Hostinger’s VPS plans now come with AI ASSISTANT included for FREE!

maybe you didn't know this but your BPS plan from hostinger actually includes an a assistant that's going to help you with suggestions and solving errors so let me show you what I'm talking about right now what's up SAS Masters yes hostinger does have a free AI assistant that you can use right now and it's included in the BPS plans so check this out if you jump over to their site Link in the description jump over to hosting BPS hosting if you scroll down here you're going to view their BPS plans you can see that they have ai assistant so if you're not not using it take advantage of it if you're going to grab a APS plan do use this it's going to help you out a lot now if you want to grab one of their plants there's an extra discount coupon code that I want to show you so if you add this one which is the most popular one it's going to take you over to your card so grab obviously the 24 months because you you're going to lock in the lowest price and you're going to lock in the lowest renewal price also so you can see this is the amount right now as of this video If you apply your coupon code which is sassmaster it's going to lower to $150 wor 98 so you lock in those 24 months now let's jump over to my hostinger plan right here so this is my hostinger panel and this is where I have my shared hosting my BPS plans Etc and to view your BPS they're going to be down here BPS I have two of them right now and I'm going to click on manage and I'm going to take you to the AI assistant so if you go over to help this is the AI assistant so if you haven't found that out take advantage of it okay and it's going to take you over to this AI assistant now the the cool part about this it's going it's going to help you with suggestions and it's going to help you solve errors so let's just say that I have a WordPress s that actually broke down and I need some ideas on how to fix it so let me go ahead and ask it okay so this is what I wrote right now how do I fix a WordPress site that I can't access due to the plugin I just updated so that means that if I updated a plugin and it broke my site well what the heck heck should I do now I can go ahead and search around all over the web and find different results Etc but the as isn't is going to help me with with this so let's wait for the results okay here we go we got the results right here and these are really Advanced results that you wouldn't get somewhere else now the good good thing about the as system is that it's practically has all the database that hostinger has for help files plus their AI ability to help you with this so here we go we got the results for this and one of the things that is that I like about this is that it actually knows your IP so it's going to help you with those areas you don't have to figure out things so this is a result for fixing this particular error now I'm going to ask it if I can actually do this from the file manager so there we go we just got the results so yes log into your BPS navigate to file manager so depending on the BPS that I'm using okay so basically I getting results with the AI system now can we go further than this yes we can let me go ahead and refresh this AI assistant and let me show you hypothetically for example can it help me understand what would be the best operating system for a WordPress s for example okay so I just asked a mixed question with the best uh operating system for a BPS on a WordPress side and also for a pH PHP site so let's see what it tells us okay so we just got the results and in this case it's giving us the result of auntu 2204 which would be the best option for this it would be for the WordPress side and also for the PHP side for both vuntu all right so good option now how do I install a BPS on C panel so that's a pretty complex question because it will vary and it will be a bit complex but let's see what results we get here we go we got the results and here it is we got all the details right here so we can go ahead and install it and follow this up now if I want to ask it what is my IP for the BPS let's go ahead and ask it right now okay here we go we just got the results based on the information provided the IP address is this one right here so let's go ahead and confirm that let's go into the overview and yes confirmed this is the IP address from my BPS so really handy to use this AI assist assistant to get suggestions and to get help results with uh problems you might encounter so basically take advantage of it it's free to use so if you have a VPS plan start using it right away and basically check it out and don't forget to use the coupon code provided here in the description and that's a wrap

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