Generate & Customize QR Codes Like a Pro with QR Tiger 🐯

Let me show you one of the most advanced
QR creators that there's available. It's called QR Tiger, and basically
it's your one stop shop for QR codes. Let me show you what I'm
talking about right now. Qr Tiger is going to take
care of all your QR needs. Now, let's get started with the first feature, which is creating
a QR for our website link. We're here in the section where it's URL
and we're going to add, in this case, my website and we have two options,
static QR or dynamic QR. Dynamic QR is the best option. Basically, if you want to know more, click
on learn more and you can do all of this. Basically it's more dynamic
than the ordinary one. Let me create a static QR code to just make something quick, generate QR code
and it's going to generate it for us. As of now, we have a QR
code that is working.

Let me show you with my phone camera.
Here we go. Let's go ahead and click my camera. Go to my link
and boom, we're on my website. Just like that,
I am able to use the QR code. Now, I can go ahead and download as a PNG,
which is transparent, or the SVG. This is really great if you
want to use it on a website. I go ahead and download it
and save as a template. Now, basically, right now it's a basic QR code, but there's a lot of things
that we can do with QR Tiger. One is obviously we can
change the patterns. Now, what I like about changing patterns
is that it makes it more interesting. Instead of having an ordinary QR code like you see everywhere, this is
going to make it even nicer. It's going to be like someone's going to look at it and say, Whoa,
that's a really strange QR code.

They'll want to scan it
because it looks unique. I'll select this one just
for testing purposes. This is the first thing
we're going to edit. This is pattern. We're going to go with the eyes,
which is the corners on the left, and I can make them circle
with the square in the center. Circle, circle. There we go. We can just go ahead and change these.

I'll go with a really weird one,
really strange one. We can also add a logo. I can upload a logo or remove it, or I can select from the ones
that are available here. I'll select the YouTube logo
and it adds it in the center. Or this one looks really nice. I think this is catchy. There we go. Let's go with the colors. We don't want to go with solid blue. Maybe we want to go with a lighter
blue that's a little bit more vibrant. Here we go.
We can select gradients also. Custom eye color. Obviously, that gradient
doesn't go with this. I'll select something like purple.
There we go. Purple to blue, a little bit more.
Looks better. There we go. The gradient type,
if it goes from the edge or from the center, the background, we can
keep it white or transparent background. There's also the frame for this,
so you can add like this, scan me.

Like I said, this makes it interesting.
Scan me there. Different type of scan me
features available there. Solid color, gradients. Again, we can change
the colors for the scan me. If we want to change the gradient,
that's also possible. There we go. Again, that color really
doesn't go with this. We'll change it to blue. That looks a little bit weird. Let's keep it solid. Again, we change the text
here for the sample. It doesn't have to be scan me,
it could be something else.

There's also the font that we can change. There's also templates. If I save this as a template, I can use it later on for a different
QR code that I'm generating. In this case, I'm not going to save it because I really didn't work much on this,
so I'll keep it as it is. Just like that, let me scan it
one more time for you guys. Go ahead and check it out.
Here we go. Scan, scan, scan, scan.
And boom, takes me to the website. Even if it looks that unique,
it works, which is pretty cool. Now that's for the URL. There's also the B card option here on QR Tiger and we can fill out our
details here, which I'll do right now. So let me do that. Okay, so I just finished filling
this out really quickly. You can see I have my own B card right now with my name, my image,
my phone, email, website, etc. If I scroll down, I got my social media
accountsthat I can add really quickly. I can add my primary photo.

I can change this to look something more like gradient, so it looks
a little bit more modern. Again, let's choose like that. Looks a little bit more modern. We have options to generate
the dynamic QR codes. Let me go ahead and generate it.
There we go. We have a brand new QR code. A gain, we can go through
the customization to make it our own. Now, imagine this. I'm at an expo. I am showing off my products,
my services, etc. I just have that QR code so they can scan
and boom, they got all my details that they are going to need to contact me
with a B card, all thanks to QR Tiger. That's for the B card. There's also a file system.

I'll go to File and I'll
switch to New C atagory. Here we go. I can upload a file here and I have
the option for 5, 10 and 20 megabytes. Depending on the plan that I'm on, so if I'm on regular, on advanced
and premium, I go ahead and upload it. These are the supported formats. Again, with this uploaded file, I just scan it and boom,
I'm ready to download it. Again, really easy and it's
a great way to offer your service. If you're in an exposition and you're offering some type of software,
a free demo account for software, well, they just scan it and then go ahead
and download it really quickly. It's really useful. A gain, we can go through all
the customization of the QR code. For social media, we have this
system, which is pretty cool. Again, we can add social media buttons here and we can go ahead and customize
each one of these with our link. Like us on Facebook, we can change
that to like our fan page, etc.

For YouTube, you can ask them to subscribe and we can go ahead and add the link
here and change the colors for these. By default, it's using the colors obviously that the platform identifies
with, but we can customize it if we like. Now, there's also the option
to change the primary photo. Right now it's QR Tiger, but again, we
can add our company logo, our face, etc. Or just no logo if you decide to do that. Header text, description text,
the background color. Again, I like like radiance,
so I could change it to radiance. I like that option. The theme, for example,
I can go ahead and change this. They have different type of views. I think this one looks nice. It's a little bit less clunky than the other one, but it's up
to you how you want to use it.

Pop your widgets, embed a video,
edit tags, store hours. There's also the embed other. If we want to embed a URL through here,
that's pretty cool. Again, once we generate it,
we go ahead and customize the QR code. For menu, this is a really
great option for restaurants. Restaurants when the pandemic hit,
everyone's using QR codes. Given us the option for this,
we upload the menu and we can use through there or we can create
a menu through Tiger. It's a different service from QR Tiger, but it's pretty cool
that they have menu Tiger. We can use it alongside with this. The H5 Editor, so if you want to use this, enter HTML and generate QR code
based on the HTML that is possible.

There's also a lot of options here
like style, bold, et al, etc. Everything that you need right here. Then generate the QR code for it. A Google Form, if we have
the Google Doc Form here. Again, we add the link and it generates the QR code specifically
for that Google Form. Multi URL, this is a really great option. I haven't seen this in other QR codes. Correct me if I'm wrong in the comments,
but I like it because, for example, via location, in this case, I selected
this type of QR code, multiple. Let's just say that I want
to send someone to sasmaster.

N ed based on the country. If they are in Albania,
which region doesn't matter, city doesn't matter,
if they're in a country of Albania, they're going to go to my other side,
which is sasm. C o. Again, I can add another one from a different country,
so if they're visiting from my country, Mexico, well, we'll send
them to whatever, MX. This is an example. Qr Tiger is going to take care of sending users to different sections
depending on how it's selected. Now, there's the options
for location, number of scans. If they scan it twice, then on the third one,
jump to a different link, or 100 times, maybe you have a promotion,
a giveaway, or something like that.

You could say after 100, well, it's over. You could send them to a different
link when they scan this 100 times. Over the time, the language,
and the geo fencing. All these options are available and
use the same QR code for this. Qr tiger is going to take care of redirecting these clients,
users, fans, etc. To the different type of links
depending on how you set it. Go to the app store. In the app store, you can
set your iOS and Android. Automatically, if they're scanning from an
Android, it's going to go to Android app.

If it's going to be an iOS,
it's going to go to the app store. There's the WiFi. This is a really useful one, especially at restaurants where
you have a lot of flow of people. You can select via WPA,
web or no encryption. If you select WPA, fill these out,
people scan the QR code and it's going to automatically give
them access to the WiFi. They don't have ask for passwords. You don't have to type in anything. Just by scanning the QR code,
you have access to WiFi. Mp3 file, uploaded Facebook, again via link, YouTube,
Instagram, Pinterest, via email. Go, set your email, subject, etc. Again, create a QR code for that via text. If you have a phrase or something like that you want to create in the QR code,
it will do it for you.

Let me give you a quick
example for this one. I do this, generate the QR code, and that text is going to be
integrated into this QR code. You can see it became more complex. It has a little bit more dots because
it has this phrase in the QR code. An SMS, depending you select the number
and the message, an event, an event title, location, start time and end date,
create the QR code, and via location. If you want to do a location
for a QR code, that is possible. If this is the little point I want to
do here for tenners still, well, I can generate a QR code and it's going
to take them to that section because it's going to use the longitude
and the longitude for that. Once you've created all your QR codes,
we're able to go to My Account and edit these or view the past
ones that we've created. Let's go into My Account,
go into Dashboard. In Dashboard, we have all the QR codes that we've created, the URLs,
B cards, file, etc. The stats for these.

If I go, for example, to B card,
I'm able to go ahead and view it, edit it if I need so I can go ahead
and view the Node folder, the QR code. I can go ahead and grab the QR code again. I can go ahead and edit this one. I can view the stats for it. In this case, I haven't used it,
but you're going to be able to view all the stats available here like total scans,
unique scans, top locations, top devices, edit, download and download
CSV for all this information.

So a lot goes into QR Tiger that gives you
all the flexibility to create QR codes, make them look nice, view the stats
and modify them later on if we need. Like I said, it's a one stop
shop for QR code creation. Go ahead, go check out QR Tiger in the link in the description
and that's a wrap..

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