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so recently you've been researching ClickBank and affiliate marketing and you're wondering which strategy is the best strategy to make money today I'm going to show you an underground method that I use and I have not shown this to anyone else this is going to be the first time I'm showing it to the public this method will allow you to generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars for free on demand and I'm actually gonna show you live examples of people just like you who implemented this method and generates more than sixty thousand dollars but quick disclaimer here you have to act as soon as possible because once I release this video to the public if you watch this video on YouTube the people who are going to make the most amount of money are the people who are going to act first and this is because the more people watch this video the more people Implement these methods and strategies the more they will saturate the market so literally the people who are going to make the most amount of money are the first who are going to implement the system and I'm not trying to sell you anything here I'm not trying to save my courses I'm not trying to save any products this is a completely free video step by step that will teach you how to finally generate money on ClickBank and by the way by showing you this video I actually put my own affiliate campaigns and business at risk because I'm showing you exactly what I'm doing in my own business but I run everything at a scale I have employees that set up daily campaigns so I should be fine the only requirement I have for you is to once you start making money just comment below this video that you made money that makes my day and actually I feel so rewarded by seeing people making money and changing their lives let's go and start setting up the system I'm going to jump on my computer right here we have clickbank.com if you don't have an account here go to the right top Corner click Start here fill out the questionnaire and set up an account once you set up an account go to your dashboard and click the marketplace here at the top corner or the top menu and from here what you want what I want you to do is type in the search bar we're going to be using a very specific affiliate offer which is called smoothie so type smoothie hit enter not smooth digest smoothie once you hit enter scroll down and find the offer that says the smoothie diet 21 day rapid weight loss program this is a program for people who want to lose weight with smoothies and here you're going to be making 29 dollars every time someone signs up for this program which is a pretty good chunk of money and also this is recurring as you can see by this sign it says recurring so once you drive one cell every month people will be built for their subscription and every month you're going to be making money for free as well but that's not the beauty of this system which I'm about to show you so let's see how the offer looks like when you click promote this button and click generate hop link you're going to have your unique affiliate hop link that looks something like this highlight the cop link click copy open a new tab so you can see how the actual affiliate page looks like like paste this link here hit enter and boom this is how the landing page or the website of this vendor looks like they have a vsl or video sense letter and then this is how the page looks like they have before and after pictures people land on this page they watch the video presentation and then they buy the product which is losing uh weight with diets okay this is a very nice looking landing page let's leave it as it is but let me show you something more important go back to your ClickBank dashboard and now click the affiliate page right here this is a page dedicated just for you to help you make more money click this page scroll down and click this link that says get your affiliate tools here click that so actually right away from the bat we can see you can earn even a hundred dollars per sale depends on what people buy because this is a funnel they have upsells and down sales but what is most important here I want you to pay attention here scroll here with the red text what this says here Instagram page about smoothies a lot of sales are coming from Instagram right now post photos of smoothies and put the link in your bio to pre-sale page or Bridge page that links to a sales page Instagram does not allow your affiliate links blah blah so what basically these people say here is that Instagram is their biggest traffic source and it's been like that since 2020 as you can see what's working right now is Instagram page first then Facebook then something else then email them booked and YouTube the first traffic Source they have is Instagram and actually I'm gonna show you live examples remember this page this one so let me show you on Instagram an account that is a regular person just like you who created a page called smoothie guides or smoothie diet guide or whatever this person has 200 000 followers and this person also has a link in their bio guess what's gonna happen when I click this link so if I click this link boom we're gonna be redirected to a landing page like this one and I click this image and boom guess what I'm redirected to the actual sales page from ClickBank now this is a very very interesting system if I go back to the Smoothie guide Instagram page they have 228 000 followers if I pull up my calculator and let's say just one percent of this 200 000 followers have bought the smoothie diet just one percent let's calculate how much money these people have made so 220 000 followers times 0.01 this is 201 uh 2 200 people times the price of the offer which is 29 dollars so times 29 dollars this equals to 63 and 800 dollars just from one Instagram page sixty three thousand dollars guys for free without doing anything I mean of course you have to do the work to set up the page which I'm gonna show you how you do it and also you have to set up these posts but I'm gonna show how easy it is to set up multiple posts at once now if you're not getting pumped right now you're probably saying to yourself for telling yourself hey Ross but yeah this is just one guy who got lucky well it is not because here it is another Instagram page which is about again smoothie for diet which again has hundreds of thousands of followers and again it has link Insider description and guess what if I click this link I'm redirected to this pre-sale or Bridge page I click either of these links I click this one let's say and boom I'm redirected where to the same sales page from ClickBank so these people this page and this page are printing money and I know for a fact because I also have my own accounts that I call this Instagram automation basically I have multiple accounts I cannot show it to you because obviously you're gonna copy me nah but I'm showing you the strategy and I'm showing you other people's posts and pages and what is possible so now that you know that this is possible it's time to create your Instagram page and start posting and for this we're gonna be using two free softwares that you don't need to have any experience to use them you don't have to be a copywriter designer it's very very easy and you can set it up in one day you can actually set up the entire thing in right after you finish watching this video so what we need to do go on Instagram click more right here either click walk out if you're logged in and then set up a new brand new account call this brand new account something like smoothie diet or weight loss or weight loss recipes or something related to health and weight loss once you set up your account as we can see here these are the posts this person has just nice nicely not very nicely designed post but very informative best time to eat foods to eat when you are tired in the morning drink this um after every meal as you can see they're very kind of educational posts and the other Instagram account has kind of similar posts easy smoothie for weight loss as you can see here they have smoothie belly fat breakdown pretty easy posts to create and just for the record this is not going to happen overnight but if you're persistent and consistent in one month or two months you're going to start seeing traction and you're going to start seeing your results but just don't give up and as you can see this page has 2 000 posts so 2 000 posts like this one two three four two thousand it's a lot of posts but hey don't be scared because I'm gonna show you how you can upload hundreds of posts at once and you can schedule them and not worry about them so you create the post once you schedule them and you can schedule posts every day for the next six months so basically everything is going to be on autopilot so how do you do that let's go ahead and get started with setting up everything the first software that we're going to be using is called canva.com this is a free software that will allow us to create these posts what you need to do here go to canva.com or click the first link in the description or the second one it's my affiliate link I would appreciate it if you click it but if you don't anyways just go to canva send uh sign up a free account once you sign up click here at the top right corner where it says create a design and in the search box type Instagram post but make sure you select portrait instead of square because the portrait as you can see it takes more space and what we want to do we want to actually take more space on our screens and we want to take more space from on people's screens so click that and boom we have a blank canvas now what we want to do on the left side where it says search and let's type diet and as we can see we have a bunch of different templates we can use for dieting so the first one this one looks pretty good so let's click it and we can as you can see we have three templates we can use so we're gonna click the first one and boom it's already populated here for on our canvas we can change the text we can change the image of as you can see I can drag and drop it move it and position it whatever I want these are asparagus okay so how do you come up with ideas for these posts as you can see you don't have to be a designer we already have the first post how do you come up with ideas for these posts well we're going to use AI or chart GPT this is an artificial intelligence robot that will actually guide us or tell us what to write about so I'm going to ask the two here to write me write me 10 fruits that help or list me or write me 10 fruits that help with weight loss hit enter you're going to see now certainly apples blah blah blah berries okay grapefruit okay watermelon all right so as you can see it also has a description so I'm gonna hit stop because we already have like six apples berries grapefruit kiwi pears etc so we have apples apples are high in fiber and water content making you feel uh making you feel full and satisfied okay this is pretty good so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna just copy apples I'm gonna copy the entire text here all right I'm gonna go back to canva and instead of asparagus I'm gonna click elements here on the left side and in the search bar I'm gonna say I'm gonna say apples I'm gonna type apples like this as you can see we have an image of a nice apples I'm just going to click it boom and these apples are populated on our canvas Next Step click over the asparagus and hit delete on your keyboard and leave only the apples and here at the corner as you can see I can click and drag and make these apples look way bigger like this I can double click this title and instead of this text I'm gonna say apples boom uh whatever you don't like just click it hit delete click hit delete and delete everything you don't like but now best vegetables in Winter we're going to say best fruit s for weight loss for weight weight loss boom there we go yeah I have misspelled this and fruits of course there we go like that and now you can include a list of benefits how do you do that on the left side you click this icon that says text all right and in the text drag and drop this as you can see the small text right here or actually this one let's see if I drag and drop this somewhere here boom what we want to do now is go back to chatgpt and copy this sentence Apple sir high in fiber and water content making you feel full and satisfied so what we're gonna do we're going to just highlight high in fiber and water content making you feel full and satisfied boom copy that go back to canva highlight this subtitle and hit paste and boom you have your content so I'm gonna position this to the left like this alignment and I'm actually going to move this a little bit like this of course you can make it a lot more nicer for the eye and I'm going to make this white so click Text color here and I'm going to click maybe not white even this one let's see how it looks like oh this this one looks good so the next step is of course you can put like a capitalized letter so hi I'm going to put high in fiber and in water content in water content makes you making you feel full and satisfied I can say makes you makes you feel full and satisfied all right and of course you can add more points and how do you add more points if you don't know what the points are I am going to go back to chart GPT all right and I'm going to ask the two to list benefits of apples for weight loss so I'm gonna say okay now I have these fruits apples berries grapefruit Etc so I'm gonna start listing each one and their benefits this is important so I'm gonna type write me benefits of apples for weight loss see now I'm expanding the search so I can get even more ideas and more ideas about let's say apples so I can create more posts about apples I can create 10 15 20 posts about apples with different benefits so let's hit enter and let's see what the two is going to give me high in fiber rich in dietary fibers especially in the form of sobu fiber blah blah blah low in calories hydration and water slow digestion and blood sugar regulation is as you can see a lot of information are popping up is popping up right now from the charge GPT and once you have let's say these benefits I now have five but I want more I can always click regenerate response and the tool starts giving us more and more answers so let's hit regenerate and now we're gonna have even more benefits of apples okay so once you have that so you can list these benefits here and of course in the Instagram description so how do you continue well simply you simply you click this icon right here that says duplicate page boom and now you have the second post this is very very very easy job guys now what you need to do just change the text of the Apple let's say this time I'm going to say let's go back to charge GPT we're gonna say slow digestion the slow digestion and or nutrient-rich nutrient-rich apples I'm going to copy this go back here I'm gonna just paste nutrient Rich nutrient Rich go back to child GPT and I'm gonna say Apple's are packed with essential nutrients including vitamins such as vitamin C and minerals boom this sentence go back to canva I'm gonna paste it actually inside here a power packed with essential nutrients including vitamin C such as Vitamin C blah blah blah that's too long like this and we are good to go this is our second post okay second post now we want the third one what we do we click duplicate again and maybe this time you don't want to be that boring with the same post you can change it you can select this click on the site somewhere and change the background color so I'm going to change the background color by clicking this icon and I'm gonna make the background let's say yellow and for yellow or maybe blue I don't know blue and now instead of apples let's use um I don't know maybe oranges so I'm gonna say in elements here I'm going to type instead of apples I'm going to type oranges oranges like that and here we can see we have already oranges so I'm gonna just click this boom and we have the oranges here I'm gonna move this on the side hit apples hit delete and move the oranges like that and boom guys now we change the text to fit our oranges so we have apples oranges blueberries berries fruits anything that you um can come up to your mind and now finally what we want to do I'm going to duplicate this one more time and this time we can even use videos how to use videos so we kind of have different types of content so it's very engaging for our readers in Instagram because you have to keep in mind that you don't have to just post anything just post something that is engaging for our subscribers and readers so duplicate this one more time click on the left side where it says elements and instead of oh as you can see here that says OS I'm gonna just click videos boom and now what I'm gonna do I'm the first video here I'm just going to drag and drop this here on the canvas somewhere actually I'm going to delete this delete everything like that I'm gonna highlight everything delete it and then I'm gonna just drag and drop this onto the canvas and boom if I hit it boom it is a video guys it's that's the video and now I can always put some text on this video so let's say this one I'm gonna highlight this text from the post above I'm gonna hit Ctrl or command C to copy the text scroll down and paste the text here and boom we now have text here but with a video background which is amazing so now that you saw how easy it is to create these posts and again you have to create what I recommend is one day you spend one or two days creating multiple posts create 50 100 200 posts so once you create all these posts here you want to upload them onto Instagram of course you can do one by one one by one but it's going to take you a lot of time I've been doing this and my team I have been doing this for many months until we discovered the software that actually uploads everything for us and we don't have to do it manually this is absolutely optional but it's going to save you a lot of time the software we use is called loomly.com I'm not affiliated with the software I'm not getting paid to promote it what I'm saying here is that I'm using it and I think it's going to help you out because once you create this all of these posts here you download them on then you go to loomly.com and you upload these posts here so if I scroll down here on loomly.com you can see that loomly actually will allow you to schedule each post for each and every day so we have Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday you can schedule everything for every day in like six even a year ahead I told you that in the beginning of this video you can schedule all of your posts you can schedule hundreds and even thousands of posts and you don't even have to touch them ever again because they're gonna be on autopilot releasing or public the two will be making them public every single day and another beauty of this too is it has statistics so basically it will tell you which posts are performing better which days are performing better so you can actually make more from these posts that are performing better than others and stop creating posts let's say about blueberries let's say blueberries people don't like these posts about the blueberries so you can see this here which posts are getting more traction than others so you can discontinue creating posts about let's say blueberries if blueberries are not very likable from your community and final step is to just don't give up keep pushing and soon you're going to see some traction and again it's not going to happen overnight over two days three days it might take weeks and months but trust me if you're persistent if you upload every single day you're going to be very very successful now I show you this with the smoothie diet offer of course you're not only obligated to use smoothie diet of it you can go on ClickBank and you can select whatever offer you want you can just type diet or you can go to the categories and you can see what other categories you have here so I'm going to click category um I have to actually delete this search hit enter and by the way if you like the information so far in this video I would appreciate if you hit the like button of this video and also if you subscribe to the channel if you're new if you want to learn more about digital marketing and affiliate marketing tactics so when you go to the categories you can see green products health and fitness Home and Garden um politics self-help software you can create different Instagram Pages for different niches for example for software for health and fitness for business for real estate and you can find different offers are centered entertainment business real estate on ClickBank so you can have multiple sources of income multiple sources multiple Instagram pages that are bringing you money so I hope you guys enjoyed this video today now it's time to act let's not waste any more time turn off any other distractions and start setting this up and please please let me know in a month from after you watch this video what are your results let me know I would really really love to see your results a month after you a month after you're watching this video because this is actually going to be keeping you accountable if you know that you have to answer me in the comments with your results you'll be gonna be accountable so you're not going to procrastinate you're not going to give up you're going to be working towards these goals so keep me posted in the comments below hit the like button of the video and I'll see you in my next let's make some money now cheers

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