How I meditate

meditation does not have to be you sitting on a cliff somewhere with closed eyes with hands like that thinking about something for me meditation is actually the most productive time of the day so I would work from like six seven a.m up until 12 1pm then I'm gonna have a meal then I'm gonna go to exercise and after I exercise I would probably go do some more work or I would go outside I'll go in the park or in the mountains without my phone without any distractions and I'm just going to be walking by myself no music no phone no social medias and I'm gonna be thinking about something I'm gonna be thinking about either my life my business deals what I have to do tomorrow and you're going to be surprised how effective this meditation can be so stand by yourself alone somewhere in the park and just thinking is going to have trust me amazing amazing benefits on your future first wealth health and thirdly your overall well-being

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