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alright today I'm going to share with you two life-changing strategies the first one will show you how to create a money making automated YouTube channel which you don't have to create the videos yourself you don't have to be a video editor and you don't have to show your face and the second strategy is going to be how to double and even triple the YouTube money using or infusing ClickBank and affiliate marketing in your YouTube channel and all of that is going to be done without you making it I know it sounds kind of too crazy but all of the setup is going to be done by artificial intelligent robots basically the AI will create everything for you and you just sit back and watch We're literally going to crack the system we're going to hack the Matrix if you will and we're going to be making money or the affiliate robots or the AI robots are actually going to be making money for us you don't have to have any experience you don't have to be anyone special and you don't have to have any certain background this is literally one of the easiest methods I've shown on my channel so without further Ado let's jump onto my computer and let's set it up before we start with the system let me show you what is possible I'm not trying to brag about it but I want to pump you up this is one of the YouTube channels I run and you can see I have not posted a single video for many months but the channel was still making money and over here I started posting videos and this channel is making thousands of doors every single month so the possibilities are huge and now the very first step in order for you to set up your YouTube account is basically go to click the right top Corner the button in the right top Corner that says sign in signing into your Gmail account and or if you don't have a Gmail account or YouTube account which is kind of the same click this button right here down below that says create an account click it click for my personal views and then follow the instructions to create your Gmail and respectively your YouTube account once you do that you need to pick a topic or a niche for your YouTube videos and this is very important because different topics and niches pays differently basically YouTube will pay you money to upload the videos for example a category in finances will pay you much more money than a category for pranks and this is respectively because there are not so many advertisers wanting to show their ads on videos with pranks whereas Banks and financial institutions are more willing to pay or actually are willing to pay more dollars to show your ads on the videos for finances so this is kind of a universal rule but I'm going to show you how we crack the system even more instead of debating with yourself which which topic or Niche you should take we go on a website called you sign up for account here and then we're going to click the marketplace at the top corner or the top menu and for those of you who are new to affiliate marketing ClickBank is an affiliate marketing place basically you come here and you can promote other people's offer offers or products and you get a commission for that so this is the place where we are actually going to to choose our Niche or our category to create the YouTube videos and I'm going to show why this is important and I'm going to show how it's connected to making money with YouTube and making money with affiliate marketing and so how do we go about that on the left side we have the categories on ClickBank and we can see there are many many different categories such as self-help software Services spirituality Sports we have travel we have politics we have languages home and gardening health and fitness games fiction employment education so the strategy here is to pick a niche for your YouTube channel that is related to one of these categories here because later on you're going to promote some of these offers on your YouTube channel so you can make money with YouTube monetization but also with affiliate marketing and for today's example what I'm gonna do I'm going to type diabetes here in the search bar right here I'm going to click search and I'm going to sort the keywords instead of by keyword levels relevance I'm going to sort them by average conversion which is are going to give us the has converting offers so I can see right here that these affiliate offers related to diabetes which is a subcategory or health and fitness are paying me 168 dollars which is pretty good amount of money for one conversion if you think about it do your due diligence do a little bit of research on all of the offers on ClickBank but I can tell you that the biggest offers or the biggest dishes on ClickBank or on YouTube are finances health and fitness make money online which is kind of a subcategory on on finances and pretty much do it yourself DIY stuff for today's example we're gonna go with health and fitness and diabetes and I'm actually going to show you right now a live example of YouTube Channel implementing the hacking of ClickBank so right here we can see a video called how to lower blood sugar quickly eight amazing tips reviewed this video gotten about 1 million views which is pretty inside amount of videos obviously in the beginning you're not going to get that much views but you're going to build your channel slowly but maturely step by step and hopefully you can reach that amount of views now first of all YouTube is paying this channel a lot of money for the videos it got and by the way if you think the information is this video is valuable I would really appreciate if you hit the like button as I show you YouTube is very liberal when it comes to YouTube monetization and they're going to pay you a ton of money for you just uploading the videos but then see what happens in the description of this video I can click or they have a link that says join diabetesmart they we click this link we redirected to a landing page slash website that sells as some type of product this is a product about maybe relieving or reducing the effects of diabetes people scroll down on this page they read everything and right here at the bottom people can buy this offer and guess what it is when I click buy now we are redirected to a landing page hosted where here on ClickBank as you can see this batch says ClickBank so basically this is an offer from ClickBank injected in YouTube and this is the purpose of today's tutorial this is what I'm showing you how to create a YouTube channel that is going to be making you money but then you're going to double and triple this money by injecting affiliate offers from ClickBank so now that you have decided on your Niche or your category in our case health and fitness and diabetes what we're gonna do we're going to jump on to AI tool called chart GPT probably you're already familiar with that this is an AI artificial intelligence robot that are going to that is going to give you give us a lot of suggestions and it's going to create video scripts and text based on our prompts now the first thing we want to do is obviously to give our YouTube channel a name and I'm going to ask the chatbot to give me some suggestions so I'm going to say give me and basically I'm going to I'm going to say give me 10 YouTube channel names in the diabetes Niche or into the health niche in the health Niche hit enter so we can see healthy habits help Wellness wisdom fit and fab life nutrition Nation mindful movement this is pretty good this is a very broad term and I like this channel name so I'm gonna name my channel mindful movement let's say so we have mindful movement and mindful move movement 32.

The next step is to give our YouTube channel a icon or a very significant profile picture that people will recognize for that purpose I'm using is a free software I'm using the paid version but you can use the free one if you will that you can literally go to the top menu click create a design and ask the to to create you YouTube YouTube profile picture and I can say profile picture right here down below boom and the two will give us a canvas you just drag and drop some elements and you're going to have a beautiful and very well designed profile picture I'm going to type health I can drag this one you see it's like a heart then I can rasterize this or increase drag the corners and make it like a big nice heart in our case I have already set up this icon which is looking pretty good so far this was the basic stuff now we're going to the advanced stuff and this is the action creation of our videos for that purpose we're still going to be using charge GPT or open AI but this time I asked the two to write me a YouTube video script with 10 tips for healthy eating with diabetes each tip should be at least 50 words long and it's important because YouTube prioritizes longer videos so that's why I told charge GPT to write 10 tips for healthy eating and to make sure that each of these tips are 50 words long and the two actually gave me these results and keep in mind we want to help people cure their diabetes we want to help them with diabetes so this is just one video but you can prompt the two you can ask the two to write you tips on how to cure diabetes or five tips which food you should avoid when you have diabetes or 5 nutritions that you need to take in order to lower your blood sugar any of that type of tips that are going to help people because you want literally to help people to spark their interest in order for them to watch your videos and we want to turn this script into a video presentation and for that purpose we're going to be using a very powerful software which is AI software called in this is a software that is going to help us turn our script into video you can test it for free I'm using the 15 bucks a month deal because it gives me a lot of options you can compare this to let's say a software such as Adobe Premiere Pro which is 31 dollars a month and on top of that this is way more complicated to use you need like a degree you need training to use Adobe Premiere Pro so in in video what we're gonna do here I'm going to go to my dashboard and what I what I want to do is I'm going to click this icon that says AI text to video I'm gonna click that and we're going to use the template we're going to choose a template let's stick to the first one I'm going to say use this template and now here what we have we're going to paste our script from chargpt and this script is going to be populated in in video and in video is going to create a full complete video for US based on this script and also we're going to have a talking head this talking head is going to be our narrator basically you don't need to have a microphone or to do your narration the AI is going to do it for you so what we're going to do I'm going to go over to chargpt and I'm going to let's say I'm going to highlight the first two tips because I don't want to make the video long just for the sake of this YouTube video we want to keep it short I'm just showing you the strategy in the system how it's done let's paste it right here and I'm going to delete this opening shot we don't need that of course we need to install it a little bit I'm gonna say host delete we need to delete this one or this is the tip number one portion control and delete these 50 words and now this is why I use the paid version because down here below what it says is how to suggest images and videos so when I use the paid version I can select istock and premium footage this is going to make my video stand out of the crowd and it's going to make YouTube to recommend it to more people because I guess a lot of people will use just the free version and the footages are going to be overlapping with other users so when I use istock and premium footage I'm going to stand out of the crowd once these boxes are selected you can click create scenes or if you want to add to your script you can click this option right here that says ask AI to write your script basically you can input or prompts in to write or to fulfill your script or to fill it up with some more information which is pretty pretty good option so feel free to use that option it's very powerful as well it's an AI option but now what I'm gonna do I'm going to click create scenes we're going to have this prompt rearrange text that's fine let's click yes and now I'm gonna click again generate scenes and just like that this artificial intelligence tool created a video very professional video based on our script and based on our keywords now I can play let's say the first section these are scenes we can see some vegetables fruits right here which is pretty good so if you don't like any of these scenes let's say you want to change it I can go to videos I can type in here Health let's say like that and let's say I like this um since let's see which one maybe I want this one I like it more I'm gonna paste it right here and I'm going to click add and boom I now have a new scene which is pretty good now the next very important step is to have a narrator basically the voiceover who is going to talk over your script and in video has that cover for us we're going to click this button that says voice over we're going to click automated automated text to speech this button there we go and now what we have we have I'm narrator that we can choose from this menu right here I have chosen the Nathan Nathan sounds pretty good so we can I can play it for you hello hope you are having a great time making your video there we go hello hello so pretty nice pretty realistic voice so I'm gonna click generate voice over and I'm going to click this icon or this checkbox that says add automated voiceover for all scenes and I'm going to click add and boom let's see what we've done hello everyone and welcome back to our Channel today we have an important topic to discuss healthy eating with diabetes boom pretty amazing isn't it pretty awesome we have a just an entire video in under like five or ten minutes with a very professional script with very professional footages with a very professional voice over and now the final step is to change the background music and this is my tip for you click the storybook this section right here that says background music this one storybook audio and then we want to click on music to the left side so click music and I wanna select from this mood series we want serious music because we're discussing serious topics about diabetes so click series and choose music from here again this is royalty-free music it's not going to get you in into any copyrights I've picked this one because it's very mysterious and it's very intriguing coming home can you listen to this one yeah very intriguing very kind of engaging very kind of [ __ ] okay so I'm gonna click this plus sign so let's see what we've done with the music hello everyone and welcome back to our Channel today we have an important topic to discuss it's pretty pretty good now it looks like a movie it sounds like a movie it sounds like a movie it's very engaging now that you have your video script your voice over your background music your visuals your edits and keep in mind that you can not only use video stock footages but you can use images you can use images that you zoom in and zoom out for example I can show you a video that is similar to this one that I'm talking about for example this one it's a video from health and wealth Channel and this video has almost 3 million views and as you can see it's just a picture so I can bump it up or not bump it up but just let's shuffle through it and we can see it's just pictures and actually the pictures are not very high quality and there is like a voiceover this is like I think a real voice so let me just reduce the volume another image and then another image and another image as you can see these are just images you can do all of that inside in video you can find images basically I can go here to images click an image and let's say I have a topic let's say it's important to be mindful of your portion sizes to maintain stable blood sugar levels so I'm going to search for an image here called sugar levels let's say sugar sugar levels let's see yes so this is an image and I'm just going to drag and drop this image right here boom like that and replace media boom there you go we have an image right here the final step is to export this video and upload it on YouTube so you can do that by clicking the download button right here click download and then just select the 1080p this is the full HD highest resolution so select that and click export once you export this video you can go to your YouTube channel a newly created Youtube channel mindful movement navigate to the top right corner click create and click oppose videos and you're going to upload your view from this button and this is going to be your first video and now once you upload your video to YouTube don't forget to include your affiliate links inside the description and also you can paste part of your script inside the description as well because this is another type of seo seo is basically or YouTube SEO this gives YouTube keywords and YouTube can determine what this video is about and can recommend it to more people respectively we recommend it to more and more uh people that are looking for similar videos about diabetes and lowering their blood sugar but don't forget to include your affiliate links inside your description and you can do that by just going to ClickBank and let's say you you're promoting this offer that's gluconite or whatever the offer the name is this is about diabetes offer about diabetes and like I said you're going to make 168 dollars every time someone converts into a customer so you simply click promote you click generate hop link right here you highlight your hopelink this is your link copy this link and what I recommend is go to a website called T dot l y and this is going to shorten our ugly looking link from ClickBank because to be honest this looks very ugly and not pleasant to the eye so I'm going to copy this link open t dot l y I'm gonna paste the affiliate link right here so it's more recognizable and more easy to the eye I'm gonna click shorten URL and boom this is now my link right here as you can see from this long looking ugly looking link now we have this very tiny and pleasant to the eye link so you copy this link and you paste this in your YouTube description all right guys that's about it for today's video keep in mind that this is not going to happen overnight this is not a quick get rich quick scheme this takes time this takes dedication as you saw it's not difficult it's just drag and drop click here click there copy and paste text and it's a based um uh common sense you know by just watching the script or reading the script and watching the videos you can determine by yourself by Common Sense what videos will be good or what parts or images will be good for the script in order to engage your people or the viewers now I'm going to show you what I did a while back with a channel this is a channel I started a while back ago actually a couple of years ago it has 1000 subscribe drivers but what is very impressive about this channel I have not posted video here for the past two years probably a year and a half but if I go to analytics right here we can see that I'm still getting views even very small amount of views but I'm still getting views on this channel and like I said I have not posted in many many months even here like if I go back to 2022 I have posted one video for the entire year of 2022 but as you can see the channel is actually growing because I have posted videos in the past so these videos are now ranking a little bit and imagine if I have put the effort but because I had many other projects and I imagine managing a team I'm managing uh three different companies I didn't have the time to actually create the video so pause them but you can see just with one video for the last year 2022 this channel is doing pretty well pretty good I mean not compared to a big channels but I'm just showing you this to pump you up and to show you that this is very doable what I'm showing you here this tutorial and the system and the strategies I'm showing you are very very lucrative and very easy to accomplish so in the comments below let me know if you have any questions I would love to chat with you I would love to elaborate with you like this video subscribe to the channel for more content like this one if you of course like the content and I'll see you in my next video cheers

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