BIGVU Appsumo Black Friday deal – Crazy good app teleprompter

there's a lifetime deal that just came back and it's called big boo and I really recommend it it's a teleprompter app that you can use on your phone now if you're not making videos right now due to some imaginary excuses well there's no excuse with big boo because with this you're going to be able to record right away Tik toks YouTube shorts Etc anything you want to do with this so let me show you what I'm talking about so right now it's on Lifetime deal it's 69 bucks it starts off at 69 and you have a 60-day money back guarantee in case you guys want to refund it now how easy is to use it well let me go ahead and open up the app this is big boo and all you got to do is open up the app click on the plus button and you can go ahead and write a script import a video or AI script generator so I'm going to use AI script generator and let's just say hypothetically I'm right here I'm going through a coffee shop like this one and I want to write something about a specialty coffee like something interesting maybe I don't even know what it's about but AI is going to help me with this and I'm going to record it right away with this okay so in this case I'm going to do a pitch my business or personal profile no I'll do script with tips and let me write something really quickly okay so I just wrote this I want to give five tips on how to do a specialty coffee with chemics it's a kind of thing that's kind of specialty it's not simple it's not something common so in this case it just wrote it for me here's the script I got five options for here and I'll just select number one okay so I got my script right here I can go ahead and modify it if I like edit it but in this case I'm going to go to record and I can have some settings effects camera position Etc or just go right ahead and record so let's go ahead and record today we will be discussing an essential aspect of brewing coffee with the chemx the perfect grind size finding the right grind size plays a pivotal role in achieving balance and delicious cups of coffee I could keep on going Etc but just see see how easy that was I mean I start up big boo I start up the AI or my own script that I write on the desktop right here and I go ahead and start recording I just hit stop this is going to record I can it will have automatically a transcript there and it's going to have the details that I need I can go ahead and cut trim add the subtitles automatic magic Styler Etc and go right ahead and publish it so it's super easy to use big boo so if you want to grab it like I said it's on Lifetime deal right now starts off at $69 which gets you let me show you really quickly which gets you five users 10 devices one share workspace if you need more users more devices jump into the double stack or the multiple stack or even more with up to 10 codes depending if you have a lot of users but it's just as easy as that so there you go check out V link will be provided in the description and that's a wrap

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