Build Clickera landing page: step by step

how I create this landing page first I use this is a free software you can use the free version to create such a landing page without any technical skills it's basically drag and drop Builder once I create this landing page I need some images and some text of course we use artificial intelligent robot which is our professional copywriter we basically use chart GPT or I can literally prompt this to write me this entire website without asking different questions about mosquitoes how mosquitoes help and then I'm going to click enter so what you do you copy this text and of course you paste it here on your blog and this is how you created it and then you add images how you can get images of course on ClickBank and when you go on ClickBank on the right side or below the average amount money you're going to make there is a button called affiliate page on the affiliate page you can find different marketing materials for example I have found these images on the affiliate page you just go there grab the images and put them on your website

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