Dealintent Lifetime Deal – Boost Your Sales or Bust? An Honest Review!”

I'm going to review a lifetime deal that's called a deal intent and what it does it lets you create Pages where you can actually do your sales pitch in this case it's going to potentially help you sell more because obviously you're going to look way more professional instead of sending out plain old emails so this is deal intent and we're going to review it right now what's up everyone like I said we're going to check out deal intent and right now it's on a lifetime deal but we're going to check out the deal terms at the end now I do recommend that you check out their free trial account at their page so you can test it out for yourself and decide if it's a right fit for you or grab the lifetime deal plan that has a 60-day money back guarantee in case you don't like it or just decide with this video if you like it or not now like I said this is going to be a review so I'm going to talk about what I like and dislike about it now first of all what is deal intent so deal inent creates these Pages or you can create them to sell easier than what you would before instead of sending out uh back and forth emails plain text with some images Etc you have a room dedicated for a sales pitch your frequ only ask questions your videos your explainer your slides your location Etc and they have a bunch of blocks that you can customize by creating your own page so for example if I go to the introduction section I'm going to be the introduction explainer video a slide deck so I got my slides right here and people are going to see my analytics for example if I have them in a slide a case study interactive demo for example here's an interactive demo and to close this play around with it but this is inside the deal page okay book a meeting and I have the integration for book in the calendar for this case they have Kenny they have tidy Cal and they have several blocks available now I also created a room just for playing around and I created my added my own Banner my information here I got my index on the left I got my welcome I got a gift there I got my booking section from tidy Cal I got my getting started form I embedded a form into this testing sheets I added a Google sheet for this just for testing and the location so just saying you know what this is where I'm located so a lot of information provided right here and it makes you look more professional now aside from that there's also tabs available here let me go into the previous one no this one doesn't have it so on my test I have a tab that has files these are the files that I uploaded for example A gift just for testing and these are the sunrush files so whoever I am dealing with when we once we CL close the proposal Etc I'm going to need logo I'm going to need some information some PDF Etc whatever and it's going to be uploaded here and it's available for me to download it and view it Etc there's also a mutual action plan that I've created in this hypoth medcal case I can create an action here or create a stage right from here for example video editing and I assigned it to John Doe for example and I can create a new stage if I like so that is for that now things I don't like about these rooms right now is that there's no customization in terms of colors so for example right now it's green because deal intent is green but you know what that doesn't go with my branding what if I want a blue or red a yellow purple whatever I should have the option to customize that part of the room to make it more customizable so that's one of the things I kind of dislike about this right now and I'd also like the option to add my own option to add my own chat widget for example in this case this is a room that I've created for example and this this could potentially be someone who's viewing this but I would like the option to add my chat widget so I need some HTML option to add it and that's not available right now or they might have the option later on but as of now they don't have it so those are things that I dislike about it now let's go jump over to the dashboard and see how easy it is to create one of these rooms so I'm going to go to the deal room right here and this is the one that I've been playing around with which is a hypothetical uh use case with Sam rush for example I can change the logo I can change the banner I can enable a chat that is integrated into deal intent but I can't add my own chat widget like they have right here for example okay so in this case there's blocks so this is a block for the image I can change the width I can change the the lining Etc I can add a gift like you saw right now I can add a video I added Cal right here that's a test I've done there's getting started for a form videos Etc if I want to add a block I just click on this and I have the option to add a section which would be the index on the left so a section for location I would add that section right here and then the basics Rich Text image videos Etc U my favorite one is the iframe because if something is not available in the blocks if I have the option in the iframe I can add it here so if it's a I don't know some sheet that I want to add there but they don't have the integration but that sheet has iframe well I can use it here or a form Builder Etc the project management is available presentations interactive demos interactive videos image and videos meetings testimonials wireframe calendar form they got tidy Cal like I said from appsumo form podcast social and others so all these blocks are available as of now you can turn these off in case you don't want to see all this as a mess for example because maybe I don't use slide beans so basically I don't want to see that it's just going to be clunking up my space so it it's possible to clean that up okay now to create the other sections you can go into for example files and enable files right here you can just go ahead and enable this or disable it if you want to use it the mutual action plan I think this should be a bit more clear how to use it I think they need to work on this for example I can create an action plan right here so I could just say I don't know test the due date will be 31st the stage it's going to be a default action plan contacts I'll do John Doe here members at workspace this guy and I'm going to create it there we go the action plan has been created test but not a lot of information is available here so if I click on this this is what I have but if I want to edit this there's this is all I this is all I can edit so not a lot of information goes into this Mutual action plan but this item action item so they need to work on that okay and I can create a stage right here if I like there's also the e sign but that's only with panda do they need to expand this to a different platforms because Panda do won't be enough most people don't use Panda do even though it is popular for example I don't use it and I would like to have the option to use something else okay and there's the team actions which is something that you the person that you're dealing with won't see but your team will if you add them here okay and then you can work on this room together okay now for sharing here the sharing sharing settings you can stop sharing you can add contacts you can share with contact via email so if you do that it'll send out an email to security for the room notifications update settings the sharable link and if I want to copy a link specific for that person so if you have write an email and send that link to uh give them access to the deal room or to book Etc use that link there now there's also the companies which they enrich the information for the company based on LinkedIn so it's kind of cool and not in a sense I like that it's available here and easily to use it's enriched by AI but I think they should really ramp this and make this more I don't know make it more interesting because basically knowing what the company does is well it's not interesting at all but if they tell me based on all the information what AI decided is that this company might be suitable for a proposal for this amount of money Etc I don't know something more psychological instead of using PLO information that's available everywhere okay next contacts again for contacts you can also enrich so for example I created this one is already created by them deal intent and enriches a contact data with this here we go so the experience the awards certificates so this is better than the company because you get more information here but again I would like to have more information of their psychological part so using AI as a psychologist to kind of say you know what this could be a potential client for your particular service or not or maybe they're Conta contacting you for some reason Etc okay the Content Library for things that you upload you have a Content Library here template Library so if you create a template you can have it here to use it use it whenever you want the inte intergrations so these are all the Integrations that you see over there on the room when you create now what I dislike about this section is that I would I would like the option to turn it off I mean if I don't use this and I know I'm never going to use it well give me the option to turn it off I don't want to see all that mess over there on the room so see this I can turn these off even though I for example I don't use Monday I do use air table I do use Trello for example so I want to turn off and on what I use and don't use so I want that option but these are all the Integrations that you can view here connect with hubot these are coming later on E signature nothing coming in the future as of recently and the more saier is coming which I think is going to be really great option okay next we have analytics which I think is really interesting I do like this part because you can see the deal rooms total revenue time spent total views you can view the views for the rooms which I'll show you in a bit there's the most engaged deals information here and you can view that in the deal rooms or from here if I click on analytics for this one it's going to tell me when it's been open the most time it's been open what sections have they viewed the most which I think is really interesting information because later on it can create new rooms in the future that will focus on things that people are interested in okay so time spent total views there's the latest activity and the contacts for this next you have the chats so if you enable chats in the room you're going to be able to view them here so this is the test chat I think there was one where I tested this no not here but you know I can chat here and if I have chat enabled they can view that in the room also okay and last but not least the settings okay that is deal in 10 what about the lifetime deal that's going on so right now you can buy the lifetime deal pay once use forever and it starts off at 59 bucks for the lifetime deal now likes and dislikes about the lifetime deal so first of all if you want to get most of the features you're going to jump into license tier three or four which would set you back for $299 so if you want CRM integration visitor Inbal lead generation customizable deal room templates Advanced Analytics you will need license tier 3 but if you are good to go with the deal intent rooms that you can create with what they provide 25 rooms 25 companies 50 contracts One giveaway total per seat Etc if you're good to go with that which I don't think that would be a really good option 59 bucks is all you would pay so for me the plan if you are interested in dealing tent and I'm not trying to make you buy more but if you want the features that will give you the most power out of mutual intent then it's $22.99 so do consider it before it jump the gun like I said open up the free trial account in their site play with it yourself or grab the 60-day money G 60-day money back guarantee here for the lifetime deal and test it out for yourself with all the features and if you don't like it go ahead and refund it but if you want to grab it link will be provided in the description which is an affiliate link if you buy through that link it helps you out with a small commission and it won't cost you a single set more and that's a wrap for deal intense

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