Efficient Client Management with Hostinger’s Pro Panel! ๐Ÿš€

Keeping track of clients' websites is
time-consuming, especially when you try to host those clients'
websites on your own hosting. Well, keeping track of everything like
updates, domains, explorations, files, etc, is time-consuming when you
don't have a dedicated system. In this case,
I want to show you Hostinger's Pro Panel, which has a system that lets you keep
track of clients' hosting plans, websites, and you can even jump into their
hosting plan from your panel. It's a really great system when you have clients where you need
to host their websites. You can decide what plans they should buy. You can buy it for them. You can jump into the hosting plan
and there's a lot of things that you can do that's just really easy
to use when you have clients. Let me show you what I'm
talking about right now. What's up, Sassmasters? We're going to check out
hostingerr, Pro Panel. Now, like I said, you can keep track and even jump into
their hosting plan from your Pro Panel.

So if you want to grab Pro,
go ahead and jump into the link provided in the description
and it'll take you here. Jump into Pro and you can view all the features that you can use
right here on the Pro Panel. Now you can go ahead and claim this offer, for example, and you can grab any of the
deals that you want to grab right here. In this case, I'll just grab this one
for testing purposes because I want to show you that there's an extra
discount that you can check out. So right now, right off the bat,
you can select 1-48 months. If you grab 48 months,
obviously you get the cheaper price and you lock in the price
for a longer period of time. Now, when you jump into the actual payment, you can see right
here for this plan, it's $719. But if you add My Coupon code, which is SaaS, Master, and Applied,
you're going to get an extra discount. So right now it's $647,
so it's way cheaper.

So use that coupon code. Now let's jump over to our
Hpanne here on Hostinger. So this is the main frame where you're going to view all your hosting plans,
your domains and all that. But to jump into the Pro panel,
you can see it's up here. We're going to click on it, Pro panel. And in Pro panel, you have a clear view of
all your websites installed right here. But in this case,
we're going to jump into clients. Right here is where I have a demo client
that I've just created, which is another email that I
have just for testing purposes.

And you can see that right here, I'll earn a 20 % commission
from the purchases they make. They won't even see this,
but I'll earn that commission. Now, the status is active. There's a payment status of pending because I already sent a request
just for testing purposes. But if I want to send them another planned request, I'll just click
on the shopping cart.

There we go. I have the cloud hosting options here, the web hosting ones,
and I'll just select this one. It's just, for example, one website.
I'll select this one. This is $1.99. And then I have the option to select for them,
48 months, 24, 12, et cetera. And you can see right here that I'm going to earn $19.10 if they
buy this 48 months plan. So I'll select this one,
I'll add it to cart. And then I'll select the client. So if you have several clients, just select the one that you want to send
it to, you can add a note to this. So I would say you need
this plan for one website. I'll send card to client.
There we go. They should get an email with a
request to purchase this plan. Let's go find that. So here's the email,
confirm your hosting order request, and there's a request for this hosting
plan built every four years, $95. Remember, we're going to earn
almost $20 with that purchase. And there's a note, you need
this plan for one website.

So it's pretty cool
that we get this, right? Now, what if we need
to manage their panel? Well, that is available in the Pro panel. So right here, again, in the Clients section,
you can click on Manage, and it's going to jump into
basically a copy of their panel. So we're able to view everything that they have because obviously we're
managing their hosting plan. And since there's no purchases, we're
not going to be able to view them here. But if they did, we'll be able to view
the hosting plans, the emails, the domains, the BPS, the billing,
et cetera, all from here. You can see you are managing this
account right there. Now if I need to jump back to Pro Panel, I'll click on Exit,
and I'll jump back into my panel. There we go. I'm back in the Pro Panel,
go back into Clients.

And again, I can add
a new client if I like. So just like that,
I'm able to manage several clients without any hassle and have them buy
the hosting plan, not go through any hassle of telling them
what to do manually. I just send them what they need to purchase and I'll jump into there
install websites, work on the websites, and everything's going to be
super smooth with this Pro Panel. So definitely check it out if you
want to manage clients on hosting. Well, that's a wrap for Pro Panel clients..

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