Make money selling websites (easy).

the FY websites can be created on a website or tool called so what is the dfy website it's a done for you service where you create a website without any technical skills no code websites you create these websites and you sell them for profit you go on this website it's a drag and drop age Builder or website builder and it's very very easy to create a website in fact they have a pre-made template so you can use one of their pre-made templates to create your website so next what you do is you join Facebook groups related to let's say real estate agents doctors veterinarians restaurant owners etc etc all of these people will need a website once you join these Facebook groups you can start commenting and this is what I did start commenting on people posts or start even dming them with your offers you can sell these websites or landing pages for as little as 100 or 200 books to as long as two three five thousand dollars a website it depends on the volume and the content of the website

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