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normally you would tell your kids or students to stay away from AI it's a lack of thinking it does the job for them and basically they don't learn but what if there's an AI that helps them learn a new subject or understand a new topic well that's where this deal comes in it's called Gay Jigs and it's on a lifetime deal right now so it's a steal let's go check this out right now before we jump into the actual service I want to show you the deal that's going on right now and it's a lifetime deal that's only 49 that means you pay once and use them forever and you get a 60 day money back guarantee so you can go ahead and buy it check it out test it and if you like it keep it if not just well refunded now like I said this is great for kids students even adults who want to learn a new topic without getting all the results you're gonna get a kind of AI system that helps you learn so it's one of those AIS that I would think that my daughter could use because it actually helps them learn a new topic so let me show you what this deal gets you let me scroll down here and this deal for nine dollars gets you unlimited learning simplified overviews and explanations curated questions and answers goal-based learning full subjects syllabus Real World Experience thought exercise and daily learning bytes so it's meant to learn I mean this AI is different from other ones that generate content or create content just so you can copy and paste this is a whole other thing this is about learning okay so let's jump over to the actual service now if you want to check it out link will be provided in the description now this is gay jigs it's not flashy it's not kind of in I don't know it's not beautiful right but it gets the job done so you can go ahead and start with a new learning topic or we can use an example let me start off with an example and then we'll create one okay so let me go ahead and choose this one hospitality and just to give you an idea how it works okay so basically this is the overview this is what I want to learn so about this and the reason I want to learn it is because I want to offer this service or I want to get a job in this Niche all right so why do I want this because I want a job that's for Hospitality all right so now it knows what you want this for I can ask questions about this but first of all let's get started with the information that we got okay so about Hospitality this is the overview of what's going on right and it's pretty long okay and then we have questions that would go along with this things that I would be interested in if this was my topic that I want to learn so basically what is the definition of hospitality what are the key principles and valuable values in hospitality industry Etc if I select one of these I'm gonna get content related on that particular question so I kind of decide what type of information I want to learn okay and on the left we have daily learning bytes if I want to enable this this the syllabus of this so for example food and beverages so Hospitality Hospitality based on food and beverage and then I have the subtopics restaurant management catering services see how interesting this is basically on this topic all right now this would be something like an adult who's looking for a job in the hospitality in each so you get all this information that would be interesting and needed for that kind of job okay so if you're looking for something like I don't know I.T Services maybe remodeling with architect Services Etc this would help you get prepared for that job interview for example okay now what if this was about something completely new some kids just want to learn something about the Medieval Age okay so let's go ahead and do something like this so Medieval Age facts okay that's what I want to learn maybe I'm a kid that's my subject I'm in high school and that's what I want to learn about because basically I need to prepare for an essay for an exam for a pop quiz Etc and it's going to help me learn different things that I wouldn't learn maybe on a book on a book from I don't know from school Etc and this will give me a better understanding okay so medieval H facts the overview of this okay pair the station feudalism Charlie Etc Catholic Church black Black Death intellectual Revival the main topics of this okay now why do I want to learn this okay so this is for a so this would be for a high school exam okay High School exams all right let's go ahead and save this it's going to understand that's why I need this so the content is going to be generated based on that and I can ask questions based on something about let me double H then it might have a doubt about so I can select one of the questions from the bottom here and I'll just select this random one so we're gonna be check it out how did the Black Death impact Europe during the medieval period okay that's a really interesting question based on the Medieval Age so basically it's going to give me the information so population decline 20 and 60 population perish during the play so like that's something I didn't know about and if I would be interested in this it's interesting right so I'm learning about this and again it just continues continues and I'm also going to get questions based on this okay so again it's going to be related to this or I can go ask something else so let me think about something that I would ask that I would want to learn okay so this is a question that I want to ask and this isn't something normally you wouldn't find information on unless you specifically look for so it's like how was the economy impacted during the Black Death plague so let me click OK and let's see what information it knows that it's going to write about okay so the decline of population basically that is going to impact it labor shortage impact on the agriculture disruptions in trade what else social struggles so all these would be things that would normally impact during a virus a plague Etc like this okay so we need all this information and again related questions so it's going to let me learn about certain topics and if I want to load the full syllabus I can go ahead and click on this and like it says it might take 60 seconds to generate it but most of the time it takes less time okay and then I have the history here on the left okay there we go so it just took about 30 seconds for this and I am going to get the syllabus for this feudal system the definition of Origins role and responsibilities decline of feudalism Knights and Cavalry checks yes chivalry or cavalry sorry if I misspelled that all right and about castles medieval church or things that have to do with the Medieval Age that I might be interested in or basically go through all of this and learn really well about Medieval Age so about the Crusades I'm going to click on this and I should get content based on that and again this is so I can learn it's not giving me content so I can go ahead and copy and paste somewhere else this is for me to just kind of relax and find out what's going on about the Medieval Age because that's the topic that I want to learn about so like I said this is an AI based for Learning and this is something I would let a kid of a certain age use because I mean if you use chat GPT if you use another AI generator it's going to generate the content so you can copy and paste it's not meant to learn and this one is meant to learn okay and they have a reward system based on the learning so reward points for the subscription entry if you kind of use this and kind of get the rewards for that it's just something else okay so basically you get this unlimited learning experience for 49 that's a lifetime deal and like the best thing that I like about this is that it's a 60-day money-back guarantee so play with it use it learn and use it for 60 days if you don't like it just go ahead and refund it and if you do keep it I mean it's like I said it's something that you could probably have a kid use instead of time and telling them not to use AI because basically it's going to make them block their learning experience in this case it's going to help them learn okay so that is gay jigs I hope that's how you say it and if you want to check it out link will be provided in the description it's an affiliate link if this video helped you out to find out about this deal or learn more about it and you want to be grateful about it like I said use my link it's affiliate link it'll cost you what it says right there it won't cost you a single Cent more basically that's a wrap if you want to like subscribe hit that little bell notification to get notified when new videos come out that would really be great and that's a wrap

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