Business model doesn’t matter.

the business model does not matter I know that sounds kind of controversial but don't worry about the business the business model is not what matters what matters is do you have people who are going to buy your product do you have an audience interested in what you're selling for example you can have a store like a brick and Mortal store selling clothing and if you put this store somewhere in the suburbs in the neighborhoods that there are very few people guess how many people will stop by your store and buy the products I guess the amount of people stopping by are gonna be very small now imagine the very same store clothing store brick and mortar store you put this store in a shopping mall guess how many people now are gonna stop by and buy your products a lot more I guess right the first thing you need to do is to focus not on the business idea itself you can have like the best products on Earth but if you don't have people to buy this product you don't have a business

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