3CX Live Chat – One of the Best FREE Live Chat Plugins?

Let me show you one of the best free
live chats you can add to your site. It's called the 3CX. I'm actually amazed to tell you how much
they are providing on the free plan. That is incredible. Now you get 10 users, you get live chat,
you get meetings, you get calls to your phone, you get your phone app,
and all of this for free. Now, I think they are so confident with their product is that you're going
to love the free plan and when you are ready to escalate, you'll be happy
to pay the month to month pricing. Now, let me show you what
I'm talking about right now. The live chat that I'm
talking about is called 3CX. Before I show you how to implement it
on a WordPress site, let me show you really fast the free
plan because like I said, it's amazing. This is 3CX. If you want to check it out,
link will be provided in the description. Now, let me head on over to pricing.

As of this video, you're going
to get all of this on the free plan. So you're going to get
Next Gen Phone System, bring your own SIP trunk, WF X, I don't
know what that is, Remote Enable Teams. You get live chat, you get team messaging, you get WhatsApp integration,
you get video conferencing, holiday and business hours, routing,
3CX Talk links, mobile and desktop apps, ring group, Welcome message,
and max three desktops. Now, all this, plus you get up
to 10 users on the free plan. I mean, talk about it. That's one of the best free
plans I've seen for live chats. Now, when you're ready to jump into
the paid plan, you got these options. But I think most people would be perfectly fine with the free plan without
even jumping into a paid plan. Like I said, I think they are
confident on their product. Now, let me show you my live
chat that I've installed. This is a demo site that I have and I've
installed the live chat bubble here.

If I go ahead and jump into a chat,
you got @your name and my email. That's how I have it set it up. I already added this,
so I'm going to start a live chat. Now, this comes implemented. You can use your browser, mobile desktop,
or I can use my mobile phone for this. For example, if I start a chat here, I'll say hi, and I'm going to get
a message here on my live chat.

Here we go. I can go ahead and respond
and I can say hello. Here we go. I r esponded really quickly there. As a user, I have the option
to call this person. That's if I want to enable this. But it's a really neat feature that I
haven't seen on many live chats. So if the user thinks that it's really
important and they want to call… Here we go.
Hello? Hello? Let me go ahead and end it there
because I don't want to get echoed. But that's how easy it is to jump on a call right now to talk about
the service, the product, or whatever you're offering,
and it gives it a really neat feature for the clients to get in touch
with you really quickly. Either chat or a call. Now, how easy is it to implement this? Well, it's actually super easy.

I'm going to show you
on my WordPress site. Like I said, this is my demo site
and you're going to install a plugin. So head over to plugins, add new
and we're going to search for three 3CX. Once you search for 3CX, you're going to get this one right
here and we're going to activate it. This is for the live chat
and calls and WhatsApp. Once you install that, it's going to install this menu right here
and we're going to add this link that we generate when we create
a plan on 3CX, E free plan.

Everything that you're
seeing right now, it's free. I have it enabled to view on all pages, but you can set it
to different type of pages. Maybe you don't want to activate it
on the cart page, on my account, etc. And you have the option
for that and show the powered by 3CX. I don't want to show that, so I leave it like that and I
save and I got my live chat.

Now, where do you grab this link? Like I said, when you open the account,
you're going to be able to grab that link. But if you don't find that link,
you can grab it over here. Once you're on your panel, jump into Admin, we're going to go
into Configure Voice and Chat. Then this one, which is the live chat that
I created, it's this link right here. I have options to edit this if I like. For example, want to enable it
on this side, which is my test site. What visitors information do you want? In this case, I want the email. But if you need something else,
you can go ahead and select it. The set up mode chat icon
only, phone and Chat. Then we have the styling
options for this chat. In this case, this is what I'm using
the default by 3CX, but you can select a different
one or customize the chat bubble. You have these three options available
and you have some animation here. You want to slide up, slide from the side,
fade in or no animation.

So I have it fade in. Then we have the messages. The default interface language
is going to be default by the browser. If someone is browsing it, in my case, if I'm browsing in Spanish, well,
it's going to show it in Spanish. Now, if I want to customize the welcome
messages, I can do so here. Or if I want to just say, you know what, I want this in Spanish, 100 % I
can just go ahead and select this. Then we have the agents. Show the agent's name, the Avatar
and name, the default agent information. I called it Mr. Helpful, but you can call
it whatever you want. Advanced.
If you want to enable calls, a queue or ring group when there is
no agent handling the chat. Yes, we can enable this. Enable privacy controls.

If you want to add it,
you can send here for GDPR. You can do so there. Set up the office hours. This is a really good idea because t he live chat knows when
you're available or not. I've set Monday through Saturday
with the same date, but I can add my own hours for individual
days and I can add some break hours if I know I'm going to lunch
from 1 to 2 PM, etc. I can go ahead and add
the break hours here. Assign date numbers,
work to send call messages, play announcements,
play announcements for this. When office is closed, route to. If you want to route it somewhere else, depending if you're not available, when on
break route, so route it somewhere else. You have different options depending
how you want to set it up.

The call handling,
you got all the options here. Added ring group, add queue, digital
receptionist, the reports for all this. You have your call logs, your chat logs. Like I said, all of this is for free. Like I said, I'm on the free plan and I
get up to 10 users as of this video. There's also the Teams. I can view my team members here
and I can add new ones if I like. For example, I created John Doe,
which is one of my team members. He is a rich receptionist. Now, if I need to add another one,
I do so in the admin section. Now, there's the chat option here. Like I said, if you don't want to do it on your phone, if someone is
chatting, you can do it here. Let me go ahead and test it out. Let's go ahead and end this chat. Okay, let's start a new one. It knows who I am already based on the IP. I'll just type something random.
Here we go. Here it is. Okay, I can do so from here. I'll get notifications on my browser.

I'll get notifications on my phone if I
have it connected here and I can respond from here, respond from over there
and it's just super easy to do so. Okay, so let's go ahead
and respond to this one. I'll just say hello. Here we go. Obviously, you got a notification
because they received the message. I'm on the same browser
and it's really easy. If you want to forward this,
you can do so if you want to deal with. If it's done, you can select it there
and you have other options here. There's also the Meet option. In the Meet option,
we can create an actual meeting here.

I'm going to allow my camera for this. I'm going to open this.
Here we go. Permission granted.
I'm going to allow it. Okay, there it is. Facetime. Here's the link to invite someone. Let me go ahead and grab
this really quickly. Going to incognito mode. Jump instead of there. I'm going to allow it over
here in incognito mode. It might get a little bit tricky here. There you go.
Allow. Okay, here we go.
Let's go ahead and say max join now. Oh, the meeting hasn't started. Let me go ahead and start now.

Okay, here we have a meeting. We shared the link really quickly. Let's jump into our incognito mode. Hello.
Hello. Hello. I know it would echo. Let me pause that. The idea of this is to just show you how easy it is to create a meeting
and start right away with someone. Now, again, this is on the free plan. You can also schedule meetings. You can send invites,
and there's a lot of options. You can share desktop,
you can turn off camera, turn it on, etc. Let's go ahead and end this meeting. We're not going to judge it right now. Let's go away, go back to meeting.

If I want to add a new meeting,
I can do so here, New Conference. I can do audio, video, webinar, etc. A ll that good stuff. Then we have the calls information here. The calls that we've created here on my test, we're able
to view them here in a call log. There's our panel with information,
the contacts. We have the voicemail. So if someone calls and you don't
respond, there's the voicemail. The settings for all of this,
so for example, obviously, it's just my image, my phone number,
my language, my selected theme.

Here it's live.
Enable push notifications. Yes, we want to get notified. We got the 3CX Talk. So friendly name, the URLs. These URLs make it really easy to share and just start right away with a live
chat or with a call, with a meeting, etc. All via this. Let me show you really
quickly in Cognito Mode. Jump into that link. Go ahead and share it and someone can start a call with a chat with you
in this case or a meeting with a URL.

We have the chat options, show chat toaster, play chat notification,
audio and video options. You got your view options, your call forwarding, your general needs,
your integrations, your scan QR. So on the phone when you download the app, you scan the QR code and it
connects really quickly. So I like that option, the BLF options,
and you get all of that. In the admin section, you can create your users,
your office hours, your call handling, and call handling, you get
all these options available. One of the cool features that it has, I haven't connected it, and you get
WhatsApp messages message from 3CX. You can integrate with WhatsApp. I'll leave the link to this
also so you can analyze it.

But like I said, this is
included on the free plan. I'm really amazed of what
they include for free. If you want it, if ou need a live chat on your website,
I go ahead and recommend this. Install it on your side and start using
live chat and receive calls right away. But there you go.
That is 3CX. If you want to check it out, the link will be provided
in the description and that's a wrap..

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