Boost Your Amazon Commissions in 30 Minutes with Gizmo for WordPress!

what if I told you that you can boost your Amazon affiliate sales with a plugin for WordPress well it's called a Gizmo and it's going to help you generate content that's going to rank on search engines now you're gonna do this alongside with Gizmo and I'm going to show you how on this video right now what's up SAS Masters my name is George and we are going to check out Gizmo so if you want to check it out for yourself the link will be provided in the description there's a free trial that you can go ahead and check it out test it and if it's the right fit for you jump into a plan now as of this video These are the pricey structures that they have you have a free trial and you have your Builder with 25 articles per month the pro with 150 and the unlimited with a thousand articles per month which is a whole lot so it's going to depend what you need for the plan that you're going to select one for it okay now let me jump into my Gizmo panel in your Gizmo panel the first thing that you're gonna do is obviously add your Amazon affiliate program tag which is going to be tied to all the links that Gizmo's going to add so you earn that Commission Now after that jump into plugins and extension and install the WordPress plugin so in my WordPress plugin I already have it installed and that's why I see it right here after that install the Gizmo Chrome extension the Chrome extension what it does is that when you are surfing around Amazon for great products that you want to write an article about you just add it to your WP site with this Chrome extension which I'll show you in a bit okay now let me jump into my WordPress site and when you install Gizmo and you install your license you're gonna get started here with get started if you want to watch this quick video you can go ahead and do so but I'm going to cover this on this video after that jump into product review in the product review you're not going to view any products here until you add them with the Chrome extension okay now these ones that you see right here is are products that I've added with the Chrome extension so I'm going to do that right now with you okay so this is my Amazon account and I can search for a particular topic that it that fits my website or what I want to promote so in this case I have a baby and right now everything's about babies so maybe I want to search for products that have to do with babies so I'm gonna say baby bottles for this one okay so let's search for bottles and maybe our site is about babies and I'll just I'll pull open these on a new tab let's grab these five six okay and once you open this up you jump into this side and Gizmo is gonna pop up right here and if you want to add this product I'll just hit the plus button for all of these so each one of these tabs I'm gonna add it so it's as easy as this okay now what I do recommend is that you find great products so products that you know people are looking for and that will rank when obviously people search for it on search engines okay now this is my WordPress site again let me go ahead and refresh this here we go here's the products that have been added and I need to prepare these okay so I'm gonna repair these articles right here so the action is going to be queued for AI and they roughly take 30 seconds to a minute so it's less than a minute okay and after that I'm able to generate the product reviews for each one of these so let's give it a few minutes for these to finish up okay it's now done and remember I'm in the product review tab so if I want to review these ones for example Dr Brown's natural flow anti-colic so I'll click on review it's gonna set up the process for the next steps so good a few seconds here we go and now it's getting started so first of all I can change the featured image so if I don't like that image I can go ahead and select a different one so in this case that one I think is more attractive and more appealing next is I can select my affiliate tag so this is my particular affiliate tag that's tied to my Amazon affiliate now I can add a new one if I like but in this case that's what I'm going to use I can set up some keywords to help this but I'm going to leave it as it is that is optional I wanted to create revealance games so I'm going to leave it as is and create monetization carousels automatically it's going to generate a carousel with similar type of products that have my affiliate link so I'm going to create a product review post but that's how easy it is to generate a post for this particular product so that's gonna take a few seconds and it's gonna be available as a draft in my post okay so I just generated this one I'm gonna go into post here we go and here it is Dr Brown's anti-colic bottles and it has a tags added to it nice tags that will help me rank let's go ahead and preview this one so again it's not published right now it's just as a draft and I go ahead and publish it if I like it so here's the review that it just created with all the images with information here's the carousel you can view this similar products and it has my affiliate tag to it okay so if they click on buy on Amazon that has my affiliate tag also so this was generated really easily now the thing that you have to do is find great products okay Gizmo's gonna take care of the rest so I'm gonna click away from this one let me go back okay so let's go back right here and let's go into my Gizmo or back over here and just like that I was able to create a review and I can do so with the rest of the products so right in the review is a breeze Now Products Roundup this one is pretty cool okay so I can set up three to ten products right here that are similar and it's going to generate a Roundup so let me add this one this one this one and this one so four of these that I've added and again my affiliate tag I can add some keywords here and I can drag and drop these it's gonna grab the main featured image for the first product so if I want Phillips event to be the first one I'll just pull this up and now it's this one and again I can change the image for it so I'll leave this image as fine we can drag and drop these and I'll create a Roundup pose okay so let's give it a few seconds for that one to be generated and again it's going to be added to my draft under post there we go it was generated so let's go into our posts here it is Roundup of top baby bottles for colic relief and sustainability it automatically generated this interesting title I can go ahead and preview this and that that's what it is Roundup of top baby bottles for college okay here are the four baby bottles I can buy them on Amazon again with my affiliate link here's the first one Dr Brown's bottles the information pros and cons based on the ones that I've selected the Philips event pros and cons the Phillips event another one Nano baby bb flexi bottles and again pros and cons for each one of these that was generated automatically now this is really attractive now something that you have to notice is that my particular side is full width if you have a sidebar that's going to be fitted inside of there okay now let's go back that's for the Roundup Gizmo I really love that that feature that they have on Gizmo which is the Roundup next is General content so basically it's what what it says general content it can generate different type of contents based off what you kind of give it the idea of so again I'm gonna add some bottles here and here here we go these four bottles again I can change the image the image is going to be taken from the first one that they have on the top so in this case I'll keep the Nano BB and I'll keep it on the top with that featured image so what is the post category I can leave it blank to get ideas but in this case I do want to get some ideas so I'm gonna say um best baby bottle okay get post topics here we go and here are the topics that it generated for me now based on the top these topics I can select one of these and it'll generate the content for me so I can select the importance of using BPA read baby bottles so it knows that these baby bottles have free of BPA so that's why it's gonna give me this idea so I'm going to select my affiliate tag this is the only one I have right now if you have several ones select the one that you want to use the SEO keywords again I'll leave it blank for now generate content and let's wait for that one to finish up there we go the content has been created let's go into our post and see what it created for us so the importance of using BPA free baby bottles let's go ahead and preview this and see what it generated so the definition and explanation of the BPA overview health risk of BPA exposure and then we have this Amazon product inside of here again we have some more content here the carousel choosing the right BPA free baby bottles and boom again Amazon product let's go through this one conclusions another product here and it puts the products inside of it so it generates interesting content that's gonna help you rank it and people are going to click on it and obviously click on the links for it so General content again let's go ahead and add oops I don't want to add that one yeah well let's add these tablets now so for the tablets I can say worse tablets you bet that one just to try another one and here we go coming issues with the counters with budget tablets it doesn't fit with this tablets with poor battery life performance um but if I put one of these suggested topics it's not going to rank put in these really nice tablets with this type of content but that's a pretty good idea I mean finding bad tablets and then using one of these topics okay but I'll just keep it as it is and generate this one okay so tablets with inadequate camera quality right so basically it's going to write the content for this and put in those tablets with the Amazon links in between which people are gonna likely click on it there we go we should have our post under post and it should be a draft here it is tablets with inadequate camera quality let's go and preview this and we have our content based on camera issues common face tablet with poor camera quality and again we have tablets right here which has the Amazon link or Carousel another link for Amazon and again it stays on topic with these tablets I mean in this case what I would do is find cheap tablets and add those in between if people are still going to click on it because maybe the price is really good or from there they jump into another product and you still get that affiliate commission so basically that is Gizmo like I said it's going to help you generate that content to bring in those affiliate commissions so if you want to check it out link will be provided in the description let me know what you think about Gizmo and if you think it's the right fit for you or not and that's a wrap

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