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all right so you want to make money online you want to start a business and you're looking for the best business model to start well in today's video I'm going to share with you more than a decade of experience owning online businesses and some of them are actually generating hundreds of thousands of dollars so I'm going to talk from experience from trial and error and hopefully you're going to learn what to do and what not to do and hopefully by the end of this video you should have a clear goal in mind how to start a business and how to scale a business that is going to be making you money in the long term that being said I've been into affiliate marketing e-commerce agency in fact I started my first business as a web development agency but I saw that out many years ago so now I'm mostly doing e-commerce and affiliate marketing but I'm not telling you to do that what I'm telling you to do which brings me to my first point out of seven yes today I'm going to give you seven steps on how to start a business from scratch and scale that business as a complete beginner you don't have to have any experience or any technical skills you can literally start a business instead steps if you follow them in today's video tutorial today's video tutorial is not going to be anything fancy this is not going to be something to entertain you which I see in other YouTubers they do mostly videos to entertain you with a lot of animations a lot of fancy designs this video is going to be talking head I'm just going to talking to you sharing my years of experience with you and hopefully you can Implement that and make money and start a business and quit your job or go to a vacation and text me back send me a picture with you surfing that would be awesome by the way yeah do that so first point here is the business model does not matter I know that sounds kind of controversial but don't worry about the business like I said I'm doing affiliate marketing I have e-commerce stores I have personal branding the business model is not what matters what matters is do you have people who are going to buy your product do you have an audience interested in what you're selling for example you can have a store like a brick and Mortal store selling clothing and if you put this store somewhere in the suburbs in the neighborhood that there are very few people guess how many people will stop by your store and buy the products I guess the amount of people stopping by are going to be very small now imagine the very same store clothing store brick and mortar store you put this store in a shopping mall guess how many people now are gonna stop by and buy your products a lot more I guess right the first thing you need to do is to focus not on the business idea itself you can have like the best products on Earth but if you don't have people to buy this product you don't have a business which leads me to step number two of the seven steps the two types of business models you can use today the first one is self branding and the second one is just a regular brand for example you're watching this YouTube channel which is called Ross mean Chef which is my name this is my personal brand but I also have other brands that are not the face of for example let me show you my computer here I have a brand called Greg's Homestead this is my not personal brand but just a brand real related to medicinal plants and herbs basically for healthy lifestyle and Mr Greg is the Avatar of the brand I am behind the brand I'm managing everything I'm managing the content I'm managing the products I'm managing everything which I'm going to show you what are what is the content and what are the products but ah not the face of this and so now maybe you're wondering hey Ross okay that's cool but how did you come up with Greg's Homestead what is that like why why this brand which leads us to step number three of your business model how to start a business is to pick a niche or identify a problem so if you have a hobby let's say you like suing let's say you like makeup or fashion or style you can turn your hobby into a brand or on the other hand in my case I didn't have a hobby but I identified a problem so I started researching and what I stumbled upon is that a lot of people were giving opportunity additional drugs from the pharmacy first because they are very dangerous secondly because they have side effects and thirdly they can hook you up forever I mean you can get addicted to drugs from the pharmacy so what I discovered is that people were actually turning into alternative treatments in my case is medicinal plants and herbs so I started creating content or I created this brand about gardening medicinal plants alternative treatments for people to improve their health with just natural products now I didn't know anything about medicinal plants of course so what I did I started reading I started researching I started getting in touch on Facebook with people who are herbalists so they started showing knowledge with me and I started cooperating with them and this is what I suggest you do as well whatever Niche you pick either real estate Health Fitness or suing or fashion get in touch with people that are in the same Niche so you can start collaborating and exchange info or Intel in in my case some of these people actually started writing blog posts and creating regular posts on social medias to educate to better educate people so that was a very huge Plus for me of course I was paying them a little amount or some of them actually told them I'm gonna pay them a percentage from the sales which I'm gonna show you in just a bit on the next steps how you generate sales with these businesses this leads me to point number four which is to always provide value first and then think about the sales this is your job as a business owner or just the creative person you always have to provide Value First for example I didn't start Greg's Homestead or even this channel you're watching my videos on Ross minchev on YouTube I didn't start this with the going in mind that I'm gonna start making a lot of money I started these Brands purely because I wanted to educate people more for example especially Ross mentioned because this is my passion I am digital marketer and I've been doing digital marketing for the past 11 years 12 years like 2011 it was the first time I actually started my first affiliate Market not affiliate but my digital marketing Journey this was my main goal in mind I started creating content and you can create content for free without any experience now you have chat GPT this is AI artificial intelligence robot that can help you create that you have canva canva will create your beautiful social media posts video posts tick tocks Facebook post Instagram posts the possibilities are endless and in my example actually I'm going to show you that right here let me show you I have Greg's Homestead on Tick Tock but I also have Greg on Pinterest Pinterest is another social media so once you create your avatar or once you create your brand you can distribute your content on multiple social networks Tick Tock Pinterest Instagram I also have Instagram but I'm not going to pull it up right now because I forgot before the video so I have multiple social medias related to Greg's Homestead here I have a book about Greg's Homestead so people can land on this book they can click continue reading let's say and they can start reading about five groups that treat kidney stones right and if you're wondering how I create this content I'm gonna link another video down in the description below how I actually create and this entire content for free without hiring anyone I just purely created Myself by using charge GPT or Ai and then I use some info from other people or from Google so after you started creating free content to educate people to give them value The Next Step which is Step number five is to create a simple website and you can do that without any technical skills or knowledge and you can do that for free and why do you need a website you need a website because you want people to take people out of social networks to land on your website and on your website you're going to give them something for free in exchange for a little bit of details or data on their site either that's going to be to follow you on Tick Tock or Instagram or to give you their email address for example you can use clickera this is a website this is a platform that allows you to create free websites with these websites and I have another view which I'm going to link again down in the description below how to use click error but this is purely drag and drop builder for free of course I'm using the paid version but I use it in a different way so once you start making money and you start scaling you can you know upgrade for better functionalities and more features but the idea here is you can create simple websites on clickera for free with just a couple of clicks and the purpose of creating a free website is to offer something for free for example you can offer people a free video you can offer them a free pdf like a Content you just instead of posting something on your blog or on your social media you combine a lot of different posts into a PDF you attach it on click error to your website and you tell people hey click this link download this free PDF for example on how to cure your acne or how to live a better life or how to use blueberries to heal yourself in my case this is my case this is for herbalism by downloading this PDF just leave your email and what I'm going to show you here is if we go on my Tick Tock right here I'm gonna show you an example of such a page so in my Tick Tock Bo so called view you have a link you can insert the link so I inserted this link that leads people to this landing page this is a simple free page you can build and clicker like I said that tells people hey you're gonna get a free ebook with 47 herbal remedies that will substitute drugs just leave your email click download for free and you're going to download this book so basically this is what you need because first you're not only building audience on Tick Tock now you're building owners on your email list and why this is important this brings us to step number six monetizing monetizing your traffic this is important because once you create an email list you can monetize your email list you can send of course free content to your email subscribers but also you can send them offers that first you can create which I'm going to show what I did and secondly you can send affiliate offers affiliate marketing for those of you who are new to the channel is basically products that you don't own but you sell on your website for a commission you don't have to handle any customer support you don't have to handle any inventory you don't have to buy the products up front purely you're sending traffic to the affiliate links people click your affiliate links they're trackable and let's say a product costs a hundred dollars and you get 50 bucks so 50 50 you and the vendor of the product or the product owner this is how affiliate marketing works not only that let's say a person from Tick Tock follows me or they want to download this free ebook they go here they sign up on the landing page they click download the book and on the thank you page they'll have other social medias for example I would have Instagram I would have um Pinterest I would have Twitter and think about it I'm trying to get to expand my orders from Tick Tock first they click my links on Tick Tock to download my free ebook now I have their email once I have their email they're redirected to the thank you page where they can download the free content that I provide them on the thank you page not only they can download this ebook or PDF or whatever video maybe you have put there but you also tell them hey if you follow me on Tick Tock you might also like to follow me on Instagram on YouTube or whatever so now you expand your reach even more and you build audiences on multiple channels and this is what I highly recommend you do expand don't rely only on one channel or one medium don't rely only on one social media platform and where you can grab affiliate offers I usually use ClickBank and if you're wondering where to grab affiliate offers one of the best places that I've been using for many years is ClickBank ClickBank is an affiliate marketing Network where you just sign up and you can can find multiple niches and multiple categories with other people's products that you can promote to your audience and make money with them their categories such as Health Fitness business investing real estate gardening you name it they're all of them they're gaming industry as well so you can do that to monetize your audience this is actually a great way to start your business because once you have an affiliate offer attached to your free offer let's say to my free ebook that I showed you the free ebook with 47 Herbal Remedies and this is how you should start don't create your product yet just monetize the traffic you have right now provide a lot of value hookup affiliate offers on the back end and the best part is that again you don't have to ship the products you don't have to create these products you just make money you're basically now first building your audience and you're building your world because you're gonna need your wealth later on for the final step in today's video which I'm going to share with you in just a second which is to create your own product but before you create your product your own product if you want to speed up this process even more because in reality this is organic traffic you have to organically start building your audience on Tick Tock Instagram Pinterest Etc the patient is not going to happen overnight of course it's gonna take weeks and even months but if you want to see results faster there is a way that I use which is called a paid traffic you can pay Facebook to bring you traffic and you can see results instantly but don't freak out you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook because I'm going to show you a way that I call a self-funding offer so let me pull up my text edit example and let's say here this self-funding product or offer is based on affiliate marketing before you build your audience and before you make enough money you need affiliate marketing to fund everything so let's say you spend a hundred dollars on Facebook ads right so you spend 100 bucks to build your audience this is important remember you're providing an ebook or a PDF and then you tell people not only to sign up for your email list to download this ebook but also to sign up for your Pinterest Instagram and other channels so remember you're making you're spending money to build your audience but this is not the cool part you're not gonna waste this money because let's say on the back end like I showed you you have an affiliate offer now here it gets pretty interesting because not only you're going to build an audience not only you're going to build an email list but you're also going to be making money on the back end so before we start with the calculation and before I show you how it works let's go on ClickBank this is like I said the place where you got your where you get your affiliate offers so here on ClickBank I click the marketplace at the top menu and we can see all these offers here and these offers are from other people and these offers are affiliate offers and when you promote them on the right side you can see how much money you can make per conversion so this offer is going to pay us 125 dollars this one is gonna pay us 20 bucks this one is gonna pay us 118 dollars so what do you do or what you should do in the case of promoting your um your um mediums on social uh channels is let's say this offer around 60 or 60 dollars you're going to hook up this offer on uh don't don't look at your I mean live chat jobs it doesn't matter like you have to pick an offer that is related to your Niche for example xcpure is a healthy product glucoberry as you can see glucoberry is something related to berries blueberries and um um this is related to my Niche to Greg's Homestead but for today's example let's just pick this offer so here on ClickBank what I can do I can click promote this button and I'm going to click create hop link and here is my unique affiliate link so I'm gonna copy this affiliate link and I'm gonna paste this on the thank you page of my um free ebook sign up so every time people sign up for my free ebook they'll be redirected to this affiliate link once they are redirected to this affiliate link they click this link they see the offer they see the product they click buy and once they buy and convert we're gonna get paid 60 bucks so let's say your your affiliate offer brings 60 bucks they pay you 60 bucks let's say you spend this 600 bucks for let's say a week a week you spend a hundred dollars a week like that and let's say you make two sales two affiliate sales a week so two sales per week now this equals to 120 dollars I hope you see the mat here I'm spending 100 dollars per week on Facebook ads but I'm making 120 dollars because I'm bringing two sales every week some cases you might lose your money it depends on the niche it depends on the offers this is very uh General um generalized example but if you really want to scale that I have a complete A to Z personal training this is VIP training that I teach people from A to Z how to make this happen how to make money with Facebook ads how to create the entire process how to create their business and offers how to create their entire process and how to not lose money on Facebook this is my personal training yes it's paid one I'm not trying to sell it to you I'm just showing you that if you want to have faster results and you want to have someone to hold you by the hand creating this funnels so code or websites or the entire business you can have me help you out the links are going to be down in the description again not required I'm not trying to push that to you I'm just giving you an option if you want to start as smooth as possible faster as possible with very minimal losses go for it but if you want to go on your own go for it as well I'm showing you the entire system what I do step number seven is creating your own product now that you have built your owners and trust me when you have your audience your audience will start giving you recommendations they will start giving you guidance they'll start giving you feedback you write this feedback down once you start writing this feedback down now you have a network of people like-minded people and also remember in the beginning I told you you have to connect with other people in your Niche on your field like I like myself I connected with people herbalists and people related to medicinal plants and gardening so what I did is I hired them for a percentage to write me an entire book which is called the book of green remedy you see it in front of you this is a book that I now sell to my audience I sell this to my social media followers and this book is more than 300 Pages as you can see 307 pages and it's about 30 megabytes and it's a very very robust book with lots of pictures actually you can see preview of the book there we go I can this is actually a video I can play it for you so it's a pretty nice pretty well written book then I heard people on Fiverr to proofread this book they proofreaded it then I heard another person a medical person to actually proofread one more time not for spelling errors but for medical claims which I know for you sounds kind of oh man but that's a lot of money it yes I get it it's a lot of money but I didn't create this book right away from the bat it took me a year of collecting emails sending affiliate offers to my email lists and building my audience and after that I created this book so that's how you go about a business you don't know about so you see the seven the final step of me showing you this video is my final step was creating an this is my business this is the ebook whereas other people what they will show you is how to create the book in the first step this is not how you do it the first step you remember like everything follow everything step by step finding a problem finding a niche branding yourself or find a brand then find traffic build an audience provide a lot of value finally finally you build the product because without a brand or without an audience you don't sell anything even if you have the best book ever even if you have the best service out there you're not gonna sell anything so if you have liked this video I would really appreciate it if you hit the like button for the YouTube algorithm subscribe to the channel for more tips and tricks about digital marketing and affiliate marketing and any type of marketing actually and I'll see you in the next video I hope you enjoyed this one cheers

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