FASTEST Way To Earn Money As An Affiliate (2024)

so we have entered a new era and the world economic Forum calls it the sharing economy where a bunch of teenagers are earning as much as lawyers without any experience without any technical skills from any point of the world working from their kitchen tables but what does sharing economy means it's another fancy word for affiliate marketing or actually affiliate marketing is a huge part of the sharing economy but if you have clicked this video that means you want to create a sustainable profitable online business so listen up because in the next few minutes I'm going to show you the fastest way to become affiliate marketer and take advantage of this so-called sharing economy by implementing an uncanny five-step formula that can get you paychecks like this in a matter of weeks but I have to warn you I will be completely transparent with you the results you see and you're about to see in the next few minutes are not typical so there is no guarantee that you're going to make any money heck you might even lose money because what you're about to see is a real business a like suchar can lose you money but what I can guarantee is that I'm going to show you the exact system that one of my recent students shaki from Japan used to generate more than $240,000 in affiliate commissions from Japan or Ahmed who started making $5,000 a month in his first month after implementing this system more importantly Ahmed was just 16 years old and what you're about to see was previously only available for my paying clients and now I'm going to roll it out for the public so so everybody and everyone can benefit from it and I know this system works not because my students but because I've been perfecting this system for more than a decade and in case we haven't met yet my name is Ross mchv and I've been making money online for more than 11 years mostly as an affiliate I became number one affiliate for one of the biggest marketing software companies in the world and I stayed number one for months I've also generate more than $300,000 with affiliate marketing running multiple different offers I have an info product I'm also owner of a SAS company my business partner and I are two times Platinum Award winners from ClickBank I'm the founder of this YouTube channel with more than 130,000 people I have also created one of the biggest groups on Facebook for affiliate marketing called ClickBank affiliates with more than 20,000 people I've created an email list with more than 60,000 people and I also make more than $10,000 each and every month from various different affiliate products services and offers as a conclusion I used affiliate marketing to start my entire portfolio of business I'm saying this to show you that I have an authority and you're in good hands because what you're going to learn today is something thata I believe is going to change your life forever at least this is the case with most of my students and here's why forbs magazine says that 83% of the companies worldwide are using affiliate marketing and this number is tend to grow in the next few years to 100% meaning that almost every business out there in the world will use affiliate marketing which is great news for Us fors magazine also says that the affiliate marketing industry is $9 billion industry and it's growing with 10% each and every year and it has not declined ever since was invented this is the only industry affiliate marketing that has not seen a decline all the other sectors of the economy have seen decline real estate Drop Shipping e-commerce banks financial institutions affiliate marketing has seen zero on only in client so there is a huge opportunity to make a lot of money well guys here is how you can create an affiliate marketing business that can make you passive income every single months for months and even years to come without you having any experience without any startup cost without any location you don't have to be located in a specific country and without any technical skills or previous experience let's dig dive step number one what is affiliate marketing and how it works if you're not a beginner you can skip this step step and jump to the next one but I urge you to stay here because you might learn something new affiliate marketing uses third-party services such as you and myself to promote different products and services to a big audience what I mean by that is there is a vendor so-called vendor or Merchant who creates the product you don't have to create a product you don't have to touch the product you don't have to even ship the product to the customer you don't do any of that you don't even have to handle customer support all of that is handled by the merchant or the manufacturer of the product you simply take this product not physically but online you create a special affiliate link and you find people who are winning to click this link and purchase this product and the vendor or the merchant will give you percentage from the sale let's say Nike sells sneakers a sneaker can cost $100 you're the affiliate for Nike Nike is the merchant let's say Nike gives you 30% of the final sale which is $30 out of 100 every time you sell sneakers you're going to get paid 30 bucks which I don't recommend and I'm going to show you why in just a second I don't recommend you deal with any of these companies big Brands I'm going to show you a better way to earn way more money than just $30 per sale which in Parts leads us to step number two picking a niche or category I always recommend to do a lot of research research and research and here is the best advice I can give you if you have a hobby or a particular type of Interest this is the best way or the best place to start let's say you like hiking you can start looking for affiliate offers related to hiking hiking boots hiking gear equipment Etc and you can start promoting this which I'm going to show you in just a minute how it's done to an audience that is related to hiking and this is good because you are already familiar with this topic and you know how to talk to your audience whereas you can learn a new topic or a new hobby but it's going to take you time to learn all the things related to that particular hobby or offer but if you're not sure about the topic or Niche because you don't know much about it you can always use Google Trends in Google Trends you simply can type let's say hiking and see the trend for this particular interest is it inclining is it declining or is it staying same level throughout the years and you can go back to 5 years or even from 2004 you can see literally from almost 15 years ago how this interest or topic has behaved did it have a lot of searches were people interested or were they losing interest over time and the most profitable niches you want to be in in today's age are finances real estate money online health and fitness because people will always want to make money either online or offline so business related offers business related niches and what I recommend is to search for niches or topics with either high demand or high competition because if a particular interest has a lot of competition that means has a lot of demand this was just the basic stuff the third step we're going to go into much greater detail and it's going to be more technical which is picking an offer after you have decided on a niche or category it's time to select your affiliate offer that you want to promote here is something very important you have to remember there are two types of offers digital and physical offers what I recommend is you pick a digital offer because it's much easier to sell and it has higher profit margin for example a Nike shoes like I said is going to cost 100 bucks and you're going to make $30 out of this 100 bucks whereas a digital product and a digital product can be anything from courses digital materials videos imagery anything that can be transferred on a laptop or a computer that's a digital product and most of the digital offers pay very high 50 100 even 150 bucks per conversion which is way high than just selling Nike shoes where to find these offers there are places such as Amazon Amazon has an affiliate program with very low margins or you can go to ClickBank ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace where you can find high ticket offers digital offers mostly that pay you way more than $30 my recommendation is you look for offers that pay you at least $70 per conversion in order to make it happen now very important aspect of picking an offer always look for affiliate support page what I mean by that is this is a page dedicated for you to the affiliate from the vendor this page has different marketing materials that can help you escalate or promote this offer these marketing materials can be video materials images copyrights emails written emails anything that can help you promote product better some offers don't have this affiliate page my best advice would be to look for offers that are into the Poo Niche po means private offer owners these are basically creators course creators influencers and public figures for example I have my own program called commission jumpstart I'm the owner of this program and I teach people how to make money on ClickBank and I also have an affiliate program to this course which pays 50% commissions the course cost is $300 and the affiliate gets 50% out of $300 so I'm equal with my Affiliates my affiliate makes $150 per sale and I make $150 per sale but the affiliate doesn't have to do any customer support they don't have to talk with the students I do all of the heavy lifting so as you see your profit margin with a digital course would be much higher and now I am strongly behind my product I believe in my product I think this course is one of the best courses out there not because it's mine but because it combines 10 years more than 10 years of affiliate marketing experience I myself have bought multiple multiple courses and coachings and I've attended multiple masterminds and I've perfected this course in such a way that everyone no matter beginner or Advanced affiliate marketer or digital marketer can make money and I also work directly with my affiliate when I see that someone is promoting my offer as you can see this person started making $800 what I did I reached out to them via email asking them hey this is Ross I see you're promoting my affiliate program do you need any help from me to help you promote my product better do you want me to create images or whatever you might be let me know because by the end of the day if he makes or she makes money I also make money so I am obligated to help my Affiliates to make money and on top of that look for products with strong money back guarantee this is going to make people feel safe to buy this offer for example my course commission jump start has full refund guarantee for 30 days so in the next 30 days if person buys the product the course and it's not happy has 4 weeks to ask for a full refund but not only that I'm so confident in my course and in my teachings that I'm not only going to refund this person his entire money he spent on the course but I'm also going to PayPal them $100 for their wasted time and I have this in my website you can see it it's a strong guarantee I'm so confident that people will love this course and people will start making money that I'm willing to give them money on top of their money so these are the type of offers you should look for strong guarantee private offer owners products High profit margin digital courses or digital products or offers step number four now after you have decided on a niche you have picked your offer it's time to create a website around this offer this is simply to pre-warm your traffic you don't just create an affiliate link and send it to the public out there you want people to land on a landing page on this landing page you're going to pre-warm them you're going to preposition them to buy this offer you're going to State some problems some issues you're going to educate them on this landing page and then you're going to ask them to buy the product your job as an affiliate marketer on this landing page is to tell people why they need this product don't try to sell the product try to sell solutions to a problem people will land on your landing page looking for in my case in commission jumpstar they will land on my landing page looking for ways to make money online because people are stuck people don't like their 9 to5 jobs they're sick and tired of this so they they're looking for solutions to generate extra income so on my landing page I talk about how they can use affiliate marketing in ClickBank and I actually educate them I tell them hey this is what you do this is where you have to go this is what type of traffic sources we use this is what type of designs we use to attract more people go ahead and do it on yourself or you can sign up for the program and I'm going to teach you the easier and faster way how you can do it so basically I'm educating people how to start a business and how to generate money with affiliate marketing and I have this designed a special template for creating landing pages it is called AIP method attract identify provide method this is very powerful copyrighting technique yes it's copyrighting but you don't have to be a copywriter if you follow this method and I have made an entire full video on how to use the AIP method you can watch it somewhere from clicking the screen somewhere here or here or you can click the links down in description below because I have a full tutorial on how to benefit from using my a met in a nutshell a stands for attract and the attraction is the title of your landing page and the first one or two paragraphs for example if you go on my website commission jump start you can see the attraction method is the title says learn how to make3 to 700 per day in profit by using my proven untapped method and then I have the underground way to make $700 per day so we attract people is interest by this we grab their attention because everybody wants to make bunch of money online right so they will be attracted by like ha wow okay let me see what this is about because this is very lucrative for me making $700 per day now the second part is I identify and if you remember I told you in the beginning that you have to identify a problem and solve that problem on your landing page so if you scroll down on commission jump start you're going to see that I'm identifying a problem the problem is the cost for marketing is too high most of the affiliate offers don't pay much it's very difficult to start affiliate marketing another problem is that there is a lot of useless information out there in fact many many courses videos on YouTube and podcasts that are claiming they're going to teach you how to make money on ClickBank or affiliate marketing but they are worthless another problem can be lack of time people are busy they're working 9 to5 they don't have time to uh Implement huge Marketing Systems etc etc and then p p is the last paragraph the last couple of paragraphs we provide them with the solution the p is provide we give them solution for okay you don't have time you don't have much knowledge about it you don't you don't want to deal with customers don't worry I got you covered we have this program that is designed for beginners that takes just 1 hour a day you can learn from your spare time in your lunch break so basically that's AIP attraction we attract attention we identify a problem and then we provide solution the next step is you should buy a domain name that can cost as low as $1 or 10 bucks I buy my domain names for $10 the domain name is going to be your brand so building a brand around your affiliate offer for example I have commission jump start as my brand but I also have my personal brand Ross mchf and I also have build multiple different brands around affiliate offers here is one Greg's Homestead I have Tik Tok Channel about Greg's Homestead I have pest account on Gregs Homestead and I also own the domain name blog.

Gregs and Gregs Homestead is basically into the gardening Niche I teach people how to do gardening uh healthy lifestyle how to live a better life so I've built a brand around gardening affiliate offers this is very important buy a domain name and use this domain name for all of your landing pages websites and services this is going to be your face on the internet your domain name is your brand now after you have created your landing page step number five is to start driving traffic to your landing page basically to take people from one place and bring it to your landing page so they can read the landing page get to know you get to know that they have a problem but also understand that there is a solution so they can buy this product that you're offering and get their problem solved one of the biggest traffic sources that I've used in the past and I'm still using is Facebook because Facebook is one of the most high paying audience people from 35 45 and 65 plus these are adults with working ethic they're working individuals and they have money to spend that's why Facebook is very lucrative traffic Source what you can do is create your own group on Facebook to the particular Niche let's say if you're promoting commission jump start create a group called filate marketers or how to make money or if you're promoting gardening products like Greg's Homestead I have a group called gardening or something like that I'm not going to show it to you because I want to copy it but you got the point but this is going to take time to generate traffic what I do and what I tell my students to do is set up Facebook ads but don't freak out I'm going to show you how you can set up Facebook ads for free yes the ads you should pay for ads but with this model the ads will pay for themsel so you don't have to spend any money money so how it works you go on Facebook at library and you can see other people how they promote certain products and you can type a keyword let's say gardening and you can see into the gardening Niche what type of advertisement are out there because as you know good people create great people steal so you have to not steal but just copy what other people are promoting on Facebook change it a little bit improve their ads and set up Facebook ads now you have to set up Facebook ads for let's say 5 10 10 bucks a day $15 a day you have to spend that money to drive people from Facebook to your landing page but now how do you validate how do you cancel this spending this is what I teach my paying clients this is one of the most essential you have to do you set up an email optin form on your landing page and you offer something for free this could be video PDF or an ebook or another book post or just a newsletter whatever might be so you drive traffic to this landing page where people can buy the product buy the affiliate offer you can make money but if they don't buy the affiliate offer they can op in as an email contact on your list and in this email list I have a sequence of emails tend to introduce myself and my offer to my customers for example in commission jump start I would start sending emails about the program about successful students and about how this program can help other individuals and also I'll start sending valuable information of who am I how it works what kind of traffic sources work what kind of websites work and this is basically to warm up even more my audience I want them to get to know me better now people might not buy on the first visit of your landing page but they can buy from email 1 email 2 email 3 they can buy on the next day I don't know if you see the the value here but first way you drive traffic from Facebook to just the landing page and if people buy buy if they don't buy they bounce out of the website and you lose them forever so you're basically spending money and you're hoping fingers crossed that they're going to buy the product but in the second case scenario we don't leave anything to happen by incident we collect the emails and even if they don't buy right away they might buy like I said from on Day 2 3 or 5 or later because you're going to start sending them valuable content but also you're going to start sending them affiliate offers inside the emails and now I'm going to give you a bonus step step number six which is going to be create a faceless YouTube channel in the niche you're working right now for example I started this YouTube channel without showing my face I was just showing my screen teaching people how to do marketing on Pinterest Pinterest ads Pinterest algorithm Stuff Etc so you can do that the same either if you're promoting let's say commission jump start you can start talking about affiliate marketing just use your voice you don't have any fancy equipment I started with literally my screen and I was recording my voice on my iPhone if you don't have an iPhone you can use a Samsung for or whatever or for gardening for gardening you can simply create a swi show and this is what I've done with my other YouTube channels because I also on a bunch of other channels that are not related to my personal brand Ross MV and in these channels we literally use PowerPoint presentations with swies the swi moves in and then the voiceover starts talking swi changes another voice over and so guys this is the entire system now that you know the steps you have to follow in order to create an affiliate marketing business now your next step should be to implement everything right away and if you want to get some help on doing that watch this video right here in which I go into technical stuff because here I explain to you how it works in theory but if you watch that video right here or in the comments down below you're going to see me doing it in front of you with my mouse I'm literally moving my mouse selecting elements and this is basically the technical setup thank you so much for watching I hope you've learned a lot today and by the way let me know in the comments below if you like my hat I would really really appreciate your feedback does it look good not let me know all right it's time to make some money I'll see you in my next video cheers

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