Ultimate ClickBank Guide – How To Make BIG Money As A BEGINNER

so over the next few minutes I'm going to show you how you can make over $200 per day in affiliate commissions with ClickBank or any other affiliate Network because I'm going to combine more than a decade of my own affiliate marketing and digital marketing experience in this three easy steps video tutorial so you can implement it right away and start making money as soon as to day this video tutorial is going to be perfect for people who are just starting out but also for people who are already making money so you can increase and even double yourone Mone now I have to warn you here the method I'm about to show you is very effective and I've been using this method for many many years and this method is still making me money up until this day you can see in the last 31 days here we've made $113,000 but I have to warn you this method require time it's not going to happen overnight if you want to make quick money fast money I'm sorry that I have to spoil it for you these type of methods are non-existent yes you can make few books by completing online surveys or watching YouTube videos you can make $2 $33 a day if that's what you want to do go ahead but if you want to make serious money we're talking about $2 $300 and even more per day as a residual income and change your life this is what you should do all right so we are at the clickbank.com Marketplace and if you're new to affiliate marketing ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace where you can find other people's offers or products once you promote this link people click your link they purchase the product and you make money and like I said in the beginning I'm going to show you three simple steps you can Implement right away to start earning money the first step is to find an offer or product to promote second step is to create a simple value page which I'm going to show you how you do it without any technical skills and the third step is to bring eyeballs to this value page so people can click your affiliate links purchase the product and you make money so for today's example we're going to be using ClickBank but like I said I'm going to show you actually another type of offer which is called private offer where you can grab private offers and make even more money but here on ClickBank I have selected a category into the internet marketing and business industry or Niche and I have selected affiliate marketing now we're going to see offers here related to affiliate marketing some of these offer offers paid $37 $200 $300 $800 $150 now select your offers wisely search the offer before you start promoting it click the title for example I see this offer $37 it has a gravity score over 100 points which is pretty good which if it's above 20 30 points of gravity means the product is performing you can click this title open on a new TP let's see how it looks like okay so this is an offer that tells people make 20 25 to 50 bucks per hour to write reviews I'm not quite sure about this software it doesn't look quite right for me so like I said keep in mind that they might have some scammy offers on ClickBank so filter out all the offers do your due diligence do a lot of research we're going to leave the offer selection for now we're going to jump on the point or step number two which is the value page because this is the most important part and then we're going to come back to the actual offer so for the value page I'm going to show you a pretty cool example which is my own personal page so this is my own website Ros m.com as you can see personal website I don't have any menus any fancy stuff what I do have is picture of myself my name and here down below I have the free value basically an ebook that I provide to the visitors of this website for free people can download it for free now I'm going to show you how you can make this website and actually create the book in under 10 minutes literally in under 10 minutes you can create all of that you don't have to be a website developer or even a book writer to come up with all of these things I'm using clicker.com it's a free website builder I'm using the paid version because it gives me some more options but once you sign up you can sign up with your email for free you go to your menu right here where it says funnels you click create a new funnel right here give your funnel a name so I'm going to say test book one and here funel type we have to select build uh collect leads and build your email list this is the type of funnel we want so hit create and we can use ready to go templates like this one as you can see we already have a book selected and a form opting form I just click select and boom with a couple of clicks we already have a website that is ready to collect leads and to provide this free ebook to our readers so I'm going to click this is my domain name now copy to click board I can open a new tab paste my domain name and boom there we go simple landing page website now of course you have to change this book with your own book I'm going to show you how it's done you go back to click arrow you click edit page content and here you can literally double click this image and here you can drag and drop your own files you can L you can just simply drag and drop a file or image of your book cover talking about a book cover how you come up with this book now this book I have written this book myself in under one day but you don't even have to do that you can use a website called idplr.com This is a royalty free website you can download royalty free files such as ebooks PDFs video materials Etc I can type Marketing in the search bar and I can click search and the website will give me a lot of results as we can see books and video materials and uh actually a whole bunch of stuff about marketing affiliate marketing so the site hustle blueprint you can use this book and you already even have the the cover you don't have to create you don't need to be a designer to create this cover you can literally click this book the site has a blueprint put it on your website so every time people land on your website and you provide them something for free of course make sure that this is legit eBook download it yourself so I can download this book Let's click download so I'm right here let's download it on my computer and let's see how it looks like let's open it and we're ready to go it's a zip file let's see boom boom and here's the ebook there we go this is the ebook let's open it very well looking I mean very goodlooking cover uh now again table of content a bunch of pages look at this very nice well put together book of course I didn't read it but read your books so you make sure you're providing value okay so this is the book you just upad this to clicker.com and there you go in a bunch of clicks you already have a website and a free gift or free value for your visitors now let me actually go through the process that I have here people land on this page okay and I'm going to show you how to drive people to land on this page basically how to bring traffic to this type of landing pages they come here and for those of you who are new I've been an affiliate marketer myself for more than a decade like I said in the beginning of this video tutorial so what I provide my readers my people is free ebook that is dedicated to ClickBank marketing and how to make money on ClickBank this is basically a guide to make people get to know me and to make people find for themselves that someone who knows what I'm doing so let's download the book so I can show you the entire process now here I have set my email and here it begins the Journey of you making the sale making these sweet money with affiliate marketing once people insert their emails they click free download once they click free download guess what they're going to be redirected to a thank you page which says congratulations for your download now there are three steps you have to do the first step that I tell them is to check your email inbox this is where you're going to receive your ebook the second step is to join my free community which is my free Facebook group where people from all kinds of affiliate and digital marketing Spectrum hang out and talk with each other and share knowledge and the third thing you can see here is check the video training basically I have a video training dedicated to this ebook now in my case when I click this button I open this link it redirects to my actual video training called commission jump start commission jump start is my course where I train people how to make money on ClickBank this is for private clients only so people once visit this page they can click yes I want to make money and they can purchase the commission gym start video course where they can hang out with me as well they can ask me questions and some of my students are making thousands of dollars daily not monthly daily with this training in this case you have to put your affiliate link from ClickBank in here how do you do that you go back to ClickBank and like I said we look for an offer that pays at least a 100 bucks because we don't want to bother with less than $100 so we have bunch of offers some of them are paying $800 but what I recommend is stay in this range 100 to 200 bucks for example my online startup private partner program I haven't checked this offer but I'm just for the sake of this video I'm going to show you how to promote it you click this promote button you click generate hop link and boom this is your unique AFF link you copy this link and you insert this link in the button of your thank you page right here so once people download the book this is the thank you page telling them hey congratulations for you downloading the book click more click here and they're going to be redirected to the affiliate offer from ClickBank now another thing you can do is to sign up for private affiliate offers like I told you in the beginning and private affiliate offers are offers from influencers or public figures like myself so basic basically you can go to commission jump start go back here and you can sign up to be an affiliate for my own course by clicking this button down here below which says Affiliates you sign up once you click it become an affiliate and here I'm telling you you can earn 150 bucks per conversion every time someone signs UPS you make 150 bucks now you're not obligated to do it I'm just showing you that this is an option if you want to because I really take care of all of my students I really look up to them I talk with them on a daily basis with share emails we share campaigns and pretty soon actually I'm going to have a community with other trainers with other high skilled Affiliates and I'm going to invite all of my students in this group but now let me show you another trick so we've seen the offers we collect an offer we create a simple landing page where we prompt people to download an ebook they download this ebook and let's see how the actual ebook looks like so there we go this is the email you receive in your Gmail from Ross minv this is from of course my own website your free ebook is here I click that link and here's the email this is how it looks like here I have the title click here to download your free ebook and it's hosted on Google Drive as you can see drive.google.com and here's the book ClickBank Gold Mine Ros Mev and I've put some time to create this book this is basically a blueprint or a guide to make people get to know what I'm about how ClickBank Works Etc so we have all of these chapters chapter one we have screenshots where people have to click the signup forms we have how to rank we have gravity scores we have a lot of things in this like I said I've created this book in one day but it took me years to actually get the knowledge for this book all right here we have how to build landing pages etc etc etc so it's a pretty handy guide for people who want to make money with ClickBank now what I have here by the bottom of this page is something very interesting so I have Facebook Facebook ads I'm training people how to use Facebook ads but by the very bottom of this this ebook and as you can see this ebook is not that long it's 20 Pages guide but it's very handy what I have here is another button and this button prompts people to where click here to commission gym Stu now I'm not trying to push them to buy a product of course I'm selling it it's a paid program but before I try to sell people with this paid program I'm giving them a lot of value I'm actually giving them 80 90% of the entire knowledge upfront so by the end of this ebook people already know okay Ross is legit or they know okay Ross is not legit so they can make their own mind in clicking this button to sign up for the actual video course and the video course is nothing compared to the ebook actually the video course I have let me show you what I have actually this is the membership of the video course that people will see when they sign up and you can see I have about 16 modules each of these 16 modules have four five six videos each of these videos are 30 to 40 minute long videos so I have hours and hours of training so I have first module fundamentals then we have what kind of offers you should promote then we have spying on your competitors basically don't start from scratch spy on something that is already working on other Affiliates and just copy what they have and improve it and make even more more money then we have spying with pay tools we have spying with free tools we have high converting landing pages legal Pages quiz Pages we have hosting and domains how to create a free logo for your landing page business manager and fan pages fan pages hacks here I have some pretty cool insights how you can um hack the system hack Facebook and triple your conversions pixel tracking targeting etc etc so it's a very robust training and so the final step here is to start driving traffic to this landing page right you have selected an offer you have created this landing page you have found an ebook to promote you have set up everything with a bunch of clicks as you saw you don't have to be any technical gig now the final step is bring traffic to this landing page and to do that there are many many ways you can do Facebook ads you can do Tik Tok you can do Tik Tok ads YouTube shorts but one of the neglected ways people think it's so difficult is Instagram pages and people think it's difficult but it's not because it just takes time and this is what I told you in the beginning for example this landing page or this fa uh Instagram page has 1.5 million followers and as you can see they post just pictures of famous actors and public figures Cristiano Ronaldo Elan musk and they have quotes that's it a post with a quote on this we live in a world here working 50 years for blah blah blah now this has 1.5 5 million followers another page it's called official mindset Hub 64,000 followers we have another one money wealth and motivation with 82,000 followers again you don't have to even create the content yourself this is content with Dana White Mike Tyson what we have Sylvester Stone Etc all of these Pages what do they have in their bio a link when you click this link guess what I'm worked okay so it's not this page page as you can see this is the link and when people click this link they're redirected to a simple landing page that I showed you of course this one looks way uglier and they have a button here they don't provide anything for free they don't provide any value up front they just tell you hey buy this buy this okay they even require your email what do they have here send me Dave's Digi hacker cheat cheet 100% free so I guess this is going to be something similar like an ebook or PDF when you click this button boom you're required to leave your pH name and email in order for them to send you this free guide okay so kind of the same strategy that I'm showing you here and I want to show you something very very cool here final page this page fa uh Instagram page has 851 th000 followers almost a million people and what do they have this page wide background with text on it look all of these posts that's it text on a white background how simple is that now let me know in the comments below would you be able to write some text on white background in order to generate that kind of followers this is not going to happen overnight all right you're going to spend time to post every single day on your Instagram page and in fact I have grown following even on YouTube here I have 100 more than 130,000 people following me thank you so much by the way subscribe to the channel if you're new hit the like button if you like this video so far far but it took me more than a year to reach 50,000 subscribers on my own YouTube channel so prepare yourself for Success don't prepare yourself for quick money that they don't even exist Quick Cash Quick money forget all of that prepare yourself devot time and start setting up everything and wait be patient but be persistent in the same time okay and something very important here you don't even have to create these post yourself what you can do is you can tell chat GPT to write you a motivational quotes for Instagram Instagram profile or Instagram posts and I can even tell JP write me 10 write me 10 motivational quotes for Instagram posts about money and wealth boom hit enter there we go dream big work hard and let your success make the noise money magnet see simple like this one this one is work hard until Dior is like Shen to you so as you can see SAR let's see this one love is a feeling not a decision there we go there we go you have everything earn money earning money is great but making it work for you is the key to Financial Freedom there we go you can even spice it up a little bit I can actually tell CH GPT to make them make them make them funny make them funny and engaging hit enter look at this now my daily exercise routine includes running late for meetings it's the only car you my bank account gets this is cool this one let's see what it they say money can't buy happiness but it can buy ice cream and that's basically the same thing so with a bunch of clicks let's recap what we've just did these are funny by the way with a bunch of clicks we've created a simple landing page we found a product or a free offer to promote to our readers then we use ClickBank to find free offers or we use private offer owners like commission gem start to insert into your ebook and insert on your thank you page then you grab this link that you have with your landing page value page and you put it in your Instagram bio right here this page doesn't have it they lose money by not having a link here all of the other Pages they do have oh this one is also doesn't have any link but maybe they do some sh outs this one does have a link and finally we've seen how we can create these simple quotes with chat GPT and that's about it but as you saw I've been using this method for many many years this is my website with this ebook it's been here for a couple of years now of course I would update the book after a couple of months or after a year if I see a drastic change so I'll just put new stuff in the book Etc but that's about it that's how you make affiliate marketing work for you in the long term and by the way here is a bonus for you once you start collecting these emails all right you're building your email list once you start building your email list start sending free value to your email list and here and there you can sprinkle it with affiliate offers or just one offer for example to my email list I provide more free value and here and there I would remind my my readers hey by the way I have this course commission jyp start which is going to help you to make a lot more money and if it doesn't I'll get your money back within 30 days and on top of that by the way here is a pretty strong guarantee and this is how strong I believe in my own program people will not only get a full refund in the next 30 days this is in my statement but I will also PayPal them 800 bucks for their wasted time this is how strong I believe in my own trainings this is how strong strong I believe in my coaching in my own teachings so if you decide to promote commission JY start you know you're promoting a pretty legitimate offer so look for strong refund guarantees once you're picking when you're picking an offer whether from ClickBank or a private offer owner so guys that's about it it's not a rocket science but it takes time devote the time be patient and trust me I believe that sooner or later you're going to start generating decent amount of money every single month and hopefully you can write me a comment here or on another video or send me an email that you have succeeded that will mean the world to me so please come back to this video after a couple of months or a couple of days once you're setting up the system and let me know how it goes keep me posted keep other people post it how it goes with your journey what do you have set it up you can even leave your uh URL to your landing page under this video so we can check it out and critique it so the next step is to start setting up this system and if you're still not sure what to do you can watch this video right here right here where I explain you step by step on how to set up everything Click by click on ClickBank all right I'll see you there

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