How to install a WordPress site on a VPS using Server Avatar VPS manger

let me show you how you can install a WordPress site on a BPS and for this case I'm going to use server Avatar as the BPS manager plus I have installed a hostinger BPS on this so let me show you how to do it right now what's up SAS Masters I'm going to show you how to install a WordPress site on this BPS manager it's called server Avatar and it's the latest version as of this video and I already installed a hostinger kbm 2 BPS so if I jump into this section I have all the options to install applications data bases firewall Etc if you haven't watched my video on how to install a BPS into server Avatar first watch that video link will be provided in the description now before I show you how to create an application of a WordPress site on a BPS let me show you the sponsor for this video which is hostinger and basically they have a great deal for BPS plans plus there's an extra discount coupon code that I want to show you now to grab it go into the link in the description jump into hosting BPS hosting and check out their BPS plans all these plans come with a unique IP address so let me go ahead and grab this for demo purposes it's $6.99 a month which is basically a good deal and once you're here you're going to select the amount of months that you want to pay in advance I recommend paying 24 months you lock in the lowest price plus the renaal price is also lower now if you go down here the price right now it's $167 but if you add my coupon code which is sassmaster you apply it and it's going to drop to $150 with 98 so use that coupon code now to install a WordPress site here once you install the BPS all you have to do is jump into applications and in applications what we're going to do is create a new one okay here we go and we're going to name this application and I'll just say hostinger test I can use my primary domain or I can use my test domain so I don't have to connect my domain yet but yes it's a good option okay now I'll use the test domain for now and I'm going to name this test domain I'll just say test hostinger and then you have three options select a method by default it's a PHP type of site but in this case we want to install a WordPress site so I'll click on one click I have the option for WordPress selected and then I'll name this test site username I'll name it admin my email password I'll just use test and I'm going to install this on a current server now if you have several servers installed you have the options there database name again I'll just name it whatever I want I'll say test test and then I have the advanced options create a new one or choose from existing it's going to generate a database so in this case that's a name for the database and the password and then have the option to select the PHP version I recommend that you choose the latest one but that's only if you are using the latest version of everything that you're going to install so if you're using a WordPress site that has everything updated like plugins themes Etc go for 8.2 okay then custom web R leave it as it is unless you have have to do this for some particular reason okay once that's done go ahead and create the application and it's going to start it it's going to start doing it for us now in this case when you install a WordPress site it's going to automatically create all the files in the file manager and it's also going to create the database for us if this was a PHP site we would have to manually create the database but not in this case there we go the application has been installed here is the link to that site remember this is hosted on our hosting group BPS now if I want to go ahead and check it out let's go jump over there here we go here's the site let's go into the admin area so wp-admin and remember it's admin it's test test that's the madeup password and boom I'm in I now have a WordPress site now if you wanted to connect your domain for the WordPress site you need to point your domain DNS to this IP address where is it here it is here's the IP address how would you do that on hostinger well on hostinger go into your panel here it is go into your domain oh here's the domains I'll use this one ltd.

Chop I'll manage it and then manage you go into DNS name server so what you want to connect is the a record with the IP address make sure it's not created already so right now there's no a record and the a record is going to be connected to the IP this IP is our BPS IP it's going to be the default domain I'm going to add the record there we go DNS record created and now I can connect this main domain LTD I'll grab this domain and then I'm going to go to install a new application so let's go back to applications and I'm going to add a new one and since I now have my domain pointed to the IP address I can use this as my primary domain so I don't have to use a test domain I can use my primary one that's just to show you how to do it in that case now once you have your WordPress site installed let's go back into our applications here we go apps we have the application I can go ahead and open this up right here and you're going to have all the details that you need for this WordPress site so if you need to jump into the file manager you have it here here you go here's a file manager go to public HTML and you have all your files right there SSL certificate fail to ban PHP settings if you need to change it for some particular reason supervisor in case you need help side clone and troubleshoot so all the settings right here for a WordPress s but there you go that's how you're going to install a WordPress site on server Avatar's BPS manager well that's a wrap for this video

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