Dive into Musical 🎶 Diversity with Unique Playlists with ChatGPT’s PlaylistAI plugin

Me show you a tool that's going to open up
your ears to a whole new world of music. Instead of relying on traditional
playlists from Spotify that play the same songs over and over,
it's like they have a contract with these musicians to just show you the same
type of songs all the time. Well, we're going to use a tool that uses AI to generate a list custom
tailored to what we ask it. That way we can find unique
musicians that are to our liking. Let me show you what I'm
talking about right now.

This tool that I'm going to show you, it's called AI Playlist, and we can
find it in Chat GPT in plugins. Now, I'm going to show you how it works
and how we're going to use it right now. Now, this is Chat GPT. I'm on the Plus version. Now, under GPT 4,
we're going to find this, plugins. Now, if you don't see that in Chat GPT, first, go to your settings
over here, Settings. We're going to go into Beta Features
and enable these. You'll need to enable
plugins to view this. Okay? And in this section,
we're going to go into Plug. We're going to click on this drop downand
we're going to go into Plugin Store. In the Plugins Store,
we're going to go into all. They don't have a search feature. I don't know why, but they should have it. And it's under the eighth page, ninth, let me find it, because
they're adding new plugins. And here it is, playlist. Install it and you'll have it available. Now, once you install it,
you'll select plugins.

In plugins, you're going to enable
the plugin that you're going to use. In this case, I'm going to enable,
obviously, the AI playlist. Here it is, PlaylistAI. I'm going to enable this. Now, once I enable it,
I can start searching for what I want in songs and it's going to automatically
add this playlist to our Spotify. Let me show you what it does. Let me add a prompt right now. Okay, so in this case,
I'm asking it to give me a unique playlist with international musicians
that are not so common. Give me five songs. Now in this case, I'm asking for five just to make this quicker,
but you can ask it for 50 songs, 100, and it's going to create
that playlist for you. Now, the reason I'm asking for something unique and international is because
I want to make it hard for it.

So let's give it a chance
to generate it for us. Now it's generating the playlist
using the PlaylistAI. You could see it added five songs that are
from different types of countries. Now, in this case,
I didn't give it a generate. If I want to say,
Give me some techno music, give me some DJs, give me some pop, salsa,
whatever, it's going to do it for us. Now, here we go.
We just got the first playlist. Let me go click on it. It added it automatically to my Spotify. So if I grab my phone, if I go anywhere,
I have this playlist added to my Spotify. You can see this here. Here's the five songs that it
just added right now. Now, what if I want to make this unique? Let's just say that I want
to ask for other type of music. Let's just say I want other type of music. Let me ask it. Okay, so I'm asking that this provide me a list with unique musicians from France
that have technical music with voice. Now, I don't know what
music is playing in France.

I'm sure that these songs don't
even play over here in my country. I'm in Mexico, so it's hard to find songs
aside from what Spotify always suggests. I hate that Spotify is always suggesting the same type of songs that are
playing all over the world. I mean, if you put hits 2023, it's always the same playlist
from all over the world. Same thing.
If you add a playlist from, I don't know, popular in Europe,
it's the same type of songs. I mean, you'll get one
or two different ones. Here we go. It just created a new one and we
got some songs from France. I don't know who these people are and
boom, we have a playlist that's unique. Now, you can add, for example, some singers, some type of songs that you
like and it's going to generate that playlist based on those
songs that you like.

Now, here we go.
We got this right here. So these are some techno music. Did I ask you for techno? Yeah, it was DJ. And from France. So it's pretty cool that we have this tool that will generate
unique playlists for us. I mean, you can use for similar playlists that you already listen on Spotify
or things that are unique. Now, this tool,
you'll get some free playlists in the beginning, but it's
actually a paid version. Let me show you how much that cost.
Here it is. If you pay by year, it's going to cost you
$30 a year, which is basically not a lot. Music is one of the things that we listen to practically every single day in our
car, in our house with our children.

If you're going to ask for playlists for children from other countries
or from your country, etc. Well, it's going to generate it for us. Basically, I think this is a
good price for what they are offering. If you want to pay month to month to check
it out or just create your playlist the first month and just get rid of it,
well, that's up to you. But like I said, for me,
it's totally worth it. And it's a super useful tool that I'm going to be using all the
time to create my playlist on Spotify. But there you go. If you want to grab it,
I'll leave the link in the description. I hope you have fun
and listen to new music..

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