set up 5 years ago and they are still making me money up until this day so what I consider passive income stream is something that you spend some time to set it up once and then leave it handsfree and it's making you money on autopilot every single day every single month and every single year passive income idea number one is actually the platform you're using to watch this video right now YouTube YouTube will pay you money for you uploading videos but don't freak out you don't have to be a video editor you don't have to be a videographer you don't even have to show your face and I'm telling you this with a complete certainty because when I got started on YouTube I did not show my face I was simply showing my screen my computer screen and I'm going to show you an example video which actually brought me $28,000 with one single video and this video is still making me money up until this day what you have to consider is that this video was uploaded 4 years ago fellas and I can show you a life example so this is the actual video as you can see I'm not showing my face I'm simply showing my computer screen you can see a website here I'm simply showing and explaining how website works and how you can create a website or something similar I'm going to give you a bunch of examples for you let's say you don't know how to start you don't know where to start well there are two ways to start on YouTube to earn money by uploading videos of course the first way is to use your hobby if you already already have a hobby you can use that or if you you can use your job in my case I use two of them because my hobby is digital marketing I love doing digital marketing stuff but also my work is related to digital marketing but for you let's say you're not into digital marketing let's say you're into gardening what you can do is next time you're working on your garden digging down holes and putting CR in it take your phone put it on a photo stick or a tripod buy just a tripod for like 10 bucks put it next to your hands you don't have to show your face and record yourself how you're digging the hose what crops you're using what ingredients or like seeds you're using not ingredients okay we're not cooking here but you got the point start uploading these videos to YouTube now in the beginning you're not going going to see any results probably you're going to see one two three views that's it but with consistency there comes the success so the more you're consistent and I'm telling you I told some of my friends I have business partners who are doing YouTube all of them are successful it took time it took a couple of months even for me it took me six months to get monetized and to start earning money on YouTube but once I did it that was it I was making money on autopilot and once a week on once every two weeks I have I had to upload a video and how do you make money on YouTube well YouTube will place ads on your videos and we'll share the ad Revenue with you I believe it's 45 or 40% for you 60 for them which is pretty fair deal for me so they'll pay you a revenue cut from the advertisers that's how it works now that doesn't sound like passive income but I consider small time or short time of Maintenance to be also passive for example let's say it takes you 30 minutes a day or 2 three hours a week to maintain or to do some maintenance of these income streams not only YouTube will pay you money from the YouTube monetization program but also you can double your money by using the YouTube description which brings me to passive income stream number two affiliate marketing you can insert affiliate marketing links inside your video description and why you may use affiliate marketing you may say here is one of my many affiliate marketing dashboards and I have I got paid $35,000 promoting this product this is a simple software in my YouTube description so this software also paid me pretty good amount of money now why affiliate marketing you may ask well in the past decade affiliate marketing has been growing exponentially in fact this is the only industry that has not seen decline it's actually quite the opposite it's always been growing and people have been more and more interested in affiliate marketing why because you can make free money with affiliate marketing and you don't have to have your own product you don't have to deal with the customer support you don't have to deal with customers you don't have to buy products or you don't have to invest any money up front and you don't have to ship these produ products to the customers everything is done by the affiliate vendor and I want to show you something very very intriguing here this is a website called kin.com about affiliate marketing statistics see this statement here 81% of the affiliate marketers make more than $20,000 annually so the potential is huge it's not 1% it's not five it's 80 out of 100 people are making $20,000 dollars annually for free because affiliate marketing does not acquire pretty much anything so there is a huge potential to use affiliate marketing links and here is how you can make it happen let's go back to the gardening hobby or the gardening videos you might want to produce this is just the example from the first topic you can go to Home Depot or Walmart or Amazon and grab affiliate links for tools that your current currently using in your gardening let's say a spade or a bucket or maybe some seats you're buying your seats from a online from a website I'm 99% sure that all of these websites that you're shopping online they have some type of affiliate program and they will be happy to share some Revenue with you if you bring them clients there is no such a business that they would be not happy if someone brings them more business right in my example that I showed you here I am actually promoting a software that I use to build my websites so it's congruent with my Niche I'm teaching marketing digital marketing web development and I'm promoting affiliate offer to my audience about software so you have to keep it congruent you're into gardening you promote gardening tools and products to your audience but affiliate marketing earnings are very small the margins are very thin let's say if you're promoting a spade from uh Amazon or promoting promoting some seats you can only get one1 two $3 of as a commission by promoting a certain offer another important fact about affiliate marketing is that the margins are very thin let's say you're promoting a Spate or a bucket from Amazon to your audience that they can use to do their gardening now the bucket let's say it costs 10 20 bucks how much you think you're going to get out of this 10 bucks as a as an affiliate uh as a commission I am guessing one or $2 in order to increase your affiliate commissions you can find high paying products so you have to do a lot of research or you can use special affiliate platform which brings me to passive income stream number three ClickBank ClickBank is an affiliate marketing platform now the difference between ordinary affiliate marketing and ClickBank is that on ClickBank you have high ticket offers you have high yielding products for example I'm on ClickBank right now and I can see these products don't pay you just $1 or $2 per commission they pay you $100 $150 bucks $124 so instead of you promoting a spade and make just two three do or a bucket to your gardening audence you can go on ClickBank and find high yielding offers for hundreds of dollars per conversion and another significant difference between ClickBank and regular affiliate marketing is that the offers or the products on the ClickBank platform are 99% digital offers or products so the customer gets their product instantly they don't have to wait for the Spate or for the bucket to be delivered to their house be damaged along the way so you can lose your commission if the customer uh receive a broken product no you receive your commissions instantly on ClickBank because the offers like I said are digital downloads or courses or books so people get their product right away after they purchase so you get the money right away now they have a search bar and if I type G ging here let's say gardening hit enter they should have some yes they do have gardening offers so for example this one pays $67 this one pays 50 this one 18 12 35 30 so they're different variant of offers on the ClickBank platform you can choose from now how you make money on ClickBank well the first way is you promote these products to your YouTube audience once you start generating a YouTube audience or you use the second way which I use and my students are using this is paid ads paid medium what we do we use Facebook ads to drive instant traffic to these ClickBank offers so we can see results within one or two days literally because with YouTube it's going to take some time months to build your audience and then you have to insert these links and then you have to wait and wait now if you don't want to wait that's the path using ClickBank along with Facebook ads and it's very easy and simple simple actually because on Facebook you can go to a place called facebook.com slads library and you can go on the search bar and find other people's advertisements about gardening then copy them don't copy them word by word but you can take them as a reference and recreate your own ads based on there so here I can type gardening let's say I hit enter and I can see more than 50,000 advertisements about gardening and we can see how people are advertising gardening products and gardening offers all right so you take this as an example for example the veggie garden or whatever that is you can take a look at the text you can take a look at their website you can take a look at everything you can research and study what your competitors because these are competitors into the gardening Niche are doing and outm Mar them and set up set up your own own ads I have videos on Facebook ads uh on my channel I have videos about ClickBank on my channel as well other videos that are step by step I'm going to post them down in the description below so you can watch them after you finish watching this video and by the way if you like the information so far in this video I would really appreciate if you hit the like button and subscribe to the channel for more tips and tricks about digital marketing and making money online and starting your own site hustles and income streams and it's very easy to promote this products with ClickBank you simply sign up for ClickBank for a free account you don't have to pay anything then you choose or select an offer that you like for example Local Harvest organic gardening and then you see this is the payout every time someone signs up for this offer you're going to get paid $70 and how you do that you click promote you click generate or create hop link and boom this is your hop link and hop link guys is simply your affiliate link and every time someone clicks this link L and purchase the offer you're going to get paid $67 and you place this link either on your YouTube channel or in your Facebook ads now of course there's something more to Facebook ads when it comes to ClickBank uh I have different videos on that you have to protect yourself because Facebook doesn't like doesn't quite like linking directly to ClickBank so you have to create your own free landing page or website as a bridge page between the ClickBank offer and the Facebook ads and in in order to make it uh passively what I do is I leave my Facebook ads live 247 so basically 24/7 my Facebook ads are rolling I don't have to do anything I don't touch it once I set up the ads and start running the traffic it spins I just have to do daily maintenance to switch off the non-performing ads so it's kind of semi passively because once you stop your ads the traffic will stop and then the money will stop income idea number four is going to the next step level by creating your own product in the best case scenario this can be a digital product or an ebook or a video course something that people can download instantly of course you can create a physical product but that's going to be much more difficult than the digital product what I mean by that let's come back to the gardening example now that you have three of the four income streams related to gardening you can create your own digital course where you can teach people how to become self-sufficient by creating their own Gardens and making and producing their own vegetables and food and you don't have to be an expert you just have to know a little bit more than the person than your competitors let's say you know how to grow better and bigger and tastier Tomatoes you can teach people how to do that you can for example let's say you know a trick about the soil how you mix different types of soils and seeds and this is how you grow your Tomatoes I don't know I'm not a gardener but I'm just giving you as an example here another example is my own digital product that I have so for me it's congruent as well I have the YouTube channel teaching about marketing I have affiliate marketing where I promote softwares and here is my life example this is my own digital course that I created called commission jumpstart.com and here I simply teach and train people how to make $3 to $700 or more per day on ClickBank as a complete beginners and as you can see it's just a simple landing page with some stats here I'm showing the earnings I'm showing what is the problem about people having not making money on ClickBank um I'm talk it's basically sales page with text on it and I'm showing not only some statistics but I'm showing an actual ad on Facebook because in this training I'm teaching people step by step how to go from Zero to Hero on ClickBank using Facebook traffic Facebook ad so I have an example ad which shows a very um very bizarre image this is one of my modules in the course I teach people how to use pattern interrupt images that are very unusual for the regular Facebook viewer just to make them stop and click your ad and not only that but I'm also showing how my students are making money and along the way in the beginning you probably would not have students but in the beginning you can offer the course for free to get testimonials you can offer the course for very less money to get people onto your course and start doing the gardening and then once they start growing the tomatoes you can ask them to take pictures of these tomatoes so you can use them as testimonials like I did for example this is Josh Josh in his first I believe two or three months he made $58,000 in affiliate commissions which is pretty significant I have Victor here Victor was telling me he started basically doubling his money with using my strategies so which is pretty pretty heartwarming which leads me to a point that you have to remember don't create a course just to make a course and make money again make a course to help your fellow human beings make a course that you teach people some lifelong skill that they can use in their every day for example I'm teaching people here how to quit their jobs and how to make money on ClickBank as digital marketing marketers and I'm pretty pumped for that yes I'm getting paid to do that but I'm building a community of like-minded people I have another student who actually made $240,000 in one year not in a month but still in one year $240,000 and he's from Japan he doesn't even speak English so if you want to take this page as a reference just go to commission jar.com you don't even have to buy the product you don't have to sign up as a student just go and take a look at how I structured the page to create your own version of this one don't copy me come up with your own example but there you have it fellas the most difficult part of setting up online income streams that are making you money passively for free is the beginning the start is the most the the the hardest thing I was thinking about starting a YouTube channel for two years two years and then I started it and there you go now we're like hundreds of thousands of people here for which I thank you and about ClickBank in the beginning when I started it took me one year or year and a half to actually create a simple landing page and start promoting ClickBank offers one year guys you got to act fast don't procrastinate the more you procrastinate the more you will not set it up and you probably never set it up now what you should do from now your next step is to start setting up at least one of these and if you want to start with ClickBank because ClickBank brings the fastest results watch this video right here where I explain step-by-step how to set up ClickBank campaign with Facebook ads so click that video I'll see you there

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