Behind the Hype: My Honest Review of Rhyme’s Lifetime Offer at Appsumo

It's time to review a lifetime
deal that's going on right now. It's called Rhym, and it's a gamification application that means that you can
create web games that can generate leads. Plus, you can also offer
coupons alongside with that. So it's pretty interesting, and I'm going to show you what
I like and dislike about it. So let's go jump over
to my desktop right now. What's up, SaaS Masters? So we're going to check out Rhym.
And like I said, this is going to be a review of what
I like and dislike about it.

Let me start off with saying obviously there's a lifetime deal,
which I think is pretty sweet. And another thing that I like about Rhym
is that it's something that it's going to be super easy to implement in your
business right now without affecting your marketing strategy,
your CRM, or other things. You're going to generate a game and you
can have a link that's going to be easy to share or QR code, and you're going
to be able to get leads really easily. So it's not complex at all. So like I said, lifetime deal, let me
show you what that actually gets you. So first of all, let me talk about
what I like and dislike about it. So there's a $49 lifetime deal. You get 5,000 clicks
on a campaign per month. So if you have a business that has a lot of traffic and you think a lot of people
are going to use it, that's a downside. You get five users, which is pretty good.

You got two getaways of storage,
which is more than enough. You don't need to upload a lot of things
in there, just like PNG images and integrations with Google Analytics,
Facebook pixels, and Mailchimp. So here comes the thing
that I don't like about it. So first of all, you don't get removed
Watermark on license tier one. You'd have to pay $109 to get the Watermark removed and you don't get
all future integrations in the future. So right now they don't have, for example, webhooks, API, things like
automation to send over the leads. So that's something I dislike about it and you'd have to get the license or
two at least to get those features. Now, if you want to get access to the custom brand kit, again, jump
into license tier three, which is $249. Now you might need to think that this is going to be justified for your business or
not, because if you are selling products that are inexpensive, like $5
products, $1 products, and you don't sell a lot, well, it's
going to be hard to justify buying this.

But if you are selling products,
I don't know, like televisions, you got a lot of people going to your
business like a coffee shop and you're going to be selling a lot,
then it could be justified because you can offer coupons that are going to give a
discount and make someone buy something. Plus, you get the lead that you
can later offer something to them. So consider that when you're going
to buy this, if you decide to buy it. Plus, there's a $10 a day
money back guarantee. So basically, if you don't like it,
you get two months to check it out and just go ahead and refund
it if you don't like it. Let's jump over to Rhym and show
you what it actually does. This is Rhym. Let's go into the templates so you
can get the feel of what it can do. And basically, it's easy to set up,
set and go and set and forget. Let's start off with this one. This is like a coffee
jar game, and I like it.

You can change the background. You can change this little jar. If I click on it, it's going to drop jar. Jars. There we go. And basically, you drop these Jars, and
it's going to, at the end, give you… If you have the points necessary to gain
the coupon, it's going to give it to you. Plus, you can also add
a lead generation form. So you can capture the name,
the phone, and the email if you like. And obviously, you can offer
something else later on. So you can change here names, logo, you can add tags, change this little jar
to something else, change this little background
on the bottom to something else. Obviously, if you are a cell phone store, well, you would add little
phones that will stack up. Kind of like that.
And aside from a gamification, it has another feature,
which I'll show you with this card.

So basically, with this type of card, I can use this
to let someone know what they need. So basically, I'm going
to open up a coffee shop. And in the coffee shop, I'm going to offer a membership to
one coffee a day for X amount of money. So I want to know if
I'm candidate to that. So I'll say start.
In this case, it's about a credit card. But let me show you. So let's just say,
what's your monthly income? In this case, 4k to 8k. So if I would sell coffees for that membership, I would say,
How many coffees you drink a day? One or two, three, or maybe none.

So I don't know, the score,
I'll select that one. And it says that I should
get this bank card. So it could be like, I don't know, the platinum card instead of the gold
card, something like that. And there's several games
available that are interesting. And there's puzzles,
there's personal care, there's some templates,
and all of these can be modified. Now there are some good stuff and bad stuff about the modification,
which I'll talk about in a bit. There's also this puzzle one,
which I think is pretty interesting. So basically on a phone or on a computer, you can drag this and generate
this puzzle and finish it off. So here we go.
It's like that. And you're going to get
a coupon at the end. So let me finish it off. Here we go. And boom, we got the coupon for 20 % off.
You can change the coupon, you can change the percentage,
and you can go add buttons here.

You can remove these buttons if you like, and you can visit now or
play again, et cetera. A lot of things you can do with this. Now, when I mean that this is something
you can add to your business right now without affecting anything else, well, you
can start generating leads just by that. It's going to generate a QR code. You can use your custom
domain if you like.

And boom, just let people start playing. You add a QR code to your coffee shop, to your cell phone store,
to your medical consultation and offer some discount for skincare products,
whatever you like, okay? But let's just say that I
want to use one of these. I'll go to the all and I'll use this one. So I'll go ahead and create. I'll name this, I'll just say test. Here we go. And it should open up the builder. Okay, so here is the builder. You can click on the elements.

For example, this is the logo,
I'm going to delete it. I'll get rid of it. I can click on this jar and I can change the jar to something else,
like a box, a burger, or whatever. But obviously what you want is upload your
own custom little image, because based on the product that you're
going to offer, it's what you want to use. So you can upload your
own file right here. So if it's another type of coffee cup,
add your own right here. There's also the Unsplash
integration here. Whatever you select is just going
to add it there and you can use it. But if you want to add a coffee cup
or whatever, you can do so there. There's also a website URL
if you want to add that. Or you can upload your own. You have elements two right here
and there's the element two, which is this one right here,
this little box, in this case, this game is where it's going
to drop the little box. There's also the images here. So you got your assets,
your own splash, your website.

So if I want to change the background because basically I just don't like what
it has, I can go ahead and change it. Here we go. And I just change it like that. Oh, I didn't move there. Here we go.
There we go. In this case, I'm going to delete it. You can use the Unsplash
and website for the backgrounds. There's the text. So if I want to add some text here, I can
do so saying, I don't know, play with me.

Just go ahead there.
And you get some options here on the top for colors, bold, italic,
the font, the style, etc. You get all that,
which I think is pretty good. Then you get the brand kit. You can add your own brand kit. In this case, I've added my coffee shop logo, which is something
I'm going to start. So I can add my own logo here
instead of using what they have. And it's going to be more customized,
in my case, I'll just delete it for now. You got your colors,
you got your logos for this particular brand kit, and you can add
more brand kits if you like. The advanced screen,
you got three advanced screens. You got the intro screen,
which is start playing. You got your lead form, which is if you want to ask for the email,
phone number, et cetera. If you don't want to add something
here like, You know what? I don't want to ask for the phone number,
just go ahead and delete it.

Now, when it comes to the elements for the lead generator,
there's a lack of options. For example, I deleted the phone number
one, I can go ahead and ask for it again. But what if I wanted to ask
for something else or add a lock to it? So there's not a lot of options when
I select the elements for this. So maybe the phone number has to have a particular area code
or something like that.

I don't have those options here. So lacking in that area for the builder. So I think they should really implement
a little bit more options for that. And then we have the end screen, which is where it's going to drop in the
coupon code that you're going to offer. So again, we can get rid of this image,
change it, change the coupon code. So it could be, I don't know, it could be textmaster 20 and there's
a minimum score for the first discount. It's the minimum score of zero,
so they'll get a discount.

So I'll change this to a 10 %. And again, I'll change
the text also to 10 %. And I'll add a second code. So if they score at least 200,
they'll get a 20 % discount. And again, I'll change this text to 20 %.
There we go. So let me click on the 10 % one.
Here we go. Change to 10 %. Select the second one, 20 %. And you can go with the third one, the fourth one, etc, if they score more,
obviously they get a higher discount.

So that makes them work for that score
to get that coupon code. So you get that options there. Now, like I said, the builder has a lack
of features that they need to add. But if you're looking for something really easy to create and to start using it
right away, this is the way to go. Now, when it comes to integrations,
it's lacking integrations. Google Analytics,
Mailchimp, Facebook pixel. I wish they had Webhugs API. So if they're planning on doing that in the future, you will get access
if you buy a license or two and above.

So let's just say that you finish and you like what you created,
you go ahead and publish it. There we go.
You get a QR code. You can add your own custom domain, so you don't necessarily
have to share this link. You get a QR code that you can
just go ahead and download it. There's a website if you want to embed the code,
Insta, Performance Ad that it generates for you, InstaStory, website widget,
you get all of that. So let's go ahead
and copy this right here. Let's go into incognito mode, drop it in, and if pretend someone scans it and
they're ready to go, it's going to start.

Remember I added a really funky image,
so that's the image that I've added. So now it's going to stack up. And it's actually pretty accurate
when it comes to trying to stack it. If you stack it sideways, it will drop
and it will drop the other ones also. So I like it. But if you add a really nice background
image, it's a really nice image for the jar, phone, whatever you want
to add there, it's going to look nice. In this case, I'm just playing around
just to show you what it can do. So let's go back into Home. There are analytics for all of this. You can get the leads all from this
and you can download it via CSV.

So it's like a manual work. You can't automate it because it won't integrate with something
that can send the leads. So this one I created, I'm going to click on it and you're
going to get all this information. Session started, users visited,
completed sections, CTA clicks, performance trend,
the score analytics here, so the scores that they've made, this is
me playing around with it, and the lead. So I did fill it out once. So here's my name,
my phone number, and the email. And like I said,
you can download it via… You can download a CSV to export it later on to something else like a marketing
system, a CRM, et cetera, et cetera. That's if you plan to use this as a marketing strategy with your email
marketing system or your SMS or phone calls, etc, But if you just plan to offer
this because of the coupon code so you can make some extra sales,
it's going to work fine.

That's something that I really like about
this, that it's something that you can implement
your business right away without affecting your marketing strategy,
without going through any complications. So it's a pretty goodbye if
you ask me in that sense. But when it comes to customization and
integrations, it's lacking in that sense. So if that's a quick turn-off, you definitely want to skip this
gamification, lifetime deal that's going on right now because it ain't so cheap,
$109 or $249 for some types of business. Like I said, if you're having a hard time
to sell products that are inexpensive, then to get this money back,
it's going to be a downside.

But if you sell one product and this gets
paid off, even if they use a coupon, you definitely want to get license
or three or license or four. In that case, if you need more clicks,
etc, then consider it. But there you go.
That is Rhym. I hope you liked this video. Let me know what you think
about it in the comments. And if you want to grab it,
link will be provided in the description. It's an affiliate link.
So if you use that link, it helps me out with a small commission
and it won't cost you a single cent more. Well, that's a wrap..

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