Don’t Miss Out on Hexospark’s Lifetime Deal: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

there's a new deal that's going to roll out and you don't want to miss out on it it's called hexel spark it's an email Marketing System plus it also comes with a browser extension that's meant as an icebreaker for LinkedIn profiles so follow me to my desktop right now I'm going to show you how easy it is to set up pixel spark so you can get started right away now if you want to grab the deal link will be provided in the description now to get started let's head on over to our dashboard and it might seem overwhelming in the beginning but it's actually super easy to get started now my recommendation is head on over to settings first first thing you want to do is add your email you're going to click on new account and you have three options you can add your Gmail from here you have your SMTP which would cover any custom domain and your outlook so any of those three are great options to start sending out your email campaigns so add one of these next thing you want to get started with is the default settings so set this up again straightforward now once that's set up you have an email to send out next thing you want to do is add your contacts now you might want to add them manually or you might have them in another email marketing system and you want to send it over or maybe you have contacts on Excel or Google Sheets Etc export those on CSV and you can import them from here it's it's super easy or you can add one by one or by folder so once you have have contacts added next thing you want to do is set up your email templates in email templates just click on new template you can choose from the template Library which should have an extensive Library here and depending on your use case it could be hexel spark templates select the category and they'll give you examples of what you can use for for example c-suite some of them don't have a lot of the templates available but some do have way more content marketing it's like one of the ones that you like or start from scratch use AI generation and create something that's more custom tailored to your business so not a big thing super easy to do now once you have your email template you're going to view it here okay next thing you want to set up and that's if you want to use the browser extension for the cold Outreach which they name Icebreaker that means that if you are on LinkedIn and you find a profile there's an extension for hexel spark you just click on it and it's going to find the data like the name the email etc for example here I found my name I found my email my LinkedIn URL my about me my profession website Etc and this data is available on some of the profile well most of the profiles in LinkedIn but not all of them okay so you select the campaign select the Icebreaker you add the contact and you get started the flow okay to add those templates go to Icebreaker and again new Icebreaker choose an icebreaker template there are several templates available select one from here or create one on your own so once you're good to go we have added our email we have our templates we have our settings we have our contacts and we should be able to get started with sending out a campaign which would be the next step for that we'll go to campaigns okay will start a new campaign and we have for example in this case I'll add a contact and I'll add one from an existing contact I won't add one from CSV and also like me for testing purposes I'll go ahead and add it here we go next we'll add the sequence well which sequence we want to use we'll have all of them listed right here I'll select the one that I previously created in the templates let's go to settings in settings we're going to set out when do we want to send out well first off the email that we're going to use so if you have several emails select the one that you want to use to send out right and then we can select the time zone the campaign schedule we can set the schedules because maybe you don't want to send them overnight you want to send them in between working hours and you don't want to send them on weekends but we do want to send them from Monday through Friday just select what you want to enable or disable right the campaign duration the if contact estimates and variables fall back so if it doesn't have a certain variable that you need to send out you can prevent it from sending out right camping tracking settings if you want to enable opens link clicks Etc here you go and the opt out apply integration opt out option enable that next thing you want to do is the preview see how it's going to look it's going to load there we go here it's loaded now I have a personalized image I'll show you that in a bit so here's a preview of the email that's going to be sent out here's a variable it grabbed my name from the variable because that's how the template is made and it's also grabbing the variable on the image which I'll show you how to create that in a bit okay we're good to go I like how it looks Etc let's go to Stats we'll have it sent down history hasn't been sent down if we want to save and run it's gonna get started and boom the campaign has been started and you can see when it's sent down so if you have several emails to send out this is where you're going to view them okay now once you have it sent out we're going to see the analytics for each one of these so for example this one has a sent out and one open okay so let me click on it now we can view the stats so we have one contact one cent it's been opened 100 now if you send out a bunch of them you're going to be the app you're going to view the analytics for all of these okay so you can view the clear analytics for open clicked replied Etc have all those and the history for this for example it's sent out campaign started Etc and we're gonna view it here that's how easy it is to start sending out campaigns now if you want to make it more personalized and more interesting you do want to use this the personalized image this is pretty cool now I'll give you one example here for example this is an image I've just added and I use the variable from the name to be added here now from here I can go ahead for example I saw my test that it was it's just too small okay so I'll make the text bigger okay so I'll put that there so let me show you how that looks in the email that I've sent out you can see here's a test email that I sent out and this is a customized image it grabbed the name in this case the first name and it added it to the image now imagine doing this with something really cool where you have a box where it has a name maybe you have the company name also the website any details that you have in variables you can add them to the image now this is just for testing but you can do it for tax you can do for images you can do for logos for example if you have the logos of the companies you can use it here profile pic and you just add it there for example for text use the variable okay now where can you find the variables in the email templates let's go ahead and leave here in the email templates we're going to see some variables so if I go to need template you can see there's a lot of variables here for example all these are variables that you can use over there on the personalized images now I wish they do add that option as a drop down so it makes it easier so we don't have to type this in and there's also more variables for organization the sender Auto generated Etc but you can view those there to add them in personalized image so the emails are sent out with personalized variables on the text plus the image that is customized so basically that is head stocks part I mean you can use it for your email campaigns use it as an icebreaker for your LinkedIn start searching around and start sending out some cold Outreach with the browser extension and get started right away especially if you don't have contacts this is a great way to find some contacts and start sending out those campaigns now if you follow you want to follow me on LinkedIn go ahead and do so find me here and I'll leave the link in the description and I'll also leave the link for the deal that's going on don't forget to follow me subscribe and like this video and let me know what you think about it in the comments and that's a wrap

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