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hey what's going on guys Ross here and in today's video I'm gonna show you three types of money making and landing pages you can use for ClickBank or any affiliate Network probably by watching this video I already know that you are into affiliate marketing or you want to make money with affiliate marketing so in today's video I'm gonna show you some examples of landing pages slash websites that I've built that made hundreds and even thousands of dollars so you can replicate them make them your own and earn money using these types of landing pages you don't have to have any experience to build these type of landing pages you don't have to be a developer you don't have to have any previous knowledge about building landing pages creating them I'm going to show you a pretty easy way it's actually a system that you can follow to create these types of landing pages and then send them up starts running traffic to them and start making money with ClickBank so let's jump onto my computer alright so we see ClickBank here in here I'm gonna just click Marketplace you can see all the offers that you can use for these type of landing pages and you can make money with them a lot of these offers can pay you up to 100 200 and even a thousand dollars in commissions so I can even sort this by clicking uh this button here sort results buy and I can say sort by average conversions low to a high to low and now guess what ClickBank will give me offers that are the most the highest paying offers as you can see you can earn up to two thousand dollars per one conversion this is insane amount of money basically you need one sale per month to make two thousand dollars so this is like a paycheck you make one conversion you bring one affiliate sale and you make two thousand dollars and you scroll down here and you can see all the other offers fifteen hundred dollars one thousand three hundred one thousand one one hundred and etc etc so many high paying offers now we have of course some that pay less 400 400 430 Etc now before you pick an offer you have to know something which is very important and that there are two types of offers on click bank or any other affiliate Network first these are the Evergreen offers that they work all year round and secondly they're these type of seasonal offers that work for certain periods of the year if you want to make the most amount of money if you want to maximize your profits your earnings the best way to do it is to pick a seasonal offer because for a seasonal offer you have a big amount of Rush people are looking for these type of offers in certain period of the year so this is how you make the most amount of money of course I recommend you set up both types of landing pages or offers seasonal and Evergreen but if you want to make money fast money quick use decisional offers and I'm actually going to show you this example with a seasonal offer first here what you see in front of you is the website or landing page that I created which is about mosquitoes as you can see I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes until a friend told me about this new anti-mosquito light I haven't been beaten once since I turned it on so basically this is an affiliate offer for a mosquito like that eliminates mosquitoes and this is a seasonal offer mosquitoes are only through the summer and people hate mosquitoes and that's why we are making a lot of money with this offer but before I review this offer to you and show you exactly how the system works in the landing page I'm going to show you the other types of landing pages now we have this landing page called an advertoro landing page and I'm going to show you how I built this and how I created basically it's like a book type of landing page then we have a vsl type of landing page this vsl is basically a video which is dedicated I found this video on YouTube by the way you can go to click this link open a link and you can see YouTube and this offer is about how to turn a bunch of old CDs into a solar panel for your home pretty cool offer people watch this educational video this video should not be related to the offer it should be just informational educational videos so that's why I found it on YouTube and you can find find these type of videos on YouTube YouTube has thousands 2017 I believe millions of educational videos I educate people on this page with this vsl it's how to make your own solar panels using old CDs which is already pretty controversial people like the idea so once they watch this educational video I tell them here down below you want to save about a thousand dollars a year on power using this no-brainer MIT Discovery yes I won't and here I have a button that says yes I want to save money so people click here and guess what they're going to be redirected to a ClickBank offer basically I have my ClickBank link inserted in the button so it's loading right now and boom this is a ClickBank offer as you can see the ClickBank batch here down below the bottom corner people watch this Us sell now this is a vsl the first one was just an educational video and this video here I can play it okay there you go so this video is dedicated this video is created by the ClickBank vendor and and it's created in such a way to persuade people to buy this product so that people can now click order now they make a purchase and you make money this is the second type of landing page that I use and it's pretty convenient and it works it works a pretty pretty good it depends on the offer of course but in most offers this type of video educational landing page works like a charm and the final landing page that I have is a hybrid landing page it combines the video sales letter or actually the video the video educational letter with advertorial or book type of landing page so in front of you here you see this type of page which is about a medicinal plans offer that says discover the Forgotten power of medicinal plants to improve your health naturally now I have a video here this video actually was made by me myself and I'm going to show how I made this type of video it's pretty easy I'm not a video editor I'm not a copywriter even though I am pretty good with copy but you don't have to be because I'm going to show you how I use some free softwares to create these type of videos we have this type of video and then we scroll down and we have text basically sales letter which is text sales letter people either can watch this video or they can watch this educational video then they can scroll down or read the landing page they can see what it is about and now they can click get instant access and they can purchase the product and you can make money and there you go this is how it looks the entire landing page pretty good looking landing page so now that you know these three type of landing pages let's go to the first one because this is one of the best landing pages you can make because this is a pretty interesting landing page that converts code traffic into hot traffic and then sells now like I said this is about mosquitoes mosquitoes are seasonal like I said throughout the summer so in the summer we have this type of landing page that talks about how a person got rid of mosquitoes just because of this lamp this landing page looks like a regular book and that's how it should because people feel native they don't feel like it's something being sold to them it feels like they're reading a regular blog post that is informative and educational but by the end it should have a button to actually make them purchase this product basically I'm showcasing the product stating the benefits of this product and at the bottom people can read everything and now at the bottom they can click check availability they click this link and they are redirected to a page from an affiliate Network that it's not ClickBank actually but it's another affiliate Network that people can buy this lamp and I can make money there you go it's basically a sales page they have very interesting video here a small video and people click here and they buy this product the lamp their problems with the mosquitoes are solved and they're happy and I'm happy because I've made money so now how do you create this type of landing page of course it looks on a long not professional but that's the purpose of it it should look like a regular blog post from an Enthusiast or a hobbyist how I created this landing page first I use clickera this is a free software of course I'm using the paid version because I use some of the features but you can use the the free version to create such a landing page for free without any technical skills it's basically drag and drop Builder I'm gonna link another tutorial how I use clickera to build these type of landing pages down in the description below once I create this landing page okay I need some images and some text of course and the text is written by a professional copywriter right well no not exactly because back in the day you used to hire and I used to hire professional copywriters to write this text so I can I could convince or convert people to buy my products or to buy my affiliate offers but now what we use we use artificial intelligence robot which is our professional copywriter we basically use chat GPT or I can literally prompt this tool to write me this entire website without asking different questions about mosquitoes how mosquitoes help I can literally say to this chart GPT I can say act because I want this robot to act as a professional copywriter and write me a sales page for device that prevents mosquitoes then I'm gonna say include facts and statistics about mosquitoes and why people need to use my device and I have to say actually here device page for oh I've already said that device that prevents mosquitoes or actually prevents you getting beaten by a mosquito include facts and statistics about mosquitoes and why people need to use my device all right and then I'm gonna click enter and now let's see the magic this is a pretty oh look at this look at this look at this the actual the actual AI guys gave a name to this device it's called this Buzz Shield Buzz shield and it surprises me because look at my name if you go back I have my name is fuse book so I have used book and the chat the charge GPT gave this name bus Shield but basically look at this this created an entire website for me introducing best shoot your ultimate mosquito protection device and then it starts with are you tired of those sleepless nights constantly sweating away pesky mosquitoes that leave you itching and irritated look no further say goodbye to mosquitoes bites and hello to uninterrupted Bliss with best Shield the revolutionary device that keeps those boot stickers at Bay so what you do you copy this text and of course you paste it here on your book and this is how you created it and then of course you can give it a Twist from your own perspective you can add something from you you can add some text or paragraphs that you think they might be beneficial and then you add images how you can get image images of course on ClickBank and when you go on ClickBank on the right side below the average amount money you're going to make there is a button called affiliate page as you can see most of the offers have this type of button so this one has it affiliate page affiliate page this one doesn't this one has it so what you do you click affiliate page and on the affiliate page you can find different marketing materials or creatives that you can use in your own marketing campaigns for example I have found these images on the affiliate page you just go there grab the images and put them on your website now if you're wondering because I told you this offer was not on ClickBank where did I find this offer well I found it on a website called this website is basically a Marketplace for affiliate offers and affiliate networks they have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of affiliate offers and affiliate networks basically they have a search bar here and you can search for whatever keyword you want to and also they have filters here you can click networks you can filter offers by affiliate Network as we can see we have many many affiliate networks here you can see I'm scrolling and there's so many so many so many affiliate networks so now you know how you create these type of landing pages now you know where you find these type of offers what is left is for you to take action and start implementing this and by the way if you like these type of video tutorials I would really appreciate if you hit the like button of this video and also hit the Subscribe button if you want to receive more tips and strategies like this one and now let me show you how you create the hybrid page because I told you that I have this hybrid page which uses the advertorial type of landing page this is Alberto like I told you in the beginning albertoro landing page this is the name so we have the hybrid page albertorio okay plus educational video of course you use chat GPT to get the text to create a text but then on this landing page like I told you I've created this video myself with Stockport switches and text now this text this script for the video was created Again by chat GPT but the video itself was created by a software free software called pictory AI that I've used multiple times I use it maybe every week and it's amazing software and I'm gonna link another full tutorial on how I use this software so you can get the full potential of it but let me just show you how it works I just walk in so basically this is an amazing artificial intelligent software here I can just grab my script from chat GPT and paste this script in the first section of pictory which says script to video basically once you do that the software will pinpoint different keywords of your script and will find stock footages or videos that are free to use and will create a video for you completely from scratch you don't have to create the video yourself the software will do that for for you you can also do this with articles to video you can literally paste an entire blog post URL the video will grab the text will recognize what is this text about and we'll create a video and then you have other two sections which again you're going to see how I use them in the video down in the description below and maybe for you this looks too easy but trust me very few people know or use these type of landing pages which are proven with years to convert people into sales and I'm saying proven because I've been using these type of landing pages for more than a decade I'm not exaggerating I've been using the same type of landing pages for more than 10 years I've been just changing the text and images but the style the structure of these landing pages has been the same throughout all of these years now what's left after you've created these landing pages after you find offers the final part you're missing is the traffic how do you drive traffic to these landing pages and there are two types of traffic organic free traffic or paid traffic and what is the traffic traffic is people coming to see your website how do you bring people to see your landing pages well like I said free traffic and paid traffic you can use Facebook you can use Instagram you can use tick tock for free or you can use the paid version of this social networks and what is the difference obviously the money you're paying for traffic but another significant difference is that with the paid traffic you can see instant results basically you can see results within a day or two whereas with free or an organic traffic you need to wait weeks even months to build your audience to build the traffic to come to your landing pages in fact I have another video I know there are so many video tutorials but literally this affiliate marketing Niche or the entire industry is so vast that I cannot combine everything in one video I have multiple videos on this channel I'm gonna link all the important videos and the resources you need in the description down below I'm gonna link a video where I create a free traffic stream and I'm gonna link another video where I use paid traffic and in fact if you want to use a paid traffic on steroids you want to eliminate your losses and you want to jump start your affiliate career and campaigns I have a VIP training called commission jumpstart you see it in front of you commission here this is a my private VIP training where I teach people how to go from zero to hundreds of dollars per day using ClickBank affiliate marketing and paid traffic now don't feel obligated to sign up for this program I'm just showing you options because here you're going to have me behind your back basically you're going to be setting up everything step by step this is a video educational training where I show you step by step how I do it what we do and what my team is doing because I have people that work for me who are setting up campaigns on a daily basis they work basically as media buyers they set up everything for me so I'm actually pulling out the curtain here on my own business and I'm showing you step by step how I do it inside my own company and also I'm giving you live examples of live offers inside the training but again don't feel obligated to sign up I'm giving you this as an option because I know you want to see results fast you don't want to wait for weeks and months and I've been there trust me I've been there I didn't want to wait and the best way to do it like I said is paid traffic but paid traffic can be very dangerous because like I said it can lose you a lot of money if you don't know what you're doing so that's why I have this training to actually show you how I do it and to show you how we spend thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook and other social medias how we spend money to make money I hope you enjoyed today's video I hope you learned something let me know in the comments below if you have any questions I love to interact with you whenever I have time I answer questions in the comments on YouTube I receive a lot of comments hundreds of comments thousands of comments so please be patient I would answer maybe it's gonna take me days or a week or more but eventually I'll answer I'll try to answer as soon as possible but please understand that I run multiple businesses not only affiliate but I also have two more companies which is a software company and an e-com company and I'm also doing YouTube so a lot on my table but I love doing it as you can see I'm camping right now behind me is the forest over there is the sea I have Beach down there and I'm going by the beach I'm working out and in the meantime I'm making videos thanks for watching and I'll see you in my next video cheers

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