Free AI Writer Included in Your Hostinger Shared Hosting Plan!

Maybe you didn't know this, but Hostinger includes a free AI
writing assistant in your hosting plan. That means that if you buy a shared
hosting plan, it includes it for free. Let me show you what I'm
talking about right now. What's up, Sassmasters? Like I said, the AI writing assistant is
free from hosting on shared hosting plans. Now let me show you where that actually is in the plan so you can actually
claim it in case you don't see it.

So if you go to the page in the link provided in the description,
jump into hosting and we're going to go into web hosting, which are
the shared hosting plans. Now if you scroll down here, you're going to be able to view all
the plans that they have available. And if you scroll a little bit more down here, you're going to see AI copywriting
tool and it's included in all the plans. So if you have a shared hosting plan
on Hostinger, do take advantage of it. And as of now, I haven't
seen any limitations for it. You can create pages and posts with that AI writing system when you
install a WordPress site in Hostinger. Now, in case you want to grab one of these
plans, you can see that the most popular one is 399,
so you can select it and there's an extra discount coupon code
that I want to show you. So once you select the plan,
you're going to be taken here and you're going to be able to select the amount
of months that you want to select.

Obviously, I would recommend 48 months. You grab the lowest price and you
also get the lowest renewal price. Let's scroll down here and you're going
to see that the total is $191.52. But if you select have a coupon code
and type in SaaS Master or get the coupon code from description, it jumps down
to $172.37, so take advantage of it. Now for the AI-riding system part, this is a WordPress site that I
installed with Hostinger. And once you install a site like that, you're going to get the Hostinger plugin
and you're going to get this right here. So if you install Hostinger, this is Hostinger,
and there's an AI-assisted system. Now you will also see this in post and
in pages, which I'll show you in a bit. So this is the AI-riding assistant. Like I said, it's free and it's
included in the Share hosting plan. And I have the option to use
this for a post or a page.

In this case, I'll create a post. It's asking for a tone of voice. I am going to use friendly and witty. And then content length,
I'm going to choose long. You can choose short if you like. And then it's going to ask me, what do
I want to write this content about? So let me go ahead and think
about something and write it. Okay, so this is what I chose
for the content idea is, what are the top five screen recorders
for Mac and top five for Windows? Let's see if it actually gets it right. Now it's going to ask us
for a few keywords if we want to. If not, it's going to generate it for us. But I always found that it's a good idea
to provide these keywords because it's going to help
with the content it's going to generate. And that's about good enough. So let's go ahead and generate the content and it's going to start
generating it with this AI magic. Now, there we go.

It just generated it for us and the keywords it generated
automatically are screen recorders, Mac screen recorders,
Windows screen recorders, etc. These are good tags that it generated. And then we got a meta description,
lights, camera, action. Are you ready to capture the screen
and share your epic gaming moments? So maybe it's not about gaming,
so we'll need to tweak this. So you can tweak it from here
or tweak it on the editor. I'll show you that in a bit. Now, it generated an image for us that we can use this and we can
also replace it if we like. And then we have the actual content. So these are the max screen recorders,
Quick Time Player, which really sucks.

I mean, sure, it's free. It's included in there and you can use
it right away, but it's a bit limited. And then you got Screenflow,
which is what I use. You got Camtasia.
That's what I would recommend second best. Then there's Nugget and OBS Studio. Obs Studio is pretty powerful, but I think it's more for streaming
than for screen recording. Then you got your Windows
screen recorders. Camtasia?
Correct. That is the number one. Bandicam, never heard of it.
8. Powersoft, screen recorder,
never heard of it. Icecreamsoft, never heard of it. Sharex, yes, I have heard of it. So basically Camtasia, yes, is one of the best ones because
it's available for Mac and Windows. So it wrote this content for us.

Now we can keep this content or we can go ahead and publish it or we can edit as
a draft, which would obviously be recommended because you're
going to add your touch to it. And here we go.
Now we can edit this post. We can start editing
the title, the content. We can add some images in between,
change the content, tweak it, etc. And then in the post section
for WordPress, you go into Featured Image and we go ahead and replace it and remove
it and then start working on your meta tag and description with your SEO
plugin that you have installed. But basically that was
generated via AI and for free. So there's no limits on how much content you can create, but I'm guessing there's
a fair usage limits around there. But for now it's free and you can use it
as you like for pages and posts. Like I said, it's included in the hosting
or plan for shared hosting. Take advantage of it if you're not using
it and if you do plan to use it, you have a shared hosting plan that you
don't see it, go ahead and let them know in the support channels and tell
them that you know what? I want access to the AI writing
tool that's available in the plans.

It's available right here,
AI copywriting tool. But there you go. That's a wrap for the AI
copywriting tool from hosting..

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