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let me show you a form Builder that actually has me amazed they have an AI system built into it that it can actually generate the form for you now I think it's actually even better than using a template because this can generate the form questions and the elements based on your actual needs so it's going to save you more time than using the template this one is called forms. apppp and I'm going to show you how it works right now what's up SAS Masters we're going to check out forms. apppp and they actually have a free version that you can use obviously with some limitations but you can jump into the pay plans if you think it's worth it now in my opinion I think the EI feature is well worth it because it saves you time even more than using the template now let me jump over to my dashboard and it looks pretty simple in the beginning but once we jump into the form Builder it's going to get really good okay so let's go ahead and create a form and we're going to have three options we can go ahead and create a form from blank generate with AI which which is what I'm going to show you and you can use templates a bunch of templates are available for whatever need you're going to need right there but the thing about using templates is that okay I like how this one looks and I'm going to modify to my liking but AI is going to be better because it's going to generate the actual elements based on your needs so let's go ahead and generate with forms.

Apppp aai and first of all I'm going to get some examples of what I can do here so I can get an AI generated form with feedback a contact form an MPS Etc so let me write something interesting and unique so it generates the form for us okay so this is what I wrote I need a form for competition about specialty coffee tasting and so that's actually pretty tight Niche so it's not something that you would have as a template you would need to grab something similar that has some coffee beans inside of there and practically generate all the questions in this case let's try AI so generate with AI and it's actually pretty quick it just started right now so let's see what it's creating for us and we're going to check it out right now should be done there we go it's done okay so let's see what it actually wrote so we have the basic elements so name email phone and then we have a question experience level of inp specialty coffeee tasting and we have this beginner intermitted advance so kind of to get to know the person if they're actually experts when they're rating this okay coffee brewing method used so this one we'll have to type in number of specialty coffees tasted and rated so we select the amount right here two or five rate the aroma of the coffee one for pore 10 for excellent rate the flavors of the coffee rate the acidity of the coffee rate the body texture of the coffee rate aftertaste of the coffee rate overall quality of the coffee so all these questions were based on my actual need I mean I probably wouldn't have thought of some of these and it generated for me so talk about time saving in that sense so maybe I would have thought of some of them maybe I would have remember later on or someone might have reminded me hey you didn't add this one we're going to need that but in this case with AI I actually got really great ideas for this specific in need okay now that's for the AI now we can actually customize the whole thing we can go into the fields and we can go ahead and well first of all we can edit any of these elements by clicking on the gear icon each one of these elements will have a specific option for each one of these because they're unique and next we have the fields so a bunch of fields you got your Essentials you got your contact details your uploads date and time legal and consent you got your payment e-commerce and media structure just go ahead and drag these in pull them in edit them and make them to your liking okay next we have the form design so you have options to just click on these change the form design easily so we can use these template designs and use them right away or we can customize these however we like so we can go ahead and select this one we'll use this one to keep it simple that one all right we have the list View and we have the step view so in case you want to use this as a step type of form you can see this one and the next one the next one or the list view which just everything in one single page Okay and like I said you can go ahead and customize everything right here uh the colors the radius the fonts Etc from here and then you also have conditional log so a form Builder has to have conditional logic if you want to have a great forms okay so forms app does have it you can go ahead and add a conditional logic right here so conditional logic is actually pretty straightforward which is if this happens do that so you hide a form hide an element do this do that Etc and it's pretty easy to use next is AI so if you want to customize the form again regenerate it or if you're not using an AI form and you want to use AI instead of there you can go ahead and do so right there next you have your set for this form you got your general settings not notification settings welcome page settings thank you custom message settings schedule settings quota settings and location settings all these options available here and then you got your Integrations in the connect options okay so in Connect you can view all the connections that you're going to need right here you got you got them divided also by categories so CRM developer tools Etc you got your results so once you start using this form you're going to get some results you're going to have them right here neatly uh stacked so you can view them whenever You' like archive them and trash them statistics for this form and you got your share options you got your link for the form you got your sharing options you got your gear options to make this private limited Etc allow search Eng just to Index this form so it might be a good idea or not depending on your needs and you got your embed website options standard full page chat box slider which I think is pretty cool so if I want to grab this I'm going to grab the code so I'm going to customize it first how I like it and then I'm going to get the code and then last but not least you can actually view the form before you actually publish it so you can test it out see if you like it VI it on tablet mode mobile mode and if you're good to go you're done and you save it and you have a form that's generated with AI that's going to be actually easier than using a template but there you go that is forms.

apppp if you want to check it out link will be provided in the description like I said they have a free version with some limitations but if that if that's not good enough go ahead and jump into the pay plans and that's a wrap.

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