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people were making two three hundred dollars per day online passively without any experience and without any technical knowledge and the question is how you can do the same well in today's video I'm going to share with you an underground strategy that is very easy to implement that will allow you to literally start making money by the end of this video we're talking about ClickBank and affiliate marketing with a combination of YouTube and no you don't have to be a YouTuber you don't have to create videos yourself in fact we're going to be using three AI software that will generate the entire video for you with one click and I'm gonna show you live examples on how that system works which is pretty amazing now I have to warn you the time to act is right now because once I release this video on YouTube a lot of people will see it and a lot of people will start implementing this system respectively will float the market and respectively the competition is going to grow so the time to act is right now let me share my screen I'm gonna show you how it works works again you don't need any experience you don't need any technical knowledge if you want to make money today with ClickBank or YouTube or both I'm actually going to show you how to Dow and triple your money with one of these platforms I can guarantee that this video will shake your world and will turn your life to 180 degrees so let's Jump Right In if you've been following my channel for quite some time you would know that in recent years I've been generating a lot of money on ClickBank we're talking about hundreds and even thousands of dollars in affiliate commission so what I'm showing you here is something that is has been proven and tested to implement this strategy of course need a ClickBank account so go to clickbank.com and sign up for an account once you sign up this is what you're going to see let's leave it as it is now let's jump to YouTube because like I said you would need to create a simple YouTube channel again you don't have to upload any videos yourself I mean you don't have to be the video editor or the YouTuber but let me show you how the system works here we have a video on YouTube and this video is about about five powerful intermittent fasting tips for diabetes this video has gotten 26 000 views which is pretty good and as we can see if I play the video it's the actually slideshow of some stock footage or images with a voice over on it or manage your diabetes okay intermittent all right so this is the video and if I see the links down here in the description of this YouTube video I click this link open a new tab what we can see is sales page this sales page is going to pursue people to buy a product when they scroll down to the very bottom they're going to be welcomed with a buy now button I guess okay wait your discount Boom by now I click this button and guess what guys we redirected to a ClickBank sales page as we can see this is a ClickBank checkout page so now what we can do I'm basically debunking the entire process I'm revealing to you an affiliate process from ClickBank and probably I can get in trouble some of these Affiliates might reach out to me and be like hey man why are you showing our stuff but we're in an economy of sharing we believe in God so why not I'm sharing everything with you so I copied this domain name I go back to ClickBank and in the search bar I'm going to paste this domain name just like it is diabetesmarts I'm gonna hit search and boom we have one result and this one result is the actual offer from ClickBank which payses 70 bucks per conversion which is pretty pretty good chunk of money and now if I click this title open on a new tab I want to make sure that we are talking about the same website okay it's the same domain name but has written statement here this is another sales page or another landing page so if I go to the URL and delete written and hit enter boom We redirected to the same website so it's the same offer now what we've done so far we've saw a simple video that I'm gonna show how you can make the very same video with one click literally one click this video generates views these views are clicking these affiliate links down in the description below these people already directed to this product once they buy the product you're getting paid 70 bucks and imagine you just need one or even two sales a day two sales a day is going to make you 140 dollars I think this is pretty significant and good amount of money for you not spending any money because YouTube traffic is free you don't have to spend any money on marketing or ads you just have to create your YouTube channel and upload some videos now the question is how do you create professional videos like this one because in reality what you need you need a professional software to edit the videos to create a video you need cameras you need stock footage you also need a copywriter that is going to write the script and then you need a voice over someone who is going to talk over the video reading your script and the script should be professionally written by a person that his intentions are going to be to sell a product well everything is going to be solved by AI with just one click literally I'm not exaggerating this is so powerful you're going to see in just a second but before that let me show you another Channel this is called signed health and this is similar channel to the one I showed you and this channel is also showing some video presentations so if I go to videos right here we can see videos with stock footages someone is working on a computer some stock footages of chiropractor I guess and here even we have like a presentation this is just like show with PowerPoint or something like that so now if I have to recap before we start with the setup because I'm going to show you step by step how you can replicate the entire system what you need to remember is first you need simple videos which we're going to uh create right now in just a second so secondly you need to start uploading these videos to YouTube you need to create a YouTube channel but you don't have to show your face again you're going to see how this is done then you need to share your affiliate links in the descriptions of these videos and finally you need to be patient because this is not a get rich quick scheme this is not going to make you rich overnight it's going to take time I'm completely transparent with you I'm completely honest with you it's going to take time for the YouTube algorithm to pick up your videos you have to upload a bunch of videos before you start seeing results this is with any YouTube channel not on yours not mine but any YouTube channel that starts is going to take time to implement so now let's create the video we're going to be using a free software in video.io this is the video software that is going to create the videos for you I'm using the paid version because gives me a little bit of flexibilities you're going to see why and how I use the paid version and I highly recommend you use the paid one because it's gonna give you some more options which I'm going to show you right now so click sign up I'm going foreign because I already have an account in in video and by the way I'm gonna show you how to double and triple your money by the end of this video so stick to the end I'm gonna show you pretty cool and awesome way so from here from in video.io I'm going to click AI text to video okay let's click that and I'm going to choose the template uh this one or actually I'm gonna use this one looks good with this lady running so I'm going to click this template and I'm gonna click use template so here is the first part that is very important here it says ask AI to write you a script now the first part I told you that you need a scriptwriter professional scriptwriter to write you the script for the video we already eliminated it with in video because the AI is going to actually act as a professional copywriter so second step is to pick a topic for your Channel or for your videos now in this case hold on this one we have diabetes but you're not limited to just diabetes you can go with Fitness finances marketing home and Home Improvement gardening Etc there's so many niches and we can go to ClickBank right here we can see all of these niches here at the top new offers health and fitness marketing and business spirituality alternative beliefs self-help home and gardening cooking wine green products investing etc etc and you have even more categories here on the left side but if you want to copy this Niche you're free to do so you already know the offer this is the actual offer I'm showing to you it pays you 70 bucks so if you want to do that go for it but my assumption is that a lot of people will watch this video on YouTube and a lot of people will set up diabetes offers so it might be a bit difficult for you to rank or you're going to have a lot of competition so my recommendations is just pick another Niche anyways in this video we're going to uh create videos about fasting tips for diabetics and I'm I can come up with a different type of video title I can say hey give me five foods to cure diabetes or I can open this channel their channel on a new tab right here I can read other video titles and try to replicate one of them or improve them or create a better one so I can see Top foods you should never eat again the seven most important macro and micronutrients for diabetics 5 amazing blue foods that lower blood sugar so let's go with something very general I'm gonna come over to in video I'm gonna click ask AI to write you a script I'm gonna tell the two act as a professional copywriter and write me a script about five foods you need to avoid in order to manage diabetes let's say like that diabetes and then I'm gonna fix my spelling here because I saw we have professional copywriter and write a script about five foods you need to avoid in order to manage diabetes so click generate and by the end I'm gonna say make I'm gonna put comma make it at least 500 Words click generate boom and just like that we have our video script with at least 500 Words 500 Words is going to make a pretty good uh length of a video so we can even read the script in the beginning are you struggling to manage your diabetes today I will share with you five foods that you need to avoid number one sugar sweetened beverages it's pretty awesome script and actually is going to help people now the next step after you have this script is to check these boxes here at the bottom that say I stock and premium this is going to give your video an advantage it's gonna give your video stock footage and premium footage so I'm going to click this and that and finally I'm gonna click generate scene and with this one click I just did guys your video is going to be created that's why I told you in the beginning that you can create a video with just one click and boom I just clicked it now the two is matching video scenes with the text with the video script that we have it's pretty powerful basically it's going to pick up words and sentences and it's going to find footage to match what is said inside the script it's pretty awesome there you go we can see some thumbnails for the videos and just like that we have these scenes as we can see some guy here or I don't know it's a person they're calculating or measure their blood sugar levels if I play this video right like that it's a bit loud there's some animations here some bread some as you can see pretty good now of course you can change the scenes by going to on the left side you can click videos here and you can see a vast amount of a library I mean the library is full with video stock footage and even images you can drag and drop images I'm not gonna go into details on how to do that I'm gonna post another video down in the description below if you want to see how it's done but now the final step you need to do is as we remember from this video let me just skip the ad so as we remember from this video there was a voiceover okay voice over on this video we're muscle cells okay so either you can have a voiceover or you can be the voiceover or you can go to in video click voiceover here at the bottom click this icon and now click automated text to speech and here on the left side we can pick generated AI that is going to be your voiceover so let's pick a voice instead of John let's see Sophie hello Nathan hello hope you are having a great time hello hope you are having what about Maxwell hello hope you're having a great yeah I like Maxwell and now I'm simply going to click generate voiceover click add automated vo for all scenes click add by the way if you like the information so far in this video I would highly appreciate if you click the like button and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one and boom let's see what we've done I'm gonna play the video he's struggling to manage your diabetes today I'll share with you five foods that you need to avoid there we go video with professional voiceover with a professionally written script and by the way for the script make sure you read the script and make sure the script makes sense okay if you need to change or edit it do it make sure you provide a lot of value so we have the video and this is it I mean you literally created a video for like a couple of minutes and you can upload this video to YouTube so my recommendations are start uploading as many videos as you can and trust me once you see your first subscriber once you see the first view you're going to flip this is what happened with me back in the day when I started YouTube I was skeptical at first but I wanted to show what I'm doing with my business I wanted to show it to my clients and actually I created a video for my clients and I uploaded it to YouTube because it was easier for me to share the video with them so I shared the video with them they watched it I had like two three views but after that I left the video on YouTube because you you know I forgot about it and a couple of weeks passed and I walking into my YouTube and I see a bunch of comments from not my clients from other people people on YouTube and I'm like what so people really watch videos on YouTube I mean my videos they were pretty crappy videos to be honest I mean they were like PowerPoint presentations and that's it so don't limit yourself don't believe you're not good enough don't believe your uh your skills are not good enough everything is good enough just start doing something action is the most important act now act today so once you have this video you go and create a channel and start uploading this video with your affiliate links inside YouTube but now how do you double and even triple your money now we already talked about you can make 70 bucks per conversion And if every day are making like one sale or let's say a month let's say you have 10 sales a month you're going to be making 700 bucks a month which is again pretty awesome for not doing anything right I mean literally it doesn't cost you any think about time and you saw it takes just a couple of minutes to create the videos you do that through YouTube monetization program and how this is done YouTube basically pays you money for views if people are watching your videos YouTube will pay you a lot of money and that's actually a good thing because if people are watching your videos that means YouTube first will pay you a lot of money and secondly you're going to make a lot more money on ClickBank so let me show you an example I'm here at this YouTube channel called I showed you this in the beginning sign health and this channel if I go to a website called socialblade.com socialblade.com is a analytical company basically it's YouTube statistics for people and we can see I've typed signed held here we can see all statistics about this YouTube channel and what we can see is that this channel makes this is a roughly estimate from 66 to a thousand dollars a month purely from the YouTube ad Revenue this is very very very skeptical number I mean usually people or your channels in the health Niche are making a lot more than a thousand dollars a month channels in the health Niche are making from a thousand to five and even six thousand dollars a month so not only you're going to be making money with ClickBank but you also are going to make money as a YouTuber without you showing your face but think about it even if it's one thousand dollars a month purely from YouTube this is these are free money YouTube pays you free for just supporting videos that you created within video with a couple of clicks or one click I mean it's a good deal I think free money for doing nothing so something you have to remember this is very important the monetization program on YouTube they pay you based on a CPM CPM stands for cost per mile one mile is a thousand views so basically YouTube determines how much money to pay you per one mile or per a thousand views and this varies a lot it varies from a couple of dollars one to three dollars to 50 60 and even 70 dollars this is based on your Niche different niches pay differently for example a niche about uh with pranks and jokes will not have that much or big CPM because advertisers will not be willing to pay money to show their ads on Channels with dummy Joe's whereas if you have a healthy Channel or channel for Fitness or Finance or real estate Banks and lawyers and real estate agencies will be willing to pay big money to show their ads on your channels and like doctors dentists hospitals will be willing to pay a lot of money to show ads on channels related to health and fitness so what you should do next well now pause the video or watch it a couple of more times and now is the time to start implementing what you just learned or if you want help from me if you want me to show your hand or show you step by step everything how you need to do or how the entire setup click the first link in the description where it's going to lead you to my private VIP training and this is going to be the place where I'm going to hold your hand you can ask me questions you can send me emails and I can talk with you if you don't want to do that you can go on your own completely free I'm not pushing you to sign up for anything you already have the system you already have the entire blueprint just pause the video and start doing it act now act now because if you don't act someone else will act and will outperform you it will take your money so instead of you letting someone else taking the money you take the money guys I hope you enjoyed this video all the links for all the resources are going to be down in the description below so make sure you check that out leave me a comment let me know what you think about this system let me know if you think it was easy or not easy or let me know what next you want to see on my YouTube channel and I will see you in my next video cheers

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