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I'm really excited to show you this woocommerce plug-in that's guaranteed to boost your sales now I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't think it would now I've fallen for these marketing tricks all the time countdown timers extra discounts discounts based on the products that you buy already and if you buy that other product you get an extra discount you're buying more because it gives you all those neat features that makes you buy more so this plugin is called Merchant Pro and like I said it's going to help you sell more and it's super easy to implement so let's let's get started with this video right now what's up SAS Masters like I said we are going to check out Merchant Pro if you want to check it out link will be provided in the description now just to show you really quickly at a glance things that it includes because there's several modules based on this and I'm going to show you the most popular ones on this video so first of all there's the modules that are boost Revenue so for example frequently bought together so this plugin gives you the ability to add different type of products that go along with it so for example if we're talking about about a cream that's for the face well there's the cream there's a lip balm there's the foundation for your face Etc because these are frequently bought together also there's a buy X and get y so if you buy X you get an extra discount on Y and it gives you that incentive to buy those volume discount so obviously this is a really popular one so if you buy over three products you'll get an extra discount spending goals this is really nice because if you are spending in that store I don't know if you want to reach $ and you get something extra well this is going to help you because you have a spending goal and for that reason you buy more like I said we falling for this tricks all the time free gifts based on purchases pre-order increased conversion rates so you got sticky ad to card countdown timers countdown timers are really popular you never know when it's really true or not in some of these stores so you sometimes buy based on the on the counter so really cool tool stock scarcity so again saying that there's only only five left when there's actually 100 it makes you think you know what I should buy this right now because it might be gone in a few days so again buy based on stock scarcity waiting list checkouts recently r products Advanced reviews buy now a lot of tools that go along with this reduce card abandonment and again a bunch of tools build trust with reasons to buy list brand image quick Social Links trust badges payment logos improve user experience size chart product video so improve what you have in woomer even better so wish list variation watches protect your store so agree to terms and checkbox cookie banner and all that you're going to get with this plugin so check out the link in the description now for the I would say a little bit more boring stuff is showing you how this actually works on the site so this is my demo WordPress site and we're going to show you how it actually looks on the real side once we work and tweak these little settings that we have on Merchant Pro so for example this is the site that I have already let's go to home like I said this is the demo site and you're going to see that some of these products will have a discount and we'll get extra stuff happening so right now let me take for example this one deep sweep so let's go click on it you got this so save $12.60 when you buy three you get a discount of $4.20 each okay so per item total price then there's another module that's based which is buy one get one so if you buy three you get one of this with 20% off so like it's incentivized you to buy more add to wish list reasons to buy some icons if I go down here frequently bought together like I mentioned before so if you buy these three products which are commonly bought together well you add to card and boom you add them all at one time so it's really useful okay and a lot of things that go along with it okay so let's jump into the modules the plugin is already installed it's right here Merchant and you get right now there's 23 modules enabled but there's more modules available okay so for example let me show you this animated add to card so right now this one is not enabled but this is what I can do I can add animation on hover or on page load based on what I select so right now swing is selected if I hover over the at to cart it swings see that there it swings let me go ahead and open up a product on my site let's go to another one let's go to this one okay here's a simple one I hover overcart nothing happens okay but if I go to Merchant Pro and I select you know what I want it to bounce flash uh Jello Shake okay let's use that one let's go ahead and save it there we go let's go ahead and enable it here we go it's enabled let's go to our store right here remember nothing happens let's go go ahead and refresh it and boom if I hover over the card it makes that animation so it's super easy to enable these and start working with them let's go back into Merchant let's go into a really nice one let's go into the countdown timer so let's go ahead and select this now countdown timer is enabled right now and I can go ahead and disable it if I like so right now what is it doing it's saying sells in sells ends in like it says right here such amount of time it could be evergreen or sell price date pull off period so it doesn't show all the time you can set the amount of minutes here minimum expiration deadline and maximum expiration dayline and the stop in okay so this is going to be triggered on a sales product so for example this one this one doesn't have a sale so it's not trigger here there's no timer okay but let's go ahead and add a sell to this let's go into wo Commerce oh products let's go ahead and find this product it's the Eternal Sunset so Eternal Sunset it's this one let's go ahead and quick edit let's go ahead and it's right now $16 but let's add a sale price of $10 let's go and update it there we go let's go and refresh it remember now there's a sale price and boom we got a timer right here so when I'm buing this products and I view there's a sale plus there's a timer I'm like oh dang this is going to be gone in one day then I'm going to have to pay $16 or maybe so right now I can get it for $10 and I go ahead and buy it so you know that psychology it starts working and it gives you that fomo fear of missing out so you buy it right away so this is kind this is a really cool tool let's go back into Merchant here we go let's go check out now the advanced reviews so the advanced reviews again we can we have that enabled and on the right we're going to be able to VI the review style of this so instead of having that clunky nasty one from woocommerce there's a better looking one right here and we go ahead and edit this for example why people love our products the title tag could be H1 H2 a description for this or hide the title at all title and description alignment you got all the settings to tweak this to your Lin and make it more customizable so for example if the stars are I don't know if your site is like the theme is red maybe the Stars you want to make them red you don't want to make them yellow you have all those options there so let me see if this one has a review no this one hasn't so let me go ahead and find one that does okay here it is and here we go here's why people love our products and we have one review here or two reviews here we go two reviews and you can go ahead and write one right here with this tool so that's pretty nice right so let's go back into Merchant now let's check out for example there's a checkout choose from three different checkout layouts so you don't have to stick to the original one you can change layouts for example this is one of the layouts Shopify multisteps so people like that kind of style so you can enable that or one step everything in one single page you you don't jump to another one like I Seam for example I don't know take for example Amazon jump into the card and then you got to go into the next section and then you got to add the address and then go to the next section and that's a this will do a one step or multi-step check this out this is how you will view it or this one I think this one looks more modern but you decide what you like the most but it's super easy just enable it and select this and boom you have a different checkout okay let's go back into Merchant okay and then you have for example another one that I like is the stock scarcity scarcity yeah that's how you say it so this one so for example you can make this hurry only 20 units left in stock so like I said it gives you that feeling that you need to buy it now because if you wait a week or two weeks it might be gone so for example settings placement on the product page so after add cart from or before add to cart show urges the box when variant in inventory is below 50 text formatting text so that's what it says hurry 20 minutes you can set whatever you want here the style for this one so it's pretty nice right really really nice tool that's simple in a sense but but it makes you sell more okay so let's go back let's go now to boost Revenue so boosting revenue is you're already selling right but you want to sell more so this is a good tool to use so for example you can do pre-orders for some products buy X get y so for example this is a neat one so for example in this case placement on a product page yes after add to card or before add to card text formatting for this the style settings and to enable this you're going to do it on the product page so let me show you the example so on this one here's an example you buy three and you're going to get a 20% discount on this other product okay so you wouldn't be selling this other product if people just bought this so for example if you if people just buy three of these H they're happy they're gone boom but what happens if you give them that extra discount what you know what I'll buy these three plus that additional product because I'm going to get that extra discount so how do you enable that let's go into products okay let's select this one let's go ahead and go into edit here we go let's scroll down here scroll down scroll down and you got your Merchant product options okay so for example you have all these options available that are from the merchant options so if you enable those over there you'll have the options here if you don't enable it you'll see you won't see those there okay so for example frequently bought together I can go ahead and enable this on this particular product which is this one I can enable a new bundle it could be percentage discount or fixed discount so let's add a fixed discount discount value is going to be $5 select the products included in this bundle so let me go ahead and search for one of these and I'll do Eternal sunset here we go and let's go ahead and keep that there let's also add another one buy X get y so again add the offer and it's going to be a fixed discount again customer customer buys for example five products customer gets here we go we s the the same one customer gets quantity one with discount value of five okay there's also the free gifts you want to add a free gift spending base or coupon based volume discount so for example for the wholes this would be good one percentage discount plus add that one for the quantity so if it's 10 products you'll get 10% off add a new tier oh that's already added there there we go reasons to buy so again add the reasons people should buy this remember that's this one right here reasons to buy why this one is 100 polyester 100% recycled polyamine Etc you add your incentiv incentivization product brand images again these right here size chart for different type of products for example I don't know new size chart choose size chart for clothing this would be great product videos product audio and all that from here okay so let's go ahead and save this go and update it here we go let's go ahead and view this product here we go and now we have all these options here so for example if you buy 10 products you'll get a 10% discount which it's equivalent to $1 in this case per item $9 total price 90 bucks okay then we also added this one if you buy five of these you'll get a second we get this one actually selected the the same one okay in this case I'll go ahead and fix that there get y we're going to choose another one okay here we go let's go ahead and update it this great that I show you that because you're going to see how it actually works okay let's go ahead and refresh it because the idea is to show a different product there we go so if you buy five of these you're going to get this product for $5 less in this case I said the amount instead of percentage so it incentivizes you to buy that other product even if you didn't need it because you get that extra discount so right now it's making me say you know what I'll buy five because I want to get the discount for that one because I might need it in the future so boom sell more okay let's go into Merchant so a lot of tools boost Revenue reduce card abandonment so card count fa icon inactive tab messages cart Reserve Reserve timer for example if I select that one so if you have a cart right here let's go and check it out 10 minutes it's enabled right now let's go into the cart and here we go your card is saved for 9 minutes and 52 seconds which is the 10 minutes countdown that it's going to start it's a pretty neat tool because you want to take care of that cell right now you have these icons and settings for this particular module reduce card abandonment you have the side card so you saw that right now adds products and it slides a card on the right I removed it right now but let's go ahead and add another product let's go back into home let's add this card and we should get that slide there we go boom that's really nice because right now you can see what I've added to card and I can say you know what I needed this one and I don't need that one okay so I could just go go ahead and remove it from here go to checkout or view card from here really nice tool go back to Merchant so now let's jump into the build trust so you got your payment logos you want to build trust saying that you accept a certain type of cards for example in this case select logos you can go go ahead and add them there so for example if you're for a different country that has different type of merchants for example I think it's we chat for China for example go ahead and add them right here with the payment logos there okay you can set the alignment logos to the left Center or right the text that you want to add to the font size margins top Etc really nice way to say you know what it's safe to pay with your payments right here here we go build trust there's also the reasons to buy list you saw that already here reasons to buy list there's a quick Social Links trust badges product brand images Etc all from build trust so specific to that particular Improvement you got your improved experience for example Auto external links you you don't have to do that manual scroll to the top so a little icon that's going to scroll to the top really easy to use with this product videos variations swatches that's for um sizes this is really good size chart login popup real time search code Snippets things that make the user experience better with this improvements okay and then you got protect store agreed two terms checkbox and cookie Banner so you're going to get all of this with Merchant Pro like I said this is guaranteed to your sales in your store so basically it's just about bringing clients to your store and having them buy a product and with these incentivization you're going to have them buy more because you got discounts you got extra features you got your the one that I like it's the reach the amount of spending the spending discount goals I think that's a a really great one so buy X get Y is my favorite spending discount goes the stock scarcity countdown timer it's like those are the mus havs for the store to sell more and all these rest of tools are going to help you so you decide what you want to enable and disable to start selling more so don't forget to check out merch and pro here in the link in the description and that's a wrap for Merch and pro see you later

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