7 Essential WordPress Plugins You NEED to Check Out NOW!

Seven WordPress essentials that you
need to check out right now. We're going to go through them and you decide what you think about them
and let me know in the comments. Let's get started. Let's get started. The first one that we're going
to check out is a theme builder. It's called the Bridge. Now, if you are in the WordPress world already, you know that Bridge is one
of the top docs for website builders. You don't need to know coding, you don't
need to know website building skills. It's super easy, especially
if you use the templates. It's just super easy to get
started with any WordPress site. This is a no-code builder. If you want to check it out,
link will be provided in the description. I do recommend that when you jump over here, go into templates,
go into the templates, you can view the templates,
the block list, the pop-ups, and actually check out the websites so
you decide if it's the right fit for you.

For example, if there's something that you
like already like this sushi template, we can go ahead and preview the design
and it's actually really fast to load. You can see right there. So if you have a good hosting service
with optimized website, it's going to load super fast because
basically, Bridge Z is meant to be fast. So there's a lot of templates,
go through them, decide if you like it. And if you want to go for a website
builder, I do recommend Bridge Z. Second one on the list is WP data tables. Now, I made a video about this a few years back and it's improved
a whole lot since then. Basically, it's like Excel
and Google Sheet, but on steroids. So it's way better. It's nicer and basically a whole
of features more than those other ones. I do recommend that you check it out. Now, once you check out WP data tables, I do recommend that you jump over
to Showcase, and there's going to be several examples
of how you can use WP data tables.

You can create pricing charts, you can create comparisons,
you can create tables, data tables, whatever you like,
even graphics with this. Let's show the statistics one. Let's go check it out. Let's scroll down here
and here's one of them. You can actually use this on WordPress
for your business. Basically, if you need to store some data that you need to have, you can use this,
which is really fancy and nice. Or if you want to embed this on a site, you can actually do so like
you're looking at it right now. You can view the tables here. Two, there's three, four. And just look at these comparisons. There's filters, there's columns,
there's export settings.

You can view graphics like this. There's really nice and fancy ones. So it's really nice to use. So check WP data tables out. Third one on the list is Amelia. Amelia is a booking plugin. Now, again, I've made a bit about this
one also because I do think it's great. Now, if you're looking to do scheduling, bookings, meetings, etc,
Amelia is a great option. Why? Because it uses on WordPress,
you're hosting it, so you don't have to make some additional
payments from what you pay with Amelia. That's pretty good to use. Now, Amelia, like I said,
we're going to check out the demos. Let's go into demos. Link will be provided in the description. There's some demos here
that you can check out. Let's check out this barbershop one. Let's go into the front end demo first,
and we're going to view that we can actually schedule an appointment
with this barbershop.

Let me show you how good it is. Click, book appointment. Scroll down here, the services. So first of all, what I want to do is get a haircut, even though I
don't have hair, employees. So who do I want to cut my hair? In this case, I want Fernando,
Torres to do it. So continue. We're going to select an available date. So I'm going to say the 28th, okay, and the time slot,
I'm available around 5:00 a.

M. Basically, this is because
it's another time zone, okay? And then I'll add my details,
continue and go through the payment. So it's pretty cool because, for example, this barber shop, they do some scheduling
and they already charge beforehand. So they have a client that they
already paid already. So it's a pretty great option to use. So do check out Amelia, check out the demos and we're going
to check out the backend really quick. So on the backend,
you're going to see that there's a lot of settings available because it's
going to depend on your use case. You're going to have a lot of settings. Let's go to Amelia. So on the backend, you can go check this out on the link provided
in the description. You can check out the calendars, the
appointments, the events, the employees. You can do some set-ups here. You can see how it works if you want to. This is the calendar you're
going to look at the back end. That's really nice to use. I do recommend Emilia.

Fourth one on the list is layer slider. Now, this one lets you build Sliders
that you can use on a WordPress site. Now you can use this Slider on different sections of your WordPress site
and make it look really nice. Now, again, I do recommend that you jump
into templates, check out the Sliders. You can also build some pop-ups with this.
Now, on layer sliders, there's several of these available
that you can go ahead and check out. Click on them so you jump on the demos. So here's one of them. Here we go. And check this Slider out. Even the balloons move. Here's the next one.
Next one. So basically you can build
the whole landing page with this. Here's another one. Check this out. Nice, right? The different types of sliders that you
can use right here on layer Slider. Now, I do recommend that you go through these, check them out, and see if
layer Slider is the right fit for you. Fifth one on the list is
Slider Revolution, one of my favorites.

Now, I've made a video
about this one in the past. Do check out in the link
in the description. And I've been using this one since 2018,
so it's going to make your site pop. And people are going to look at it
and say, Wow, how do they do that? Now, I do recommend, again,
jumping into templates, if you want to check out the whole video,
link will be provided in the description. Now, these templates are amazing. Now, if I jump into the templates,
go down here. Here we go, here's the templates. Now let's check out some of these. Let's open this to the right,
Beast mode and some other random one. So that one, all right, 404 page. So let's go into this one first. Look at that beauty, all right? Now if I scroll, now I'm using my mouse, I'm scrolling, check that out,
and then you continue to the side.

But this was the slider part. If I go up,
this is how it's going to look. Tell me that's not amazing, all right? Now, the next demo, it's this one. Okay, so this is the Beast mode.
Check that out. Looks pretty nice, right? And if I move my mouse,
it's actually moving also. This looks really nice. Now let's check out this 404 demo.
Here we go. Check that out. It's a 404 page that was
created with Revolution Slider. I'm going to check one out, one more out. This one, modern hairstyle.
Here we go. Check this out. Now I'm moving the mouse,
you can see, click the image. If I click on it, it does something. If I click on this one,
it's going to scroll that one. If I go to the next slide,
see how it looks. That looks really good,
and that is Slider Revolution. Sixth plugin is WP Maps Pro. Now, if you need a WordPress site
that needs Maps, now, if it's a listing site, a local shop,
or a real estate, WordPress site, etc, and needs to have a map,
this one is the way to go.

Now, it has over 14,352 sales with a
rating of 4.6 stars from 516 rates. I mean, that's a lot of reviews. Now, let's go check out. You can go into a live preview once you jump into this link and you're
going to check this out. We're going to go into live menus and like I said, if you have a real estate listing,
you're going to see this, all right? And here we go. Here's the map example
for this particular one.

Now you're going to see that it has different features aside from a simple
WordPress plugin for maps. For example, if I click on this section, it'll give me some
information about this one. There's a villa, a contemporary masterpiece, six bedrooms,
four bathrooms, 4,900 square feet. If I click on this one,
it's another one, a marina. Here's another one, Allot Point Loma. Click over here. If I want to not view these, I don't want to view villas,
I don't want to view these.

I just want to see what are
the apartments all available right now. So one apartment is available
and I'm able to view it right here. Now what about another type of demo? Let's just say a store, for example,
store branches listing. So like I said,
if you have a local business, accept the terms, these are my local
businesses all over United States.

And if I click on this one,
I have some information, up the direction, phone number, websites,
the email for that particular one. If I only want to view clothes, flowers, I want to get rid of grocery,
hardware, and shoes. I'll just build the listings for the rest. Check that out. Check out this one.
Here we go. Some other ones here.
I'm going to get rid of that one. And we're able to view the whole map. So it's pretty cool, right? So if you need a Maps plugin,
this is the one to get. Seventh plugin on the list
is Essential Grid. So if you want to build really nice-looking grid with your images,
this one is the way to go. Now, again, jump into the templates, let's click on this one, and we're
going to check out these. So there's templates for blog, multipurpose, portfolios,
just if you want to check out demos. Let's check this one out to get started.
Here we go. Now, check this grid out. If I hover over this, it looks nice. Now, this particular grid,
for example, even has a filter to it.

So it's not just a simple grid. So if I don't want to look at hats and I don't want to look at jackets,
I can filter these out. Actually, I'm selecting these. So hats and jackets, I'll get rid of jackets, for example,
and I'm only looking at hats. Right now there's only two hats. But if you have a bunch of images,
you can use this right away. For example, T-shirt, there's one,
there's dresses, two of them. And you're looking
at the grid just like that. So again, let's jump
into another template. Let's check out this shoes template. Let's grab this one.
Here we go. And again, we have the filters on the top,
which is you don't normally see that on a grid builder,
but you do have it with this one. So you can view details from this one. You can hover over them, check this out. The image changes to another
view for this one.

And you can go ahead
and buy more, load more. Here we go. Now I loaded another section of this grid. You can build several type of grids with this plugin that are
going to look really great. So I do recommend that you jump over
to the templates and check these out for yourself and see if Essential Grids
is the right fit for you. Check that out.
That even looks nice. You don't have to use it even as a grid,
just so it looks nice on your site. Well, those are the seven essential WordPress plugins that you
need to check out right now.

And if I missed one of your favorite ones, let me know in the comments
here in the bottom. Well, that's a wrap..

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