Build a Store Quickly with ProductX – The Ultimate Gutenberg WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress

I'm going to show you one of the best Gutenberg Woodcommerce plugins
available for WordPress. With this plugin, you'll be able to build stores in minutes, either by templates
or using the Gutenberg Builder. It's super easy to build a store from your page, your post, wherever you want
on WordPress with this plugin. Let me show you what I'm
talking about right now. What's up, Sasmasters?
The plugin that I'm talking about is called ProductX, and it's built
specially for Woodcommerce. It's going to boost your store,
making it really easy to build it. You get access to the WoodCommerce
builder, variation and swatches. That means that if you have different sizes, colors, et cetera,
this will help you with that. Advanced product filters, product wish list, product query
for sorting, and template libraries. You can build the whole store from a template or build it
by yourself with the GoodBird blogs. So it's super easy to use. Plus, they have a free version. So if you want to check that out,
link will be provided in the description.

Now let's jump over to my site. So this is my demo site. And if you want to grab the free version,
you can go ahead and search for ProductX in the plugins, and once you download
it and activate it, you are good to go. In this case, I'm going
to show you the paid version. So just so you know what you're
going to get with the paid version. So in this case, I already have installed
and you can see it's available here. But the first thing I want to do is make
you fall in love with the templates because it's super easy to get started if
you need a store right away and you don't want to buy some builder, some theme,
etc, This will do the job for you.

Let's go into pages. I'm going to add new just
to show you how easy it is. Here we go.
Let's name this Store. Here we go. We can start building with blocks. There's a block library. If I click on it, there's a starter
pack and there's a premade pattern. You can use both of these. But in this case,
I want to show you the starter pack because like I said, it's going
to be super easy to get started. First of all, you have these
three first ones that are free. These are on the free version. Just go ahead and check out this
live preview and check this out. That's how it's going to load. You could have a store right now like this by clicking on this right here,
import, just like that. It's super easy. Now, the paid version ones
are a bit more better. If you're looking for something more
complex, something that you like from here, you can go ahead
and use anything like this. For example, home decor,
which is what I'm using right here.

Check this out.
I have my store right here. But what if I want to add
it to my page right now? Let's just say I like another one for a specific post or page, this
one, the sales sunglasses. Let's go ahead and import it. And boom, it's now added to this page. The page that I just called Store
has it available right here. So every section that I click on it,
I am able to edit it if I like. For example, the text right here, the section for the store,
for example, this is a product.

I'll click on this section and you can
see we have product grid number one. That's what I am using right here. There's the settings for this one. There's different type of views and looks.
Check this out. If I want some hearts there, if I want
something else, I just click on it. I have available options
from what I want to use. Product view, don't want
to view a grid or a slider. Check this out.
Now it's a slider from here. And that's one of the blocks
that are created from here. And you can view the sort elements, sort themfrom here,
product, sort, content, wrap, et cetera, all from this particular
module that I've selected. We can go ahead and check out all the blocks available here on the left so I
can click on the Block Library or I can click on the Good and Bird
block right here.

For example, this is the PostX,
but I want to drop here. And then we have the ProductX
Good and Bird blocks. Now these are dedicated for WoodCommerce. Remember, this is for stores. So the product grid, which is what you saw right now, if I highlight it,
you can see what I'm viewing. I could be product grid two,
product grid three, et cetera. And if I want to drop one of these inside
of here, so let's just say that I have a new page and I want
to drop it in this section. It's going to load my product. And here we go. We have a new grid right
here just by dropping it in. So that means that if you are viewing a post that you want to add this to, you
can just do it from the Gunaberg blogs. So it's super easy. Currency switcher, some wrapper, search box, the heading, product category,
product filters, all from here. And once you hover over these, you're
able to view all these single products.

Single products, so product title, product short, product breadcrumbs, etc,
all that are all from here from ProductX. If I want to add a cart, for example,
if I want to create a page for a cart, I can do it from here
by using these elements. The checkout ProductX, so coupons,
billing address, shipping address, etc, you got your thank you products
and you got My Account products. So just by adding this. So let's add the My Account.

Let me go ahead and let's
start a new page. Again, in pages, I'm adding a new one. Remember, if you want to create
a store, that was that easy. Now, if we want to go create
the account, here we go. Now we get started with the blocks. So let's click on the plus to view
all the blocks right here. I can go ahead and search for them,
or I can just click here. And we said the My Account. Let's add the block right here. And boom, you have the dashboard. So I've just created a page
dedicated for the account. All I have to do is now tie it to the
account page that I've just created. So I can view the dashboard,
orders, downloads, etc. And again, I have my settings for each
one of these elements over here.

So for example, if want to view
the profile, there we go, navigation tab. The settings for tab content,
but just like that. So like I said, ProductX is dedicated for a store, so you're going
to get all those elements. Now, the workaround to this would be you buy a theme, and in that theme,
you got to find out how to actually build it and use it and customize it,
and it's a bit more complex. In this case, you get all these
blocks and you can actually use it. With a theme, you don't. They actually build it for you
and you don't have flexibility. You have to build a different thing
if you want something different.

In this case, you have all the elements. So in ProductX, there's a lot of sections
that we're going to check out. For example, you got your get started, but then we have our WooCommerce builder
and you get all the templates right here that you can check out, for example,
the archive, the card, the checkout, etc, and we can go ahead and publish, edit
or delete it and we have set to draft. So if I want to edit this checkout and
here we go, this is the checkout page. For example, if I click on these elements,
I'm able to edit these elements if I want to remove them, if I want to duplicate
them, if I want to change them, if I want to change color,
if I want to do a lot of things. I have all the options right
here because it's well built. So product, like I said, is one
of the best plugins for WooCommerce. That's the checkout page. Let's go back.
Here we go. So here are all the templates.

So again, you have your archive,
your cart, your checkout. These are different
sections of your store. So like I said, it's easy to build. But if you want to build a different one, you can do it by creating
the template, create your own. If you want to view
the homepage, here it is. Let's go ahead and edit it. So if I click on this one, remember,
my homepage is this one right here.

I'm going to check it out.
Here it is. Now I have the blocks available
here that I'm using with ProductX. And I can go ahead
and edit my homepage from here. If I want to change colors and anything
I want to do, I can do it from here. So there's a single product. If I want to edit a single product page, the shop, the card, check out my account,
it's just super easy. Because like I said, if you grab a theme from somewhere else,
it's going to be, trust me, it's complex. You got to start watching tutorials to see where you actually edit
some of these sections. And in this case, it's super easy to do. So everything's going
to be here for your store. Then you have your template kits.
There we go. Like the one I've loaded in. So like I said, if you want to create
a brand new page for a specific product, if you like one of these templates, just
go ahead and import it in just like that.

Save templates. If you have some save templates,
you will view them here. Custom fonts. If you want to load your own fonts,
you have some add-ons. So in the add-ons,
you can enable or disable. I recommend that you disable
what you don't want to use. So if you don't want to use, for example, product image flipper, you're not
going to use that, disable it. Only enable what you're going to need. You have all these available add-ons
that you can use, and they integrate beautifully
with Element or Divvy, Oxygen, and Beaver, practically the most popular
builders on WordPress. And then you have your blocks.
Again, the blocks. If you don't like some of these blocks, you can go ahead and disable them, and you
don't view them over there on Gutenberg.

That way it doesn't get clogged
up in case it gets complex. Just enable the ones you want to use,
and it's just as easy as that. Last but not is the settings,
which basically it's little fine-tuning settings that you want to set
up when you have the time. And then you have your tutorials. Do check out the tutorials if
you find it a bit complex. But just like you saw on this video, it's
extremely easy to work with ProductX. If you want to build with the whole
template, go ahead and use one of them. If you want to build your own and finetune
it, you can go ahead and do it in each one of these pages or posts or
from the WooCommerce builder. So it's just as easy as that. That is ProductX. If you want to check out the free version,
link will be provided in the description.

That's a wrap for ProductX..

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