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let me show you in AI Studio that's going to catch your eye right now it's on a lifetime deal so it's going to be pretty attractive it can do text-to-speech it can do AI videos so that means that someone with an AI a face is going to talk and you can turn that text into speech and you can also do AI images all with this AI Studio it's called synthesis and like I said it's in a lifetime deal so let's go check it out alright so the deal that I just mentioned is called synthesis and right now it's a lifetime deal starting off at 69 for this lifetime deal that means you pick ones and use forever and be aware that they have a 60-day money-back guarantee so check it out test it if you don't like it go ahead and refund it okay now what does the 69 actually get you so let's scroll down here and check this out and by the way if you want to check it out link will be provided in the description now there's slices tier one which is 69 you get 20 AI voice minutes per month and 20 AI video minutes per month so that means that if you generate a minute of text-to-speech well it's just going to deduct one minute from those 20 minutes now be aware that license tier one doesn't have the AI image generator which I'll show you on this video 100 AI images Generations per month you also get access to API which is something for automation now if you're doing automations on public connect zapier make or something like that this will be pretty attractive so you can generate on the go with automation with API if you don't do those Advanced things you can go ahead and skip that so it's not going to be important for you but licensure one doesn't get access to the images and the API now on licensure three you get also better limits plus you get access to the Chrome extension for synthesis X Chrome extension Plus the API right and you can also jump into like 604 for more limits all right now let's jump over to my synthesis dashboard so this is my synthesis dashboard and like I said you can do three main things which is text-to-speech text the video and text the images let's get started with text-to-speech now I think this is the best feature that they have and basically you can test out the voices right here or you can get started here okay just click on that and this is where you're going to write the content that's going to turn the text into speech so let me grab something from chat GPT that I use so this right here is the video I made I actually said that in a video I think so I'm going to use it here so I'm going to paste it here and by default en is selected okay so let's go ahead and test how he sounds so let's click play running multiple WordPress sites struggling with updates vulnerabilities and pl okay so you kind of hear how he sounds now there's several voices that we can select but during this voice that I've just selected with Ian you have the option to speed him up because maybe it sounds slow or change the pause for this okay so right now it's 0.1 second but you can turn that into one second two seconds three seconds Etc in this case I am not going to change his voice I'm going to add a second paragraph with the same information here and I'm going to add a different actor okay so I can go ahead and choose choose from one of the actors right here I can hear how they sound for example Arya this is a demo of the voice you have selected all right let's hear Natasha this is a demo of the voice you have selected okay I'm going to select her and I'm going to add her let's go ahead and select Natasha there so Ian is this this paragraph and Natasha is going to be this one so let's hear how she sounds running multiple WordPress sites struggling with updates vulnerabilities and plug-in management dive into this video as I walk you through the easy plugin manager a game changer for WordPress site owners so that sounds pretty good right and I can change the voice if if I'm not satisfied with Natasha so if I want another voice I could just go ahead and test them out see different type of voices add a different paragraph or change the text modify it change the speed past pitch Etc depending on the actor that you select you have different options here on the right okay now that's for text to speech if you like what you got save the project and you can go ahead and download it okay so you get that file and you can use it somewhere else that you might need it that's for the text-to-speech next is the text to video so text the video gives you a wide selection of actors again and I don't think this is where synthesis actually shines I think the a voice text-to-speech is the good part this one is like they're working on it okay so I'm going to select start now and I can go ahead and select one of the templates that they have right here or just get a plain template if I like but in this case I'll choose um let's choose this one no this one because Natasha voice gonna sound better with her that's what I'm thinking so right now Jenny is selected by default let's see what she sounds let's play The Script hi this is a preview demo video hire me right away to create Perfect videos together okay and I can go ahead and edit the voice here again I can change the text I can edit this I have the option to translate it speed it up the pitch and the puzzle for these those are the options now on the preview we're not going to be able to view how the lip sync actually works while the it's running here on the demo but we can work on the video we can edit the text we can change icons just like you would on a video editor so you have all the options here for the tags you can change the colors layers Etc you can add objects to this and you can add more frames so add another frame and again add more things to it so add different type of people let's add this guy so let's make it big to cover the whole screen just to give you an example maybe make the desk a little bit smaller and then we can add some text to this obviously we're not going to choose Sonya for this because obviously that's a guy so let's just say that we use uh Connor for this I'll go ahead and add Connor and we'll add the text to this right now okay let's let's click play and see what Connor actually sounds like running multiple WordPress sites struggling with updates vulnerabilities inclusion management okay that doesn't sound like plug-in right but we can edit that but this actually sounds pretty kind of what he looks okay so I got two frames right here and I can add some elements here for example I can add an image for the background some tags some shapes soundtracks Etc and then when I'm good to go I can just go ahead and save it and create video in this case I'm not going to create a video because I don't want to use my minutes but I've generated two test videos here so you can see how it actually looks so let's start off with this one I can go ahead and download it open this video which which is what I'm going to do to show you running multiple WordPress sites struggling with updates vulnerabilities and plug-in management dive into this video as I walk you through the easy plugin manager a game changer for WordPress site owners hi this is a preview demo video hire me right away to create Perfect videos together okay so that's the EA video you can see that the lip sync is not in sync with the actual voice so that's like I said this is not where synthesis actually shines but I hope they do improve it so it looks much better in the future but you have that option as of now and you also get AI images from tier two and above okay so with AI images you can generate yeah images based on text image examples etc for example I asked for three bears eating a T-bone so I got this result check this out right there it has two bears but I asked for three that's pretty cool right it even has like the dripping blood there from the T-bone steak but let's do an actual test right now so let me think about something that it could generate all right so this is what I'm asking three Yachts crossing a wide river with a forest on the left and a beach on the right so let's go ahead and visualize and see what it's going to generate for us so let's wait all right so we just got the results uh it's it's off with what I asked so there's more than three Yachts there's a forest but the beach is kind of there are not there so it's kind of like for example here there's a beach here this little beach there over here here's a little beach on the right but it's with the forest so it kind of got the idea but in the case of the Bears it did pretty well I think three bears eating a T-bone steak it actually did pretty good I got the image that I like so you have that option there with the images and these images you can use because they don't have copyright issues and you get some options on the right with images so you have the square option you have horizontal and vertical you got the resolution so in this case these are 1024 uh P but I have I can have the options for 2048p the artist I can select some of the artists that are available here can I get that style illustration art style and style have these options to actually get the images that you want so you can fine tune this and work with different kind of phrases to get the images that you actually like but in the case of yeah image I think it works pretty well okay now you can download this if you like and you also have the option to text the images or text to video which is coming soon now speaking of the Chrome extension so there's a Chrome extension that's for synthesis and I already ran some tests here what it does is that when you right click on an images you can generate images that are similar in this case if I would grab this images well I would have copyright issues because well I'm stealing the image but in this case if I generate an image with AI that is a random image of this one right here and I get these results that I can actually use and I won't get copyright issues so it's pretty cool that we have this option so that is synthesis AI like I said if you want to grab it link will be provided in the description the deals at appsumo you get a 60 day money back guarantee in case you don't like it so you have two months to actually test it out and if you don't feel comfortable with it with the outputs that you're going to get aside from what you watch on this video well you can just go ahead and refund it so test it out without any issues well that's a wrap for synthesis

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