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thirteen thousand dollars for nothing for free all right guys today we have an important talk probably this is going to be one of the most important videos you you will ever watch on how to make money online how to make money with affiliate marketing Etc because the things are changing pretty rapidly so today I'm Gonna Give You probably one of the best strategies that you can use in the next few months and even years in advance and you're already watching this video which tells me that you already know that you want to make money with affiliate marketing because we you've tested let's say Amazon FBA e-commerce Drop Shipping Etc which are not bad models but they're more difficult I personally have a drop shipping and e-commerce Brands as well why these are more difficult because they require you to invest upfront money you have to buy the products then you have to ship the products pack the products in nice packaging then you have to ship them to the customers then you have to actually talk with the customers and in other words it's a lot of hassle whereas with affiliate marketing you don't have to do any of that you don't have to talk with customers you don't have to have your own product you don't have to pack this product you don't have to ship products to the customers and you don't have to invest money upfront here is the number one thing you should do right now right after you finish watching this video if you want to start making money as soon as possible this is my number one thing number one advice that I give to people because I see a lot a lot of folks out there probably 99 of the people 90.99 of the people out there are getting this wrong which is once they figure out that they want to do affiliate marketing the Second Step they take the wrong step is they start to focus on the product on the offer or what offer should I promote what product should I pick what Niche should I pick which is the wrong approach or what design should I get listen you can have the best product on planet Earth the best but if you don't have people who are willing to buy this product you don't have [ __ ] you don't have anything so rule number one don't focus on the product don't focus on the offer focus on bringing people bringing traffic this is in our slang digital marketing strength audience means traffic and this is the purpose of the today's video to show you the number one most important thing when it comes to not only affiliate marketing but any type of marketing any type of businesses you need people you need owners you need traffic before anything else before creating a product before finding an offer before anything else and the second advice which is again very important is to focus on one thing at a time period we have so many shiny objects out there and I've been there you today you're doing this tomorrow you're doing that the next day you're doing something different you have to focus on one thing and one thing only this is what I've done in the past and trust me I've had the shiny object syndromes I've been like too many places I've been trying different websites different offers different business models never worked out until I focused on one thing and one thing on it for example I created a book and this book was related to health and fitness and I've spent three months of my time creating the book writing blog posts finding images etc etc so three months I've spent all my time only on this book that was back in the day now it's way easier than you think and I'm gonna show you actually right now I'm gonna share my screen so actually let me share it right right now we see my screen here and what is that we have Tick Tock now in Tick Tock this is no matter what age you are no matter where in the world you are you can create a tick tock account you don't even have to create the videos yourself you don't have to upload videos yourself you don't have to be in the videos yourself but what I've seen other people were doing and what we do in my company we create a simple automated so-called Tick Tock account and we crop other people's videos upload them to our accounts to get the traffic and once we have the traffic once we have the audience then we can start promoting affiliate products products from ClickBank or e-compress or whatever products you might want so let me show you how easy it is but again it takes time it's not going to happen overnight but trust me once you bring the orders it's game over you're going to be milking that cow man so in Tick Tock what I did I typed millionaire mindset to show you how easy it is and now I found this account so this one the first one that pops up it's called modern millionaire whatever so I opened it on a new tab so let's see boom so what we have here this is account not dedicated to any person any personal brand or profile as you can see we just the account is very broad modern millionaires Club these guys or one guy or one girl I don't know how many are they or or are they many or just one person who is running this account but they have 34 000 followers so far all of their videos don't even include speech it's just text and some footage that they took from other videos so let's see one of the clips they have for example let's see this one music text this is the best feeling boom boom just footage and just a little bit of text on top and that's it you see that's how easy it is to create these videos you don't have to be a professional videographer or video editor I'm going to show you just a second how you can create such eclipse in seconds not minutes not hours not days in seconds so how this account is making money they have 34 000 followers and they have a link in their biography here so when I click this link let me open it on a new tab we probably are going to be redirected to either an affiliate offer or a product so let's see what they sell start making money online step-by-step guide so we can click learn how there we go and what they say step one choose a business okay so they have a bunch of products 40 books 20 books 29 bucks so basically they sell these products and I'm guessing they would have an upsell or down sale on the back end to increase their average order value aov in digital marketing terms so I don't know if this is an affiliation or their own products but anyways you see how the C system works so let's say 10 of the their followers buy these products they're going to be making thousands of dollars but hey let's calculate something so let's say not even 10 not even five percent let's say just one percent out of these 34 000 people buy one product so let me pull up my my calculator here so let's say just one percent zero point zero oops let's delete that 0.01 times 34 000 people this is one percent is 340 people so if 340 people buys a product for let's say 40 bucks times 40 bucks these people are going to be making thirteen thousand dollars thirteen thousand dollars for nothing for free and guess what this is very very very minimal calculation I know a person who has an account which is similar to millionaires look with 1 million followers with the similar videos and on top of that you can find more paying offers on ClickBank for example this is ClickBank a Marketplace for Affiliates here I have business category and investing and I can find different offers that are way more payable than these offers that they have here so they have products for 20 bucks 40 bucks and in ClickBank we can find products for 100 for 500 dollars imagine if one percent of these 34 000 people buy a product for 500 bucks that's pretty good amount of money I would say now how do you create these videos well I use a simple software which is AI artificially intelligent software called pictory probably you've seen it in my other videos one of the greatest softwares basically Victoria will create these videos for you based on keywords what I mean by that is pictory AI dot AI let me log in here real quick so I can show how it's done now when you first walk in this is what you're going to see all these four sections so I'm gonna show you how to use them but what else we're going to use is chat GPT this is the artificial intelligence robot that is going to help us create the videos so how we're going to be using charge GPT before we jump over to pictory in charge GPT we want titles that are related to let's say our topic in our case we're gonna be using topics such as making money online Etc and in here in the search box I'm gonna ask the the boat to write me motivational quotes about manifesting money so write me five motivational quotes about making money let's say and like that so let's write me five motivation called hit enter let's see money is Like Oxygen it's only really important when you don't have any zigziger okay if you don't like these quotes you can always click this regenerate response button and the two write more quotes for you let's go with the second one the only way to do great work is to love what you do if so I'm gonna copy this one so you're going to see how simple it is this is Steve Jobs copy this go back to pictorian the first section where it says crypto video click proceed and I'm going to paste this disk uh script it's just a couple of sentences in our case one or two and then I'm gonna click proceed and now we're going to use a template let's say this one you can set you can choose whatever you want so this one select now 19 by 16 this is The Tick Tock video format click that continue and the software will actually make the video for you and you don't have to touch it at all boom as you can see and it actually created sceneries here down below that are related to the only way to do great work and these are the scenes as you can see scene one two three and four and now if you don't like the footages uh that the software suggested for you you can always go to visuals here at the left corner click visuals and you can change all the scenes with foot Pages you want for example I want money I want to show money so I'm going to click money hit enter here at the search and I can see all this money and I can literally click see number one and then I click someone who is counting money so let's do that click and boom we've changed the video with counting money so I have another video that explaining in which I'm explaining step by step how to work with Victoria it's very easy but I'm gonna link it down in the description below because I don't want to waste time here for this now because I have some other stuff to show you but that's basically how you create a tick tocks with pictory the first way and the second way which is actually more powerful is to grab other people's videos and how you do that let's go back to Victoria here at the uh homepage look what it says here article to video so we can literally go we can literally paste the URL from other people's videos and Victoria will crop it for us and this is how we repurpose videos so if we go on YouTube and I type business motivation tips business motivation let's see like that we can see all of these videos of other people we can take these videos and I can literally let's see this one Brian Tracy I'm going to select this video so let's I already clipped it I think oh I haven't so let's click this click pause and I'm going to copy this URL copy this go back to pictory and I'm literally gonna paste this video URL right here in this box there we go click proceed boom again very powerful software and again I'm gonna link a full video tutorial on how to use the maximum out of pictory because like I said very useful software and it's free actually you can use it for free now always when you grab other people's views in your Tick Tock account always leave a email or contact so if people see their videos and they don't like you sharing them they can always contact you to take these videos down most of the people will not do it because you're after all sharing their own videos so you're expanding the reach and it's a win-win situation where you gain followers you make money and you're also expanding their brand and if you want to be a hundred percent sure that no one is going to take your videos down I'm allowing you to distribute my own videos so if you type Ross minchip here I'm literally giving you away for free like all these videos so you can literally go on my channel grab any of my videos where I teach marketing landing page design business tips Etc and just crop them and use them the only requirement I have for you is I'm not asking about money I'm not going to ask for percentage of your money when you start making money I'm the only thing I'm asking you to just give me a credit in your description or somewhere after all I've made these videos so I would really appreciate it if you do that I'll be happy to see my content seen by more people which will give me some more exposure to more people so respectively I can even help more people and I'm pretty pretty pumped when I see comments on my YouTube videos you can see them for yourself from people telling me that I've changed their lives you cannot imagine the feeling when you see a person and telling you that I am the reason they're making thousands of dollars every single week and every single month I cannot describe you this feeling that's why actually I changed my attitude towards my videos and my content I before I used to be very strict about my content I used to be like no one can have my content it's only me and myself but you can do this with any other influencer so let's say for some reason you don't like me you don't like Ross minchip that's fine I'm not gonna judge you let's say you like Grant Cardone so just type Grand Cardone Cardone here and I would what I would do is I would just send him an email or comment somewhere below his videos and ask him hey Grant I really love your content can I distribute it on your content on Tick Tock so more people can see your content and like I said after all it's a win-win situation where you're growing an audience and you're also growing Grant cardone's brand so it's a totally win-win situation and in the most cases 99 of the cases all these influencer will say yes no problem distribute my content and if they say no that's fine you jump to the next influencer so if I have to recap to summarize two lessons two very important lessons from this video first most important don't focus on a product or affiliate offer focus on one thing this is the audience audience audience and traffic and second lesson is focus on one thing at a time focus on one Niche one tick at a time spend a month two months three months five months make it work and then you can jump to the next one to the next Endeavor and that's how you make a lot of money and this is how most of the successful people have done it and this is how I actually crack the code in the first time many many years ago I worked 18 hours a day on one thing only back in the day was lead generation so I was generating leads with my business partner and after three months working non-stop I mean literally we were living in one house we were sleeping next to each other and we were working 18 hours a day we would just have some meal go to sleep stand up wake up go go to the computers they literally the computers were in the same room so just from the bed to the computer from the computer to the bed and after three months we've cracked the code and we started netting five thousand dollars each and every single day and up I cannot describe you the feeling of making five grand a day not a month a day and before that I used to deliver pizza so you can imagine now guys I would appreciate if you like this video and I would also appreciate if you hit the Subscribe button of course if you like the content but other than that I'm gonna list some of my private trainings down in the description below if you want to check it out because I teach people privately I have students and I I'm not trying to sell you anything yes it's a paid program but it's a very robust and it's step-by-step program on how to go from zero to a couple of thousand dollars a month with affiliate marketing ClickBank links to that are going to be down in the description below with that being said I really appreciate your time and I will see you in my next video cheers

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