Ethos Revealed: The Brand Guideline Wizard for Pros!

hiring an influencer or a company without a brand guideline is a big no no you definitely want to tell them what they can do and what they can't do because this is going to make things way smoother in this case I'm going to show you a system that's called ethos and basically creating a brand guideline with this is super easy and smooth so let me show you how right now what's up SAS Masters like I said I'm going to show you ethos and it's super easy to create a brand guideline with this now if you want to check out a deal that's going on do check that link in the description now like I said the idea is to create a brand guideline and you don't want to make things complex so this will help you out with this okay so let me show you a quick brand guideline that I created you have different options for different possibilities in this case I chose this template and I wrote some content here for one of my companies which is CAO and you can see that I have my content which is brand content your taglines the purpose of this company the story for this company the mission the precis the tone of voice copy style and all this with easy to go options here with the categories okay so basically all this was created with ethos AI which helps me create everything really super easily obviously I just grab the content as it goes because this is just a demo video but it's super easy to create all of this next I have the identity for this so you got the logos that you can use and I also have the style so in this case I'm letting them know what colors they can use secondary colors monotone colors Etc just for demo purposes and then I have some rules what they can't do and not do okay and I have several options for this make this really complex so in this case I'm just telling them hey you can do this but you can't do this okay basically it's like not not centered or without a background and I'm letting them know really easily what they can't do or not do okay now how can I do this well super easy let me go into ethos and I can create a brand new guideline so I'm going to click on this I'm going to name this just new for testing purposes and I have three available options for the templates I can view the advant guard here we go this is how it's going to look how it's going to flow there's also the Scandinavian which is more like a dark mode style see how that flows if you like that you can go go ahead and choose choose that b house see how this looks this is what I use for my brand guide here we go and if I like one of these I'll go ahead and select it save and continue and I'm going to be taken to these categories so I got the brand content the brand assets the brand style and the brand rules now one of the things that I really like about ethos it it makes things super smooth easy to build this okay so first of all it's asking me for ad brand taglines so I can be kind of lost like what does it mean what should I write here well they have this little information icon that I can click on it and it's going to let me know what I have to do here and it's also going to give me some uh examples of what other companies do for example Airbnb says belong anywhere I click on next one BMW the ultimate driving machine so okay with this I know exactly what I need to do on the bra Tang lines now I can also use AI to make things even smoother so if I click on this AI system all I have to do is let it know what I want for this section okay so I have to tell it what my company is about and kind of give it the idea and it'll write the whole thing for me okay now with that in mind let me go ahead and write something really quickly okay so I just gave the idea to AI so it can generate it for me and it's it's going to start doing its magic right away here we go I'm grabbing the first tag line so it already wrote 1 2 and three and I can select the tagline that I want to use so it's giving me ideas in case I don't have it okay now it's super easy to use AI in every single one of these sections once it's done it's giving me the option to input it automatically inside of here so it makes things super smooth you got your brand purpose Brand Story brand values and you have a checklist on the right to make sure that obviously you got all the points done in this case I got 0% because basically I haven't done anything but basically you write all your content right here next is you got your brand assets so in this case I have the option to drag and drop or just select here and grab something from my desktop and add it right here brand logo and taglines brand icon brand word wordmark subir logos upload brand alternative color look lookup logos and again I can click on the information icon to know what this is about and it's going to give me an idea for every single one of these options upload brand alternative color lookup logos brand color icon Library Etc all this information it's going to help our brand guideline look really really great and professional brand style this is where you're going to add your colors so it's super easy so just click on ADD and basically you get the hex option RGB hsl depending what you're going to use and you can also use the color selection here and you'll get the hex options if I want to select that color I add it here and boom that's one of my primary colors and I can add more right here and that same thing goes with the brand secondary colors monotone Radiance fonts and secondary fonts all from here so everyone knows what they need to use when they are going to create content for this particular company okay you got your brand rules as you saw in the demo that I provided I have the dos and don'ts for this particular one so I uploaded two images in this case but you can do that also for logo taglines brand icon wmark and trademark the options right here for the brand so you're giving them the clear example of what they do and can't do when they're going to do content okay so it makes things super easy and once you're done with all of that jump into the settings section so basically you can change the name here now also if you didn't like the template that you chose you can change it from here okay change guideline primary description change guideline secondary description the template if you don't like it go ahead and change it from here the headline text font so if you want to change the font from here for the style the headline text size the body font the body text change the a button background color so in this case if you don't like purple like the example that I shown you you can change it from here because basically it might not be the brand colors that you use you can change the hover over button also upload the logo upload template background image you have the option to change the publish status so if you want to keep it as draft or you want to make it private or if you might want to make it public so you have all these options available I'll make it public for this case for example you can password protected you can whitelist domain so if you don't want to use the domain that they provide go ahead and add your Dom here but do remember that you have to add the DNS record and point it to this IP address so you use your own domain okay so it's really important that you know that enable PDF download so if you want to give them the option to download as a PDF or maybe you want this as a PDF and then share it you got the option here and the Madea tags if you want to add the information for SEO purposes or for social media purposes where you have the title description images if you don't want to make this public you definitely don't want to add the information here but if it is it will help you with ranking your company okay sharing list if you want to share this with someone it's super easy just add the email if you want the editor list go ahead and add them right here so it's super easy to work on your brand guidelines and once you're done go to my brand guidelines and you're going to find the list of all your brands that you created right here so this is the one that you just saw remember the one you viewed if I edit this you'll see that I have all the information right here added so I got the brand guideline taglines here and again I just added all of these but obviously you don't you have to add one or maybe two depending on how many brand taglines you have but these were all created with the AI that ethos has for us them if you want to use that it's a really great option but there you go that is ethos like I said before you definitely don't want to hire someone without using a brand guideline because basically you open up the door to let them use whatever colors they like whatever logos they find on the web and that's not the case you want to have that really logged in so they know what colors they can use what tone of voice what they can do and not do and just a lot of things that are in the brand guideline that it just lets them know what they can do but there you go that is ethos if you want to check it out link will provided in the description and that's a wrap

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