4 Untapped Business Ideas You Can Start With $0

today I'm going to show you four profitable online business ideas that you can start with literally zero upfront investment without any technical skills and without any prior experience and the best part is you can start this from any point of the world as soon as you finish watching this video so let's go ahead with business idea number one which is web page distribution as you already know thanks to Tik Tok Instagram and YouTube every single day there are thousands of people becoming influencers or some type of creators now even though this business looks lucrative and you can make a lot of Mone being an influencer or a Creator it takes time and dedication to set that up and to create your following instead what you need to do and this is the business idea is to get a chunk of the money that these creators are earning there's a huge problem a lot of these influencers they might be coaches Consultants they might be into real estate fashion makeup Sports Etc they don't know how to build a landing page or a website so their only option to have a web presence besides their social media following because everyone who is on social media has to have a website to rep presentent them so what they have to do they have to hire a big company or company or business web development Studio to create such a similar lending page or website for them and they're going to charge them thousands of dollars and this is where you come in you steal part of that money by cutting the price by 60 to 70% these Pages vary from 50 to even $500 per landing page so in reality you need 10 clients a month that are going to be paying you $500 which is going to be $55,000 each and every month but on top of that I'm going to show you a how you can make this money residual Without You lifting your finger and still receiving paychecks like this every single month and now how you build these landing pages we're going to be using free to code clicker.com which has free drag and drop Builder with this Builder you simply drag and drop elements on the Camas they can be images text or other elements and you create a simple landing page like I said to represent the person take my website for example you see image of myself on the first section next section is some text with an image in the background then the other SE section another image and some text and some more text and some logos by the end of this page I also have some trainings section with trainings which are again images very easy to do with the drag and drop Builder with clicka now I might be a little biased because I'm promoting clicka so you're free to go and use other tools you're not obligated to use clicka but this is what I'm using and what I'm recommending in this video and one of the best tips I can give you instead of you coming up with ideas about these landing pages because you're not a designer you're just a beginner go to a website called team forest.net click the WordPress section you're going to see hundreds and even thousands of WordPress templates click the button live preview of each one of these templates and then find the section that says demo sites or demo templates or Pages you're going to see tens and hundreds of pages in different categories such as fashion cooking real estate doctors personal Brands Etc so mimic this page from Team Forest into CLIA and of course change the cowers change the images and once you create this Frame because this is a frame for a landing page it usually doesn't have have to take you long a couple of hours and you're going to have this landing page and on top of that Cera provides you with d for you landing pages that you can literally use without you starting from scratch then the next step is you sell this landing page to these influencers but you don't have to create new landing page over and over again you can simply take this one sell it to let's say an influencer for $200 or $500 in the fashion Niche then you take the same landing page and sell it to someone in the sports Niche but then you change the images and the Cs I'm going to show you how to make residual income and this is simply done automatically inside CLIA you see in order for you to sell this to a prospect to an influencer you have to give them a sharable link this sharable link can be found in your click eras dashboard once you share this link with your customer they pay you the $200 or the $500 or heck whatever you want to charge them they click this link and the template the website is automatically downloaded into their clier account but guess what clier will assign you commission for you bringing the this customer to the software and once they start paying because Cera has paid plans and I assume a lot of influencers like myself and some of my friends who are influencers who use the paid plan because the paid version of Cera gives them a lot more options and features to work with as a business let's say you bring 10 clients this month and each of these clients you charge them let's say $500 this is $5,000 one time you get this money this month but then the next month if all of these 10 people sign up for clier paid plan let's say for 100 bucks clier will give you 50 % commission every single month until they cancel and guess what probably very few people will cancel because if they cancel their subscription their website will go down they will not have the website no more and so the math is you bring 10 clients this month each of them pay $100 to Cera clier gives you 50% of that which is $50 so 10 clients time 50 you get $500 every single month for bringing these clients but guess what if the next month you bring another 10 clients you're going to generate generate another 500 on top of your first 500 so the next month you're going to make $1,000 and the next month if you bring more clients you're going to make $2,000 3,000 Etc so the more clients you bring to CLIA the more you're going to be earning in residual income which leads me to business idea number two email marketing agency and now probably you're saying yourself hey Ross but I'm not a copywriter I don't know how to do that don't worry because we're going to be using AI because 90% of the people or the marketers now are using AI to help them with everyday tasks in our case with copyrighting but guess what the second Revenue stream for all these big companies and even small and medium companies online companies and brick and Mortal businesses are email marketing email marketing is huge Revenue channel for all of these businesses and even for my own businesses I make 30 to 40% of my Revenue through email so email is huge part of every business and this is where you come in I get at least five code DMS every single day in my email inbox from people asking me if I need email services so your job is to find good prompts for AI softwares so let's say you're using chat GPT you have to find very very good prompts that create professional emails once you find these prompts and you can Google them let's say you can Google AI prompts or chat GPT prompts and start experimenting and heck you can even buy some prompts and this is what I've done and some of my team has done that we buy prompts for two to three doar because these prompts allow the AI to become very creative and come up with Amazing Ideas you'll be very surprise so once you find a prompt create an email and I can show you an example of a guy asking me if I need email services and instead of you just asking hey Ross give me some money I will make you some emails that's the wrong approach instead of doing that create two to three and even five emails in a sequence in a Google do let's say create a welcome email a sales email or any type of newsletter for an influencer or a business owner put it in a Google Drive and send it to that influencer I'm now working with a person that actually reach out to me via code email he sent me a a list of emails pre-made emails for me for my own business he created emails for Ros m.com I saw these emails and I'm like wow these emails look pretty good so I hir him and now I'm pay him $3,000 every month as a retainer for him to create more emails so I can send to my Brands he creates newsletter emails and that's it it doesn't take a lot of time to create these emails actually the AI creates the emails you can tweak them a little bit to sprinkle your own twist give it a human way and that's it and the best part is you can still use click era for doing this email service because clier has an email integration inside so you can send newsletter and work with email campaigns inside the tool but again you're free to go with any other tool such as MailChimp or active campaign or whatever tool you find on the web and by the way guys if you like the information so far I would really appreciate if you hit the like button and subscribe to the channel if you want to learn more about how to create and scale an online business now coming to business idea number three this is YouTube short Channel now probably you already know that YouTube is very lucrative because because it pays its creators money from the monetization program but for you might be very difficult to start a YouTube channel because you don't have the equipment your camera shy so what you need to do and this is what I'm showing one of my buddies Chris and he's already at 100 subscribers after just 3 days of testing this strategy so you start with a YouTube shorts Channel and you simply create YouTube shorts and the YouTube shorts are videos from 30 to 60 seconds and you can create them without even showing your face just some footages or a PowerPoint presentation you have to do some voice over on it and guess what you can even use your phone as a voiceover you can just talk on your phone or you can use again AI to talk over these YouTube shorts and this strategy is perfect because YouTube now prioritizes the short format videos to compete with Tik Tok and Instagram real so you have huge opportunity there to go viral with the YouTube shorts once you go viral once you start gaining subscribers like Chris I show you he just got this 100 subscribers in his third day then you can start making long form videos because long form videos will start paying you money through the YouTube monetization program because YouTube will start monetizing your content and now probably you're wondering Okay Ross but what type of content should I create that's a fair question let's say if you have a hobby or some type of Interest let's say you're into surfing or mountain biking or maybe makeup or maybe yoga I have a friend of mine I'm actually coaching him right now one-on-one he's into yoga so I'm showing him how to create YouTube shorts 30C yoga exercises and he's doing pretty good so far and you you have to remember that on YouTube there are some niches that pay more than other niches for example let's take two channels one is into jokes and pranks Niche and the other channel is into real estate Niche guess which one is going to be making more money actually pause the video and let me know down in the comment below which one do you think is going to make more money all right if you've done that I'm going to give you the answer it's the Real Estate Channel and this is because more advertisers are willing to pay more money on content about real estate because they're looking for potential customers so they can actually Target potential customers who are watching real estate videos and they can Target their campaigns whereas very few advertisers will want to advertise their products on videos about pranks because it's not very targeted and so finally what you can do on these YouTube channels is start revealing softwares or poo offers this is private offer owners meaning a course creator such as myself I have a course about making money on ClickBank and how you can become an affiliate marketer on ClickBank the course is called commission jump start and I'm a private owner of this course and I pay 50% commission to people who review this course let's say on their blogs or on YouTube channels and once you promote these softwares with the links in your description they will actually pay you affiliate commission which leads us to business idea number four affiliate marketing agency now I already told you about commission jump start and this is type of affiliate marketing it is actually affiliate marketing and I have started all my online businesses thanks to affiliate marketing in in fact I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing and in particular ClickBank I started 10 years ago and affiliate marketing actually is one of the best business models you can start today but how do you do that so now after you have created your YouTube channel you can create a pinest account Tik Tok account or X formerly known as Twitter to do again software reviews or private offer owners reviews for example I have a person that is promoting my very own course commission jump start on YouTube doing some reviews about it and he's earning commissions by just recommending it to people now if you don't want to go with a private offer owner approach you can go to a website called clickbank.com which is affiliate Marketplace and you can fight hundreds and even thousands of affiliate offers on this Marketplace and promote them my recommendation is pick an offer that pays more than 50 bucks because you're going to have higher profit margins and also work with offers that are digital because there are two types of offers physical and digital with physical you might have some issues distribution issues shipment issues customers not being satisfied Etc with the digital products your money are instant everything is transferred digitally customer gets their product instantly and that's it another thing you should look for is about the actual product purchase the product or the offer you're about to promote yourself and see if it's any good next look for guarantees what I mean by that a lot of these online offers will have let's say 30day money back guarantee 60-day money back guarantee some type of guarantee but look for some extra benefit s that is going to make your prospect to buy the product even more for example with commission jumpstar I have a special guarantee that I'm not only going to refund your money but I'm going to tip you $100 on top of your money if you're not satisfied with the program this is an insane money back guarantee and this is to show people that I'm not afraid to give them extra money for signing up for my course so let's say you pay $300 because this is the price of the course you pay $300 for this course you're not happy with the course you request a refund I'm not only going to refund the $300 but I'm going to tip you $100 for your wasted time think about it you spend $300 and you receive $400 if you're not happy and this is a product or offer guarantee that people cannot miss when people read that statement they're going to be in their mind H okay so not only that I don't have anything to lose but I'm actually going to learn to earn money if I'm not happy with this product what else can go wrong so I pay 50% of this money to my affiliate so like I said the product cost 300 bucks and I pay my Affiliates $150 so it's a win-win for all of us final step instead of you sending traffic to your affiliate link this is basic affiliate marketing but in order to turn this into a business you have to start doing one thing and one thing only and this is to collect email addresses because the email addresses are going to be your audience and then you can promote different products and offers to these email addresses of course after providing them with value how do you collect these email addresses basically you create a simp simple landing page again you can use clicker or other page builder tool you create an OP page with an email and you put a lead magnet on this page a lead magnet is usually either a PDF an ebook or a video material that you provide for your prospects for free so they can learn something about you or about a tactic or a tip or something that is going to help them in their business for example if you go to Ros mch.com you can see that I have a lead magnet it's an ebook called ClickBank Gold Mine basically I give an entire ebook for free to my prospects to learn how to make money on ClickBank and if they are satisfied with the ebook if they like what they see in the ebook then they can sign up for the actual video course to teach them even more and to show them the actual steps with clicking the mouse which button they should click what title they should make where they should go etc etc basically I have baby steps inside the course but before the course I have an ebook to actually pre-warm my traffic and to get to show them that I'm someone who knows what I'm teaching now if you want to promote commission jump start feel free to use use my ebook my lead magnet just download it for yourself distribute it to your people find prospects and put it on your own website and then you insert your affiliate links inside the book because this is what I have once people read the book by the very bottom of the book or the very end on the last page I would have an affiliate link to my training to my course and again you can do that with not only ClickBank but you can do this with yoga or makeup whatever Niche you are in and so these are the four all my business ideas you can start as soon as today so your next step should be to start setting them up and if you want help with setting them up watch these videos down in the description below I'll have links in which I show you step by step how to set up each of these businesses basically you're going to see me with my mouse where I click what websites I visit what copyright I use what AI tools and everything is going to be in much greater detail so now go and watch these videos or just pause this video and watch it again if you need more clarifications all right so I'll see you in the other videos cheers

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