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hey what's going on guys Ross here and if you're looking for easy ways to make money with ClickBank and affiliate marketing today I have special underground and unseen method that no one is doing and it has huge potential for the early adopters to make money and this is possible because this method does not require any effort on your side because we're going to be using AI affiliate AI robots that are going to do all the heavy lifting for us in fact it's very easy to accomplish I'm going to show you step by step on my laptop I'm looking at my screen right now I just have to warn you this is a very powerful method please use it in a legitimate way because you can use it to scam and spam people so don't do that please only use it to make money in a legitimate way the method is still underground but it works worldwide anyone can set it up it doesn't require any special skills previous experience or any upfront investment in my opinion this is one of the best methods in terms of Simplicity and Effectiveness so let's jump straight on my computer so we can start setting it up all right welcome back we are at so go to and if you don't have an account go to the right side and click sign up now follow the process create your free account on ClickBank for those of you who are new to the channel ClickBank is the middleman this is an affiliate marketing place where you can grab other people's products or offers create an affiliate link promote these products and offers and make money that way which I'm actually going to be showing you today so once you create your account go walk in and go to the top link that says Marketplace this is top right corner click Marketplace and you're going to see this page now before we continue you have to know that there are two main components that you need in order to be successful and in order to make a lot of money on ClickBank the first main component that you need is an offer to promote but not any offer you need High converting underground offer to promote which I'm going to show you how to find because these high converting underground offers will make make you way more money than the viral offers that are on ClickBank I'm going to show you what I mean by that and the second component is you need traffic which again I'm going to show you in this video how to get a lot of free traffic to your affiliate links so these two offer traffic so let's click top offers and there we go we are at the top performers and we can see that there are 1,900 offers that we can pick and promote the very important thing you have to remember here is on the left side you have categories you have business cook games green products health and fitness home and gardening and so many other categories what I recommend here is pick a category or a nich that you're already familiar with let's say if you have a hobby or if you have a particular interest just select one of these categories for today's example I have selected a very specific offer it's called easy power plan and this offer pays us just about $62 now some offers can pay you hundreds of dollars some can pay you $2 I have found this one pays $82 but you also have to consider the virality of the offer meaning if some offer is paying hundreds of dollars that's good but maybe it's going to have a lot of competition whereas this offer pays half of the hundred bucks it's $62 it means you're going to get $62 once someone clicks your affiliate link and purchase the offer but this is because if I open this offer let me open this on a new tab you're going to see this is an offer related to so and energy how to create your own s energy and you don't rely on greedy energy companies this is your guy here that is going to explain how you could create your own energy all right so this is a very Niche product and as we can see the category of this product is green product alternative energy this is actually a sub subcategory because the main category here is energy then we have green energy and then we have alternative energies okay now last thing you have to remember is the gravity score gravity score is a measurement and it shows you how good a certain offer is performing and as you can see here they say that a score this gravity score is based on numbers of unique Affiliates that are generating sales but also how much money these Affiliates are making so the hard the gravity score the better now 34 is a bit low but because this offer is so Niche that is good if the offer was into health and fitness because health and fitness is very broad Niche or category this gravity score is insignificant but because this is a very Niche category it's a good gravity score just make sure the gravity score is not below 30 okay or below 20 okay so now we have found very Niche product it's a hobbyist in the kind of hobbyist nich into green products let's now validate this offer to make sure we have a big enough audience that are potentially going to click our affiliate links and buy the product so we can make $62 and let's say just 10 people click our links in one week 10 times $60 that's $600 a week so how do we validate the audience well we open Google Trends you go to trends. and here I'm going to type and I have already typed solar panel DIY worldwide past 5 years Google Trends basically will tell you how the searches are performing on the Google platform or or do we have enough searches or maybe insignificant amount of searches and here from the graph you can see that the searches are steady ye not steady ye but they're like fluctuating uh with we have pics we have FS we have PS FS so it's not falling down and it's not going up which if it was going up would be better but it's kind of stable graph here okay so we have searches we have audience that can potentially click our links Next Step this was the first part I told you we need two components the first component in finding a high converting underground offer this is an underground offer very few people are promoting it and we have audience for this this offer now how do you promote this you click this button promote click generate hop link and hop link is your unique affiliate link so I'm I'm going to click generate and now fellas this is your unique affiliate link and every time you share this link on the internet After People click it you can make money but if you just spread your affiliate link across the internet yes you can make some money but that's how other people are doing it and that's how you're not going to make a lot of money so in order to make more money we have to think out of the box and we're going to be using a special underground website that no one is using which is I mean probably after this video a lot of people will start using it so make sure to use it first be the fly adopter so sub is a place where creators can write posts and post to audience and the audience on substack I can open my Google Chrome extension which is similar web we can see this website has 57 million monthly visits so huge huge amount of monthly visitors that is your potential audience 57 million people on this website not only that but substock can run on Google so you have two pools of audiences first you can get audience from the actual website substack and second your articles or posts can start ranking on Google pretty high in the search results so what you do from here you click Start not reading but create your subst stack we don't want to read we want to create so click create your substack and I already have an account so I'm actually going to exit my account I'm going to walk out so let me sign out and I'm going to just create a brand new account for you to see how it works so create your substack click here now my email I'm going to use a dummy email I'm going to click agree and continue next step is to set your name and in my case I can create something related to S so I'm going to be so DIY Joe I'm just going to name myself Joe my bio is going to be DIY projects for enthusiasts let's say all right and I'm going to click continue of course put like a profile image here if you want to something with solar panels so let's do that I'm going to go over to Google and I'm going to type just solar panel and I'm going to click images and let's select this one I like this one so I'm going to save this on my computer right click on the image and save image as right here save then go back to substack click this icon and here select your image so click open and boom there we go click continue so now this is very important this is one of the most important parts this is going to be your sub doain name and this sub doain name can rank on Google so make sure you select very kind of distinguished username so in this case is so Di y Joe but I can delete Joe and I can just leave so DIY boom now this is way more distinguished name uh that people can relate to so DIY if you're looking for to make your own s panels so our DIYs is your place to be so click continue okay here it doesn't let me to continue forward because I have already used my other profiles to create Publications so as you can see it gives me warning you have created too many public a because I was like constantly creating creating creating so you got the point the next step is going to be to select a category of your account and it's going to ask you are you into business into Health into whatever so select either DIY or crafts or something related to your category whatever category you are in and that's going to be it so now I'm going to just walk into my other account so I can show you what's next so let me walk in okay so this is my main profile once you create your account and create create your url your substack url subdomain I'm going to click dashboard right here at the top right corner and in here you can see the steps that you need to follow so I have created a substack I set up the basics now another cool part about using substack is that you can actually make money from the actual website so turn on paid basically this is monetization on substack if a lot of users on substack start reading your article you can actually make money that way as well not only you're going to make money with ClickBank but you're going to make money with substack so two cash flow streams so you can click this turn on paid uh you can connect your stripe but I'm not going to go into this process because it involves more setups but it's easy you have to just set up and follow the steps so instead I'm going to go over here I'm going to click visit my site I'm going to click this button and as you can see I have created a substack related to ClickBank so it's called this is going to be place where I'm going to be posting about ClickBank what is ClickBank how affiliate marketing Works Etc but in your case it's going to be S DIY or health and fitness or cooking.

Substack dcom or gardening whatever Niche you have selected as you remember it didn't let me create so DIY substack so I've created so from here what we need to do is go back and click this button new post click this and we want new post so click new post and by the way guys if you like the information so far in this video I would really appreciate if you hit the like button of the video down below and subscribe to the channel for more tips and tricks about marketing and affiliate marketing and now we're going to start crafting our article and for that purpose we're going to be using ai go to chat.

Openen this is CH GPT an AR artificial intelligent robot that is going to help us craft this article but not any article we're going to be very specific so here at the bottom of this AI robot that is going to act as our personal copywriter I'm going to tell the robot act as one of the best so Engineers who is also a copywriter and write me a detailed guide or actually and write me a stepbystep detailed guide on how how to make my own solar panel something like DIY solar panel guide if possible please include images okay who is also a copyright and write me a step by step I have to delete this okay then keep the article to about 500 words like this 500 Words should be enough for now so I'm going to hit enter and see what the bot is going to create for us okay so I refreshed my prompt and now it started crafting it so I deleted some sentences and I left only act as one of the best sare Engineers who is also a copywriter and write a step-by-step detailed guide on how to make my own DIY solar panel if possible include images okay so as we can see this chat GPT is insanely good because it now creates an entire article it's creating an image as you can see here it's creating an image let's see what kind of image okay error all right difficult to create image so let's see next step I mean hopefully now the image is we're going to give you the time but see step one gather materials s cells plywood clear plexiglass silicone C soldering iron and solder diode junction box wires paint this is an entire guide on how to make your own s p guys this is CH is insane I mean this is unbelievable step one prepare the becking cut the playwood to the desired size of your solar panel paint the playwood with the waterproof paint blah blah blah I don't know I'm not an engineer but I can tell from here this is pretty pretty good guide wire the panel solder wires to the positive and negative ends of your solar cell this is like an engineer oh there we go we have an image so quite good article so now what we need to do we need to give this article a title so let's go back or we can actually copy the arting so I'm going to just click this uh either this sign copy we're going to copy the entire thing go back to substack dcom enter the title first the title is going to be how to make your own solar panels DIY all right s panel DIY and now where it says start writing I'm simply going going to paste the entire text I copied from chat GPT and boom there it is we have it now from here we have delete this illustration okay and what I recommend is you start finding images because I didn't like the image from chat GPT here so for every step it's good to find good images on Google so step three assemble S Sales let me copy this and try to find a good image that represents assembly sour cells on Google so I'm going to paste this like this click images and here is a nice image I mean I don't understand I have to do some digging to make sure it represents the correctness of the solar panels but this one looks good so I might use it so I'm going to click save image as solar then go back and let me find this is Step number three okay I'm going to highlight then tarting and it's important by the way to make these steps subheadings this is for Google to for Google to start ranking your article and in the style here I'm going to click heading two okay now this is heading two as you see step one I'm going to make this heading two again all these steps should be heading two heading two because heading one this is heading one style heading one boom not this one oops this is already heading one this is your heading now this is heading two heading two and heading six step number six is again heading to Etc okay you got the point so step number three assemble solar cells somewhere around here I'm going to hit enter and I'm going to click this icon and I'm going to click add an image and guess what I'm going to add the image I just downloaded from Google and boom there you go we have it so do this with all the steps but before you do it do your due diligence research make sure this is an accurate information dig deeper into other book post do a lot of research on Google because make sure your article is going to provide a lot of value and make sure your article is actually accurate with reality because if it is a lot of people will start sharing it with their friends and a lot of people will start reading it and Google will start ranking it so you can get even more traffic and on top of that substack will start ranking it on their platform and you're going to get traffic from substack as well and also you can get paid from substock all right and final step after you have this artic from chat GPT now it's time to leave your affiliate Links at the bottom right here we're going to write if you are confused with this written stepbystep guide and guys this is a hidden pitch this is how we use marketing tactics to sell a product to our prospects because now we're telling them hey we know this written article is kind of clunky it's not very easy to follow so why don't you in instead of this article follow a video presentation and this video presentation will explain in much more details on how to create your own energy and solar panels and here is the hidden pitch if you're are confused with this written step-by-step guide you can watch or not you can watch our stepbystep video presentation on how to create your own energy by clicking the button here actually by clicking here exclamation mark and I'm going to highlight this wording clicking here I'm going to go over at the top menu click this sign boom as you can see I have a prompt open create a link and it says click in here and enter URL and guess what the URL would be head over to ClickBank to the easy power plan this is our solar panel DIY offer I'm going to click promote this time one more time like I did in the beginning I'm going to click generate hop link here is my hop link click copy to the right boom go back to substack and now paste our affiliate link like this and I'm going to click save boom there we go there are we go so guys we did hidden sales pitch where people going to come over here they're going to read this article about how to make their own solar panels but if they're confused by the end of this article we tell them hey if if you're really confused don't worry we got you we have a video presentation you can watch to make your own solar panels so they come here they click this and they're redirected to where guess what to this video presentation that is going to show them easy DIY power plan will change our world forever sensitive content ahead blah blah blah this is our guide in a short video I'll tell you a life-changing story about how I figured out how to easily generate insane amounts of energy for the past three years okay so this gentleman is going to tell them how to generate their own energy pretty good don't you think so now it doesn't feel like we're trying to sell them something it feels like we're trying to help them which this is the purpose of this entire process we're trying to help people create their own solar panels and this is how you should think about it don't think about oh I have to make money how do I make more money think about how you can help more people the more people you can help the more money you're going to make n naturally because if you help people the word will spread more people will start coming to you Google will start ranking you so respectively you're going to make money that way again try to make people happy try to provide a lot of value try to educate people how it works for order for them to come back for more I can show you another example in just a second but let's first click here continue this button now this post here is for everyone allow comments from everyone and now this is very important tax the tax will tell the system substack what your post is about and what is the best audience substack can bring to read your post so here in the tax we're going to start typing DIY comma or I'm going to type crafts crafts Okay click crafts then I'm going to type DIY then I'm going to type S then I'm going to type green energy remember green energy boom and so on and so forth this is the preview of our article how to make your own solar panel DIY delivery send via email and substack app you can schedule it but anyways I'm going to click Send to everyone now and it's publishing you can add buttons but we're not going to do that now and boom guys we have our own article ready to go looking beautiful looking good you can copy this link you can share it with your friends as well you can share it on Instagram you can share it on LinkedIn or you can just copy the link I'm going to open a new incognito tab and boom this is the incognit tab this is our article and we can see when you scroll down by the very end of this article we have this link people read everything they click this link and boom they are redirected to the actual ClickBank offer and that's the whole process so as you see it's not difficult it takes time now I cannot promise you that you're going to start ranking right right away from the bat I cannot promise you're going to start ranking all of a sudden and you're going to make a ton of money because this is a freeway organic traffic you have to wait for the Google to rank your article you have to wait for substack to rank your article and the more articles you write the better chances you have so nothing is guarantee but on the other hand if you want to see instant results or results within one or two days you have to use paid ad Media or Facebook ads or Tik Tok ads and this is what I teach in my private training called commission jump start and this is what I was about to show you I told you I'm going to show you how it works so this is my private training where I teach people how to make money uh with Facebook on ClickBank but also on this page you can see that this is a very long sales page but I'm not just trying to sell people my course I'm actually telling them the story and what we actually do similar to the solar panel step-by-step guide we are explaining okay this is what you need this is how it works but if you need a detailed video presentation click here same thing here on my sales page with commission I tell them hey this is my dashboard this is a ClickBank this is how much money we were making what is the problem what issues you might face uh then I missed the point the bigger picture I was using different strategies that they didn't work then how I crack the code well I've changed something and down below I actually show them what I changed this is you know no one is teaching or doing this because I've actually my team and I we've discovered this system and this is how it works and I actually give them a live example of a Facebook ad that I've used this is actually the image this is a real picture this is real Facebook post that I used I'm not actually making this for the purpose of making it but then I tell them hey this is what I used I used a quiz opin landing page I use AIP method attract identify and provide then I spent this is how much money I spent I made this how much money in profit this is how it works this is my Facebook ads dashboard this is my dashboard in commission jump start I show them some results from my students blah blah blah blah blah blah and then I tell them hey you're completely fine going on your own you can try to set up this but if you want a video presentation and someone who can hold your hand which is me send me emails talk with me over chat to help you create this get access now and you know create your account and go to the video presentation so similar to what I just showed you with substack so even if you're not planning to sign up for my course that's fine just go to commission jobst to see how I've structured everything because it's very well structured landing page so just go there to take it as an example you don't need to sign up or anything like that okay so yeah that's about it uh thanks so much for watching hit the like button of this video if you like it if you don't like it let me know in the comments below why you don't like it subscribe to the channel if you're new and I'll see you in my next video cheers

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