12 Cameras 📹 1 Stream – Revolutionize Your Live Sessions with RECngo lifetime deal!

What if I told you that you can stream
with up to 12 cameras at the same time? It's called RECngo, and right
now it's on a lifetime deal. It's only $49. So if you ask me, it's definitely a must get if you are streaming or you
are going to stream in the future. So what you're going to get is access
to a streaming studio for only 49 bucks. So right now I am pointing four
cameras at different scenes. And what's so cool about it is that I can switch between these scenes and show
you what I'm actually doing. There's different fade
in scenarios that I can change. I can switch cameras. Right now, for example, I am streaming from the Mac app,
which is streaming from my laptop. I also have my Android S 23,
which is pointing at my audio gear. I'm also streaming on the iPad
with a different angle.

Last but not least,
the iPhone that my wife is holding. It's super easy to switch between scenes. If you are doing podcasting, if you are displaying a product like I
would, for example, right there, I can show you on a live event
what I'm actually doing. Or if I plan to have someone controlling
the streaming deck, I can actually have them with a different
laptop and have them switch between cameras for me while I'm doing
a live or explaining a product. That's what makes it really interesting. Now, things that you can do with it. Well, you can add
animations and images here. For example, I have a PNG image
that's going to pop up here.

Now, this is really useful because you can add a lower third with your name,
with the product, with the title, etc. Just insert them right here. By doing this, I can add
a layer right there. In this case, I didn't add anything to it,
but I can do so by inserting items. I can add images, I can add a solid fill
like just a box, and some plain text. It's really useful to have that there
and it's super easy to do. Now I just click on it, it goes in. Click away, it goes away. Now, I have also seen changes. Right now, it's switching from left to right, but I can change it to,
for example, fade in. Look at that.
Looks interesting, right? This makes it more interactive. Or I can switch it from right to left, bottom to top, whatever you like, or just
no transition and just switch around.

Now, things that you can do. Well, you can stream
with this or you can record. It's up to you what you
want to do with it. If I want to stream,
I'll just click on this little gear icon and I have the options
for this particular project. I can do a horizontal video, vertical. The quality, I can go up to 10 ADP. I hope they add 4K in the future. External camera latency, 0.1 second. The target, in this case, YouTube,
Facebook has the details for the streaming link, but you can add the key which you
would add once you click on that. Or you can select custom for RTMP. That means that you can stream practically to anywhere that accepts that
server and streaming key. The local recording, I have it enabled in this case and remote
recording enabled if I want to. Once I start clicking on this little red
button, it's going to stream to wherever I set it up or just record
on my local computer. I can add a source really easily
by clicking on remote source. If there's a remote source that wants to join in here, I can click
on it and it'll jump in.

I can add an image and a video clip. If I want to show a video clip,
I just click on it here and it'll start. Basically, you set all this up before you actually stream or record
and you can click on it. Now, if you want to change from the sources
for the audio, you can do so here. Right now, this is the master volume on my Mac because I'm using this
as the streaming deck right now. I can select the other one if I want to record the audio from my Android
and switch away from the other one. That is possible. Now, if I want to use the streaming deck,
not on my laptop, if I want to use it on my Android,
on my iPhone, on my iPad, I can do so.

I can start from over there and have all these other cameras jump into the iPad
and control it from the iPad. Like I said,
if you have someone controlling the cameras,
you can have someone on the iPad and just control where they are going to sell it,
the stream, the camera for you. But there you go.
That is the Rek and Gold deal. Like I said, for $49, what you're
going to get is basically a steal. You get all the Pro plan updates
on that pricing that you're going to pay. You can stream up to 12 cameras. You get the macOS desktop app
used with iOS or Android devices. No watermarks on live streams
and you get all of this. I hope they add Windows soon because I know there's a lot of Windows users,
but right now the workaround would be using the Android if you
are not on an iOS system. But there you go. If you want to grab the deal,
link will be provided in the description. That's a wrap..

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