This Makes ANYONE $1,000 On ClickBank (In 7 Days)

hey guys Ross here and in the next few minutes I'm going to show you how anyone literally anyone can make their first $1,000 on ClickBank in less than seven days I'm going to put a curtain on the top affiliate marketers on ClickBank I'm going to show and expose what offers they're promoting how they're promoting them and where they're promoting them so you can literally copy them I'm going to share with you a strategy that was previously only reserved for my paying clients I maybe get in trouble for releasing this uh to the public we're going to be using a special underground website that will show us how other Affiliates are promoting specific offers on ClickBank this strategy was used by one of my students shaki as you can see in front of you that's a message from him he sent it to me uh a couple of months ago shigaki is from Japan he used this very same strategy to generate well over $240,000 on ClickBank in affiliate commissions now for complete transparency this is not pure profit uh about half of it goes to Facebook ads so this is this method involves paid ads on Facebook so shigaki was paying probably 50 to 60% of this Revenue goes to Facebook ad not only that but the this special strategy and the special underground website uh is used by my business partner Mark who is making thousands of dollars on a daily basis uh um we're not exaggerating here he has a bunch of videos in our membership area where he explains how he does that but he's literally using the same strategy that I'm about to show you in just a second and hopefully you can finally take it and implement it and start making money on ClickBank it's not difficult if you have something to start with and this is what I'm about to show you how to find something that works and just implement it for your own campaigns and even if you're a complete beginner you can still use these strategies because a complete beginner needs a place to start and what a better place to start by using other people's offers and campaigns so let's start with the actual special website the special website it it's called spy hero it is a paid spy tool and you have 14 days free trial so in the next 14 days you have to use this tool to find what other people are promoting how they're promoting it I'm going to walk you through step by step how to use this to to make actual money but you have 14 days now the tool is a bit pricey I believe if it's like 150 bucks um but like I said you have 14 days to use it now I'm not a promoter of this tool I'm not affiliated to these two at all but yet I would appreciate if you use my affiliate Link in the description below if you don't want to use it that's fine I don't care this is the tool I use Mark is using a shaki and other people uh my students are using so once you walk in here set up uh sign up for free trial this is what you're going to see this is inside the tool this tool will tell tell you the top performing offers that are currently active on ClickBank and on Facebook and on YouTube and Native how many Affiliates are promoting these offers as we can see uh 10,440 affiliate IDs are promoting these offers total ads half a million ads running right now on Facebook and we can actually see these ads and the offers if you're a complete beginner you sign up you walk in here and what you need to do is navigate the top offers that they're running right now so we can see top offers by percentage of the market share and we can see fit espresso 177% so this is a very trendy offer Sumatra tonic another very trendy offer 15% Market Gap pive is the third biggest offer that is currently running right now now now you're going to make the distinguishment here because we have top offers right now on spy hero but we also have top offers on ClickBank see when you go into ClickBank and you click top offers you're going to see the top offers but these top offers are according to ClickBank so if I click this button and I just did it you're going to see the top offer on ClickBank is Java burn but that's not according spy hero because according to spy hero the top the top offer is fit espresso so we're not we don't know exactly why is this discrep here I assume that ClickBank bumps an offer to be on top based on the the the contract they have with the offer owner by the end of the day ClickBank wants to make more money uh by pushing offers that uh make more money for them not for you right so spy hero uh does this Vice vers spy hero pushes top offers that makes you money not click bank so spy hero actually wants to make you money not click Bank uh and again don't quote me that on that I'm not sure if that's the case so from here you're already in a good place because you already know uh that by spying on other people's ads you know what's going to be profitable for you and what you can run now I'm going to show you how to pick the exact offer how to pick um a landing page and now I'm going to share with you the process you need to take from here in the next few minutes so you can start making money on ClickBank but first let me have a sip of my coffee it's actually uh 4:30 p.m.

Right now this is my third coffee but that's how we do it grind grind drinking coffee staying energized and making money and you can research all these top offers from ClickBank and they actually have other affiliate networks here but you can see and you can copy and paste this inside ClickBank so this is actually what you should do for example uh we have fitspresso first offer this is the top offer then pive then Sumatra tonic uh we can just highlight this copy this offer go to ClickBank and in here we paste this search term sumat ronic hit enter and we can see it's not here there we go the second offer Sumatra slim belly tonic it pays $135 per conversion which is pretty good and it also has CPA affiliate offer or program which CPA stands for cost per action that's for another video but here here is here is the offer but for today's video we're going to focus on the top performing fit presso which is into the weight loss Niche now we have a bunch of metrics here ads running right now we can see the actual ads but we can see the Landing not the landing pages but the fan pages on Facebook that are currently running these ads but also we can see other info such as landing pages that I told you fit espresso we click this offer so we can research the offer so what we can see the niche is weight loss and we can see they are 7,000 ads promoting this offer so we have pretty good sign here now we can scroll down and we can see top ads these these are the top ads according to spy hero that have been running are making a lot of money for their owners or their advertisers I want you to focus on something all of these ads as you can see are with this red X and it means ad is not running so what I want you to focus on is ads that are currently running that means they're making money for their advertisers or Affiliates so these are the ads you want to copy or study and then copy so let's scroll down and we can see this one is currently running this one is also currently running and the most surprising thing or the most uh the factor or the metric you want to focus on is this for how many days an ad has been running we can see from this metric that this ad has been running for more than two months 65 days guys so if an ad is running for more than 5 days it means it's producing a lot of cash for their owners because no one in their Righteous Mind would spend a lot of money every day for 65 days to run ads on Facebook if the ad itself is not promoting is not producing money for them right so we can see some other ads this ad has been running for two days two days uh what I recommend is you focus on ads that have been running more than 5 days all right so let's scroll back up and I'm going to click view all ads right here this is going to bring another tap it might look look confusing right now but hear me out follow what I do and you're going to make money so right now we have the search ads stab leave it as it is as you can see the offer here is fit presso now this what gives us is all the ads from fitspresso and we can start researching for example now you have to start taking notes or start saving these ads so you can improve them later on and recreate them to make money now this ad has been running for days so it's worth studying so what I can do I can either mark this ad right here and add to my favorites so I can later come back and study this ad or I can keep scroll keep scrolling and find other ads which I recommend you find around 5 to 10 to 10 ads to study and then from these 10 ads pick the top three ads and just recreate those three for example this one is worth studying this it's it's a video ad uh another ad running for 5 days guys I just want to emphasize again how powerful this two is I literally found active ads of Affiliates who are running and making who are running affiliate offers on ClickBank and who are making money on ClickBank here I'm going to focus on top performing ads that are running more than like I said more than a week and ideally more than uh 65 days let's focus on these 65 5 days 65 days let's research more I'm actually researching I'm doing the research live on the call today with you we can see the fan page this is the fan page as you can see K to Zone all right this is the fan page on Facebook and if you remember I don't know if you saw it but on Facebook on the meta the Facebook ads Library we actually found the same ads here Kido Zone and K zone right but on metal we didn't find this healthy lifestyle daily uh at least I didn't see this page so let me try to research nope I don't see this uh fan page right here so as you can see the actual tool gives us some more flexibilities and actually this ad has been running for more than a month or less than a month 25 days so what I want to do for example let's see this ad is not bad at all let's click add info all right and now we can read the actual ad and some info about the ad now this is an ad that's worth recreating we can see first the fan page is called healthy lifestyle daily the ad has been running for 25 days we actually have the fan page on Facebook that is actually promoting this offer we have the entire copyright or the entire ad creative here this is a t text that we can use or rephrase we can literally rephrase this and what I use is I use AI I actually copy the entire text I paste it into my ai2 and I tell my two hey rephrase this text or recreate this text or rewrite this text and this copy and then what I have for example this is a video ad we can see uh right here I I can play this video ad so all of our I'm going to mute it so basically we can see what the video is all about and we can recreate this again with either AI or canva I use canva or CH GPT and other tools to recreate these videos you can use free tools but nowadays it's very easy to recreate these video or you can if you have a coffee machine as you can see right here you can literally take your own phone and record a video like this one just your own coffee machine and then put text on top of it as you can see there is a text on top of the video and um you just recreate what works now I'm not saying you have to steal from other people don't steal other people's work because it's not cool and on top of that you can get flaged on ClickBank because the vendor um or the Affiliates other Affiliates like myself if I see that you literally copying my own stuff I'm going to um send a c and thec letter to ClickBank or I'm going to uh submit a copyright strike on ClickBank and and they're going to take you down so be fair only take this as a reference and create your own type of art don't use mine don't use other people's art you just take this only as a reference okay so after you have found a nice ad 25 days of running this ad the entire ad copy you have the ad video you can recreate this with ch GPT with canva whatever might be then the final step is to see the actual lender meaning where this page is sending people to and you can do that by clicking this button right here visit the lender so I'm going to click this button and boom We redirected to this simple landing page with a headline a bunch of images here at the bottom uh more text and by the end of we have a button and this button it redirects to a vssl from uh ClickBank so I can click watch now and boom there we go so it redirects to a vsl now let's go back and what we need to do is recreate this landing page and I use um this is a drag and drop page builder tool you can use either for free I'm going to put links down in the description uh to all of these tools again uh these are my affiliate links if you want to use them I would appreciate that if you don't want to use them that's fine again it's up to you so you recreate this very same page as well I use chat GPT to create everything I literally copy and paste the entire text inside chat GPT and tell the chat to you know spin the text around uh I use the paid version of chat GPD but you should be fine to with the free one as well the paid version is about I believe $10 a month which is not at all at all so it's well worth it to have an ai2 to spin the text for you and finally you create Facebook ad you go to the Facebook ads manager you set up an ad campaign and the ad campaign should Target weight loss or you can create a Facebook ad campaign with completely broad audience meaning you're going to leave the Facebook algorithm to predict which is the best audience for you and how does Facebook do that it's very simple nowadays 2024 with all this AI technology Facebook Tik Tok Instagram and all the other social networks such as YouTube as well they can predict which people are going to be best fit for your offer for what you're promoting based on the video and the keywords you have provided on your landing page and on your ad so Facebook will take your ad uh Facebook will read your ad Facebook algorithm will read your ad and then the Facebook's algo will watch your video and then the Facebook algo will go on your landing page read the landing page and then then will make assumption which 99.99% of the cases are very accurate so Facebook will absolutely know that you're trying to find people who want to lose weight because this is a weight loss offer and Facebook will find people who are currently looking for weight loss programs fitness equipment um nutrition dieting Etc or people who want to get fit for the summer because Summer is around the Cor people want to get in shape so Facebook will try to promote this offer to as many people as possible who are interested in that type of uh Niche or category I have another separate video on the entire process how you create Facebook ads just go on my channel Ross MV and just type in the search bar Facebook ads you're going to find maybe two three videos uh me setting up ads they're long videos they're like 20 30 minute videos so uh just watch the videos there another thing is you repeat the process with other offers but I think you see the light here you found something that is working you created it and the chances are that you're going to be successful and you're going to start making money probably are 95% more than everyone else because everyone else starts from scratch they're wondering which offer is working which is not what landing page to recreate what ads to create and there you have it you have everything for free in front of you you have running ads you have landing pages you have everything laid out for you and the only thing you need to do is action you have to execute and if you don't like this offer that's fine you go to the dashboard okay and then you go to other offers for example we have uh Java burn we have sugar Defender this is again into Health Niche but not weight loss this is in diabetes so I'm actually going to copy this let's see sugar Defender copy the search or the keyword go go to ClickBank and in here we're going to paste this term and let's see the offer sugar Defender there you go new affiliate contest it pays us $134 per conversion pretty good offer and so the process is similar you find this offer you study the offer you go to the ads you view all the ads you go to the pages the fan pages you view all the pages the fan pages then you find the landing pages you find ads that are currently running and have been running for more than seven days and you just recreate it use AI literally you can set up everything in one day and you can start seeing results within the very same day or maybe the next day because once you set up ads Facebook will take some time so probably 24hour work around but that's it that's the process use AI nowadays you don't have to hire any uh creative designers you don't have to hire people to help you with landing pages you simply can do everything yourself drag and do drop Builders using clickfunnel system IO uh use canva use CH GPT that's it guys you have it I mean this is as easier as it gets I cannot make it easier for you or more easy uh the only thing you need is action start setting up everything right now just execute something that's it and by the way if you want to learn how to become a student of mine I'm going to put a link down in the description below uh it's going to lead to a training a course where not only me but my business partner Mark that you saw in the beginning he's a coach in this community and our um like a course Community because we have uh step-by-step courses where we teach people how to go from zero to a couple of thousands of dollars a month and then we have uh weekly or bi-weekly calls with him we do support and we do all that fany stuff but yeah if you want to check it out links are going to be down in the description below like the video if you like the information I would appreciate it if you don't like the information let me know in the comments why you don't like it and also let me know in the comments below if you're just getting started and also if you're just getting started on ClickBank and affiliate marketing please type one in the comments below and if you are skilled affiliate and you're not a beginner please type two I want to see how many people how many beginners we have on this channel and how many Advanced Affiliates so I can te the videos um like more to each of these groups or or like I can do separate videos for beginners and advanced users so yeah if you can do that that's going to be awesome other than that watch this video right here where I explain how to do another ClickBank underground method and entire setup

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