Elevate Your Funnel Strategy: Seamless GoHighLevel Chat Widget Integration on WordPress! ⛰️💡

Sell more with your funnels
by adding a chat widget. In this case, I'm using GoHighLevel on WordPress, and I'm going to use
GoHighLevel chat widget to implement it on my WordPress site so we can
complement one with another. Let me show you how
on this video, right now. The idea is to implement a nice looking
chat widget like this one into our funnel from GoHighLevel that we
are using on WordPress. Now, to do this,
it's going to be super easy. We need to install a WordPress
plugin to get started. So in that case,
we're going to go into our WordPress site, go into Plugins, add New, and we're
going to search for Lead Connector.

And we're going to select
this one right here. We're going to install and activate. Once you activate, we're going to see this option on the left, and we're
going to need this API key. Let me show you where to grab that. In here, our GoHighLevel dashboard,
we're going to go into our agency view. We're going to go ahead on over there, go into settings, API key,
and it's this one right here. We're going to copy that one and add
it here and we're going to save it. That will enable all these options and we're going to have the option
to enable the chat widget. Now, before I pull in Save,
we're going to set up our chat widget.

Let's go back and we're going to go
into the company that we're going to use, in this case, Veeme Media, and we're
going to go into the sites section. And in the sites section,
there's an option that says chat widget. Let's select it here. And this is where we're going to edit
the actual chat widget that's going to pop up on our GoHighLevel funnels
that we have on WordPress. Now, we can edit all
the options available here. For example, chat bubble
where it says, Hi there. I can go ahead and disable that if
I want or keep it enabled.

It's catchy.
Sometimes it's annoying. It's going to depend on you if
you want to leave that on or off. The intro message, we can customize this. The Avatar, you can see,
well, I added my face there. You can just edit the image
here and change it. There's a return visitor option. If you have a return visitor, it's going to grab the name
from the variable from when they started the chat widget, and it's going
to obviously add their name there.

In this case, it's super easy to edit. Next thing is the window. In this case, there's the header option. You can see this, Have a Question? I can edit this and you're going
to see a live edition on the right. I'll put it back. The intro message, which is this one right here, the email field,
we can disable this or enable it. In my personal recommendation, I would say enable the email field because
it helps you to capture more leads and use that obviously to sell or have
someone subscribe to something. The legal message, again,
we can edit this if we want. The widget color, so maybe your branding is not blue, so we could go ahead
and change the color to something else. If it's red, green, purple,
etc, just add it there. The agency branding, if you have this
option available, you can add your own.

In this case, I've added SaaS Master, and it's going to take
them to the website link. Then we have the acknowledgement settings. I could add my customer support
contact information here. Acknowledgement greeting, which is the
thank you and acknowledgement message. You can see the preview there. Now, once you set it up and you have the
way you like it, go ahead and save it. In this case now,
we're going to pull it over here. Let's pull and save,
and we're going to see that it's now available on the whole side
of our WordPress site. We're going to see this here.

This is the main site. I can select it here and we have all the data to fill out
and start the chat widget. Now, in the funnels, we are not going to be able to see
this until we'll enable it. Let me show you. This is a funnel that I
have implemented already. Now, if you haven't seen the video on how
to implement funnels from a GoHighLevel, check out the video that I have, and I'll
leave the link in the description. I'll go view this one.
Here we go. This is the funnel.
This is the homepage for my funnel on WordPress from GoHighLevel,
and I don't have the chat widget.

Let me show you where to enable that. In GoHighLevel, we're going to go into a dashboard
and we're going to go into funnels. Again, inside of sites, funnels. This is the funnel that I'm using. I'm going to edit it. I'm going to edit this funnel
and I'm going to go into settings. In settings, there's a little option here
that says chat widget, and we're going to enable this
and we are going to save it. Now we should see our funnel, well, the
chat widget in the funnel from WordPress. Let's go ahead and refresh it. Here it is. There we go. Now we have implemented a chat widget
from a GoHighLevel into our GoHighLevel funnel that we have
implemented on WordPress.

Now they're going to complement one with another, and it's
going to help us sell more. There you go. That is how we're going
to implement this on WordPress. That's a wrap..

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