Underground Method on ClickBank

I'm going to show you an underground method on ClickBank as an affiliate I am looking for a trend that I can be used every single month and every single year I am looking at gardening the ClickBank offer Local Harvest organic gardening course we are literally going to get paid 67 dollars when someone decides to do some gardening click this offer open it on a new tab this is how it looks like we're going to use another free tool called clickera.com as you can see the first template here is a book so we're going to click select so we can edit the content of the page take a screenshot like that let's go back to our editor from clickeron at Boya click this button action I'm going to click it drag it down below this video I'm gonna click open URL we're gonna go back to ClickBank and now I'm gonna click promote so click create hop link go back to click error and insert your link in where it says redirect to when I click this button right here we are redirected to the affiliate offer from ClickBank

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