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I want to show you a lifetime deal that can dub your videos that means they can change it into another language another voice and it can actually also transcribe and do text to speech all with this lifetime deal so let me show it to you right now what's up SAS Masters my name is George and the deal that I'm talking about is called dub averse and it starts off with a 49 deal it's a lifetime deal so that means that you pay once and use it forever plus you have a 60 day money back guarantee so that means that if you don't like it just go ahead and refund it now let me show you what that deal actually gets you so let me scroll down here and by the way link will be provided in the description so license tier one which is 49 gives you 300 credits per month and you get Watermark free videos so it's a good way to get started now if you're going to need more credits jump into the license here two or three and all the way up to license tier 5 which is 4 000 credits but it's 400 bucks so consider if that's worth for you or not now you're gonna be asking yourself what are these Credits based upon so three 300 credits what does that give me well let me show you um my dub burst panel if I want to add credits I'll click on this right here and I'll click on 100.

So 100 Democrats gives you 25 minutes of dub so that's changing another voice and translating 100 minutes of subtitling and 50 minutes of text to speech so for example the first tier gives you 300 credits so that means you get 75 minutes of done just to give an example which is a good limit okay now let's start off with this okay so this is my panel I've already started playing with this and what I have to do is going to create and I can subtitle of I can dump a video I can subtitle it or text-to-speech so if I want to do this I'll click on add a video and it's as easy as adding a YouTube or Vimeo link or uploading a video so I added one of my videos here and I actually changed the voice into a woman's voice so just for playing around so let's watch this in the studio and we're actually here my video and with a woman voice okay so let's click play normally you would tell your kids or students to stay away from AI it's a lack of thinking it does a job for them and basically they don't learn but what if there's an AI that helps them learn a new subject or understand a new topic okay it's kind of weird but you get the idea right and that could be in Spanish and Russian and Italian Etc with this tool now some of these don't hit the mark when it comes to the actual timing with the real video and the one that's been dubbed but we can edit that okay but just to tell this right off how you have to say it is it's not perfect okay and it's not going to hit the mark to use right away we're gonna have to fine tune this to actually have a usable video so do consider that now it could get better in the future but for now it needs some tuning okay now how do we do that well we can redraft so let's just say that some of the words need to be replaced because they were misspelled or something like that well we fixed them here and then we can re-tune Okay so let's go into Studio mode and we can retune here so for example if I need to hear this voice or change the voice why because you might have two people speaking or three Etc we can change it here so we can play with this and make it better than what we have right now because some of these might sound weird because it's too fast too slow and it don't hit the mark so we can work with that and once you like it we can go ahead and process the video okay now let me show you another one where I dubbed it into Spanish okay where's this here it is Spanish no it's gonna be this one watch the video because the other ones are subtitles so this one should be in Spanish and just to show you the potential of this okay so like I said it's not perfect but it's cool all right see you heard that right that's in Spanish my part about it is that it doesn't have lip sync okay so it's you're you're moving the mouth with the original language and the different language that we at we dubbed well it doesn't sound that well it doesn't look that well right but at least you get a good sound new voice I would like I said fine tune where it sounds too fast maybe change the wording to it or replace it with something else so it sounds more fluent okay so you kind of get that idea and then there comes the subtitling so if I want to subtitle this for example to Italian let me go ahead and watch this let me see what I did all right normally you would tell your kids or students to stay away from AI it's a lack of thinking it does the job for them okay you can see this this is subtitling okay so it's transcribing so it's pretty cool if you need to burn this into a video or add the subtitles into YouTube for example in different languages so it's pretty cool in that sense and then the other one is the text to speech okay so let me show you one of these I did Layla in English check this out and what I did I added something about environmental um global warming thing so let me show you hello and thank you for taking a moment to listen to this important message about global warming global warming is an urgent issue that affects us all that's pretty cool right because basically you add some text to it that you can generate with AI using chat GPT Etc add it inside and you're gonna get a text-to-speech and you can add some images some videos to it and generate something that's interesting so let me show you that so if I go into this I'll add a document and I can write it here just paste it or add a txt file to do that now let me show you the languages that they have available so if I'm going to create and I'll go into dub for example I'm going to select this video the same one go next I can listen to the voices that it has available now some of these have crowns but those are available with the plan okay so let's click play on George nice to see you well that's all he said Mario make your video go across the globe hi my name is Arya and you can listen to them hello my name is Jenny and I can open up a whole new audience for you and just for example this dub video I can select Jenny I can select Josh and I can select Lillian and it's gonna generate for me you can select up to four and it's gonna generate those four videos in case of dub if it was transcribing subtitles again four languages you can do these four at a time if you like okay and it's super easy to use okay so that is a numbers so right now it has those three tools that are the main ones and like I said it's on a lifetime deal so these are monthly credits so if you buy the 49 deal that means you're gonna get 300 credits every single month um there if you use 100 well you're gonna lose the 200 and you're gonna get 300 again so it's just gonna replace these so do consider that okay they're not gonna go on top of what you didn't use so these are the license tiers right now if you ask me for the 49 or the 399 if you can get money out of this or actually use it for your business right now then I think it's a deal that you should get but if you are going to wait if this is going to get super good well I wouldn't risk so much as jumping into license tier five so get into license tier two one two or three if you're not sure yet and again don't forget that you have the 60-day money-back guarantee so if you don't like it just go ahead and refund it right well that's a wrap for numbers

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