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all right so you're looking to make two to three hundred dollars per day as an affiliate in your spare time but you don't know where to start and you're a complete beginner in today's video I'm going to share with you one of the strategies that my team and I used in the past to make more than two hundred thousand dollars in affiliate commissions now the beauty about this strategy is that it is still kind of underground and it's very easy to set up you don't have to have any prior experience or any technical knowledge and it does not require ClickBank that's the beauty of it you don't have to use ClickBank in fact I'm using different affiliate networks which I'm going to show you in just a second and something else by the end of this video you're going to see a completely revolutionized method that probably would not see anywhere else on YouTube or on the Internet it's a hidden opportunity and if you act fast if you act now you could be making 100 200 even 300 dollars per day in affiliate commissions utilizing this method without further Ado let's jump onto my computer so we can start setting up everything and I can show you what we've done so you can replace educated so I want to show you something this is one of my past videos where I showed my dashboard here and as you can see we've made more than 250 000 doors now I want to be crystal clear with you and very transparent this is not purely profit this is revenue because we were spending money on ads basically we were paying Pinterest because we were using Pinterest traffic and Facebook traffic to bring us this conversions so this is around 40 50 profit or sometimes in some instances 60 profit now that out of the way how did we make this kind of money well I told you we didn't use ClickBank I love ClickBank I've been using ClickBank for many many years but I like to diversify my portfolio of offers so in this instance that I showed you we didn't use ClickBank we used something called CPA affiliate offers these CPA affiliate offers can be found on a website called so what is a CPA affiliate offer also called Partners marketing most of the offers are actually physical products such as phones chairs tables gadgets tools Etc but the difference between ClickBank and CPA offers which is a very big difference is that CPA offers will pay you per action meaning if someone buys the product the vendor or the manufacturer will pay you a straight fee and even the customer decides that they don't like the product and they want a refund not getting affected by refunds because it's cost per action you're getting paid once and no refunds affects you whereas with ClickBank if people decide to refund ClickBank will withdraw the money from your account and refund them in offer vote what we can do here we can go to categories we go and we just type CPA boom and we hit enter now we can see all of these CPA offers and we can see the payout so some of them pay 200.60 bucks eight bucks 125 course 140 Etc how do we promote these offers that's the question probably you're asking right now well as an affiliate your job is simple driving traffic from one place to another place and usually the other place is your landing page or a website so what we've done is we've combined all of these products into one simple landing page that is similar to Facebook and Twitter and you're probably wondering what is that right now well fair question let me show you this is the landing page and why I said it's similar to Facebook and Twitter because we call this kind of a shopping mall we have seven insanely cool summer gift ideas that anyone will love and when you scroll down you start seeing these gadgets or CPA offers these are physical products number seven number six number five number four and basically you scroll as Facebook native or Twitter you see this is how um we make people engaged with our learning page making them wonder what are these seven insanely cool summer gift ideas each of these products is actually an affiliate offer from an affiliate Network now this is not my own landing page probably it's one of my students because the design is totally mine or someone stole this design from me but I guess it's some of my students because I only teach this in my private trainings how to create this design but I'm now showing it to you so you can see how it's made basically we use drag and drop Builder to create this landing page called This is a free website builder of course I'm using the paid version because it gives me more features and more flexibility but you can set up a just a completely free version and create absolutely the same website with the same look with just dragging and dropping elements and you don't need to be a developer and you don't need to have any technical skills so basically we have the pro product name then we have picture on or an image of a product of this product and then we have a little description of what this product does and how it helps you now for example let's go to the first stick mobile this is a device that backs up your iPhone or Android phone when you run out of memory we have a little description and when you click this link or the button check out for a stick mobile you redirect it to a sales page where you can click order the photo stick right now so once people buy this product you're gonna get paid in our case we're getting paid I believe 55 bucks per sale but guess what because we have many products on this landing page a person can buy the four Stick but they can also buy a Visa or they can buy Accu Leaf so we're actually increasing our average order value or aov by posting many products on One landing page which is kind of engaging we have give images here and I'm going to show you how we Source these GIF images we Source these images and we how we find them but the idea here is that we are trying to increase our average order value so now how did we drive traffic to this landing page we drove it basically with Pinterest Pinterest is a social network or Discovery Network such as Twitter Facebook Etc which has hundreds of millions of users so this is and if I click my extension here called similar web this is a web device a web tool that gives you statistics about a certain website so what we can see here that Pinterest was getting and is getting 1 billion monthly visits which is pretty good amount of traffic for us so what we've done and what we did is let me show you here on this oops let's close that so we've created an account and we started posting and my students actually started posting pins so-called pins in Pinterest and I'm going to show you in a pin example like this one so this is the PIN example seven insanely cool products for 2020.

this is an old pin obviously because I told you this is an um old way of promoting it but stay tuned because like I told you in the beginning of this video I'm going to show you a absolutely groundbreaking a new way of promoting these products that no one is using so the potential and opportunities are huge so here is the PIN when you click it when you're in Pinterest you click this pin you click it one more time right here guess what you redirected to this sales page or this affiliate listico sales page yes this one this landing page or website is called listico because we list different affiliate offers before I continue let's recap everything and I would ask you if you like the information so far in this video I would really appreciate if you hit the like button and subscribe to the channel if you want to learn more tricks and tips about marketing affiliate marketing and business now what we've done so far first we found and we found many many different CPA products here that we can list on our listico secondly we have a niche I forgot to tell you about the niche which is insanely cool summer gift ideas people will always want to buy gifts because gifts are like ever trendy think it's an evergreen thing so gift ideas are always cool and if gift ideas people will be always looking for gift ideas gift ideas for boyfriends gift ideas for girlfriends gift ideas for birthday parties etc etc so we first have Unique Products unique gadgets then we have unique landing page this one is very unique landing page thirdly we have a unique Niche the gift Niche and finally I showed you the traffic Source Pinterest but I'm going to show you a better traffic Source because this is like I told you in the beginning of this video this is in the past I mean you still can make money on Pinterest but I have an easier way that is underground which is YouTube traffic so if I go on YouTube and we can see videos related to these type of gift ideas and don't worry you don't have to create the videos yourself I'm going to show you a place where they're already created so let me play this video this video is called a best 10 gift ideas under 25 bucks and this video has 200 000 views so if I play it let me reduce the volume okay this is a person holding it so he or she this I believe this is the guy he just ordered these products and this is what I've done in the past I've ordered the products from these affiliate networks and I recorded the videos myself without showing my face I was basically holding my iPhone and I was recording uh the videos like this gentleman I was just playing with the products without showing my face okay so as we can see this gentleman is doing the same some ads and when we scroll down here in the description we can see all these affiliate links some of them are to Amazon some of them I think most of them would do Amazon let's click this one bitly link let's see what where it redirects our idea is to create similar video yes this is Amazon but instead of putting so many links we put just one link one link to this listico landing page so people instead of being instead of distracting them with so many links here so people don't know which one to click we list all these affiliate links in this landing page under each of these products which is very nice to the eye and very pleasant and it's in order now if you don't want to record the videos yourself that's fine I'm gonna show another type of video so this one 20 best birthday gifts for girls it has 300 000 views and it's basically presentation of of the products so let's play it I'm gonna show you how it's done so this is teddy bear as you can see this is literally PowerPoint presentation with animation on the back that's it 300 000 views there you go where is it 300 000 views just a power pole power PowerPoint presentation with animation on the back that's it there you go and pictures of the products so as you can see yeah I'm Shuffling through the video but they did not even crop the background of the image you see it looks ugly but it works some sunglasses now of course this is not gonna happen overnight you have to create the videos you have to start uploading them to YouTube but eventually if you're persistent you're going to start seeing some results and trust me I'm really confident in that because I've tested this multiple times with different multiple YouTube channels for different niches and it takes some time in the beginning before you start seeing results and before you start seeing clicks but once you see them you're going to get so motivated it's so pumped hopefully so you can keep pushing and keep uploading videos and now I have another tip for you which is my final tip because we want to outsmart our competition we want to outsmart other marketers so instead of doing this kind of ugly looking PowerPoint presentation we can create nice videos with all these gadgets or gifts by taking videos from the affiliate networks what I mean by that most of the affiliate networks on offer vote have their own creative team or marketing team and their marketing team is actually creating videos for you for the affiliate for us so let me show you here this is gideup this is one of the affiliate networks I'm using now this is referral only Network so they do not accept anyone you have to be referred you have to go through the application process so it is not they're very strict about it but like I showed you you can go on offer vote and find many many affiliate networks similar to Giddy Up So what I wanted to show you here in gideup what they have is they have a place or a storage place where I can go to see each of the products or offers they have on the left side there we go so I'm at photo stick oop this one disappeared the photo stick mobile as you can see the photo stick and if you remember the photo stick is actually this product from up let me show you this one the photo stick mobile from the landing page so how do I create a YouTube view well I can grab this image use canva or any other free software or I can just go here to the photo sticking GitHub and see they have ready videos for me this one this one and let's see it's gonna load yes they're very professional videos as you can see looks pretty pretty awesome and pretty legit if I scroll up they even have videos of ladies or your grandma if you will that explains about a photo stick and they have reviews here etc etc yes there we go something like that people are holding the four Stick so pretty legit they have many more videos alright so you basically you can combine these videos into one YouTube video right now you're asking hey Ross but okay you said that Giddy Up are very strict they don't allow anyone so how do we get our hands on the photo stick or any of these awesome products well if you go to offer vote and you type photo stick photo stick you can find other networks okay we have one Network that has the photo stick it pays you 45 bucks straight commission so you make a conversion you get 45 bucks that's it so if I click this link on offer vote this is how it looks like this is the network this is the affiliate Network Point click track I can click run offer apply to the network and another trick here is once you find a product you can just copy the network name copy network name Point click track okay I just copy it I go back to offer votes I'm into the home page and in networks guess what I paste this point click track so offer Vault will give me all the offers from this very same Network that has the four sticks so we can see solar Vivid mattresses net credit Source saving Etc they have look at that they have 683 offers some of them might be CPA some of them might be just regular affiliate offers but all of these are as you can see from point click track oops I clicked it on purposefully Network Point click track Point click track Etc all right so let's recap what I gave you right here is a system that was created by myself and my team to generate hundreds of dollars each and every day using paid traffic now I showed you how to use free traffic and you can go on your own and execute an experiment and I really hope you make some money and comment down below this video when you make money I'm getting really pumped and motivated when I see people making money and like I said this takes time weeks and even months to achieve the goals you're aiming for because YouTube and Pinterest organic traffic takes time for the algorithm to start ranking you and for you to start seeing results on the other hand if you don't want to wait there is a way for you to see results within just a few days like two three days and this is paid traffic I told you that we've been using paid traffic mostly but if you're a newbie to pay traffic and if you if you're scared to waste your money and if you if you're afraid to fail and lose a lot I have a private training you can see it from the first link down in the description below and I'm going to be completely transparent it is a paid training but I'm not forcing you to buy it I'm just saying that this is there and if you want to scale to the next level if you want to see faster results you can do that through my training but on the other hand if you want to do it on your own you're completely free I already showed you the entire framework the entire setup of course there is some technical stuff when it comes to creating the website setting up tracking creating your designs creating videos creating posts Etc again it involves a lot of work whereas if you sign up for the training you have this for you laid out step by step and keep in mind that in my training you have to spend money for ads that's another thing you have to consider so again I'm not forcing you I'm just saying that this is out there and I can help you because I actually help my students I talk with them you can ask me questions Etc so that's the benefit of the training but again no rush I hope you make money with whatever method you go for the only thing you have to take out of this video is take actions whatever you do take actions go and set up a campaign right now go find an offer right now go create a landing page or a website right now just pause this video and just do something don't let it sit don't go to the next video don't go watch funny videos don't go watch stand-up comedy just work work this is how you achieve great results ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video cheers

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