Increase Your Site’s Loading Speed with NitroPack cache CDN plugin – A Must Have Tool

you definitely don't want to lose viewers due to a slow loading website for that we're going to need a CDN and a cach plugin but what if I showed you a deal that has both of these combinations into one it's called a Nitro pack and they have a free version that you can use on your website so let's go check this out right now what's up SAS Masters like I said I'm going to show you Nitro pack and I've already installed it on my demo site and I am getting a load time of less than 1 second to be exact 800 millisecond load time so that's less than second now this is demo side where I've tested it this is my landing page and this is where I'm getting 800 millisecond load time on this page so if you have it well optimized it's going to load in less than a second now like I said I am using Nitro pack and they have a free forever plan that you want to check out so if you have a site that has low traffic this will be more than enough but if you have a lot of traffic jump into the paid plans but there you go check out the link in the description now how easy is it to actually use Nitro pack so Nitro pack is available for for several type of CMS including WordPress woocommerce or just play Old code to use on any site now in this case to install it go ahead and plugins add new and add new search for Nitro pack go ahead and install it and activate it it's this one right here Nitro pack once you have it installed you're going to view it here in the settings Nitro pack but most of the settings are going to be on the page so this is a quick view of nitro pack but the true power is over here on the website so once you log in in this case let me go ahead and use it here you're going to have all the details here for settings your dashboard your analytics and everything right here okay first of all you're going to view your dashboard with the service results so in this case cach hit 100% ratio that means the whole side is cach the cache size for this side minutes ago 9 Minutes optimization status and you have some quick actions here you can do cash warm-up which is what I would recommend especially for sites that don't have a lot of pages that means that it doesn't have to wait for someone to view the page to actually cash it in this case with the warm-up it's going to cash those beforehand now caching means that it's going to have the files ready to serve because it's been cached previously plus remember it has CDN which is content delivery Network so if someone is viewing this from different parts of the world it's going to load quickly from that CDN that's also included even on the free plan okay so I'm in the free subscription plan which is free one and I'll view the service usage log from here now I can view my catch insights right here so more in depth to here more in depth in information page optimization status you can see that these Pages Haven been optimized already my analytics I can use cache API resource usage and connector but here is the beauty of a nrop pack so first of all you have the optimization modes which you can also view on your WordPress plug-in but in this case I'll do it from here so you can use standard medium strong or lucous and custom that means it's going to be how much optimization is it going to do on your side now it's always a great idea to if you're going to use the strongest one check your site that everything's working fine if you have a login system check that everything works fine that everything's loading okay your animations and if not you're going to need some tweaking okay now for the general settings you got your test mode in case you want to do some testing in by your own without the cash all you have to do is add this to the end in the link and you'll view previews of your site without caching okay speed Insider and no queries there's a lot of options here where you can uh exclude some things to be cached in case it's conflicting with other plugins that is possible you got your caching options so improv of resp response time in case yeah we want to turn that on Minify resources yes optimize only URLs exclude URL so if you want to exclude something cach Ajax in nor parameters you got a lot of settings here for cach okay next we have fonts if you want to do that also images so image optimization yes we do want that unless you're using a dedicated image Optimizer if not use this and then you have your adjustments for the image quality so if you want to display faster your s and you don't have an issue with um lowering the quality of the image go ahead and use this okay then we have the automatic image lazy load turn that on additional image so specify any custom Dome elements I can turn that on now remember this is all in the free plan okay the HTML settings so Minify HTML yes keep HTML comments I'll keep that off CSS okay we want to optimize that we can also reduce the unused CSS so when it comes to Google page speed Google loves for you to not load things that you're not going to need so this is going to reduce the unused CS says remember there's additional options if you need to exclude some of the things so it doesn't ex uh reduce it because you might actually need it it won't detected sometimes okay and then you got combined CSS which is also a good idea so you don't have a lot of CSS file it's going to turn them into less files okay custom CSS and the JS which is the JavaScript again you can combine JS into one resource everything that you do right here remember turn on test your site that everything's working fine and leave it on if not you'll need to to do some tweaking for excluding re revoke render blocking delay scripts optimize ads Minify Json do not optimize optin monster script so that's in case you're using optin monster but if not then don't even try it don't don't test it out okay so that's for the cach settings and then you got your Integrations over here for this plugin which you can integrate with cloudfare which I use cloudfare so I would use these settings you're using security or nigs okay so all those settings for Nitro pack I think it's a steel especially for lower uh volume sites that don't even need to jump into a PID plan I mean that's a steal if you're going to get this for free remember this free plan is as if the as of as of this video so that means it will change in the future because obviously well that's how things go right but for now they have your free plan that you might want to test down and jump and grab it okay so add it to your side do your test check your page speeds and they should improve because remember it's caching and it's using CDN so it's basically going to improve guaranteed if you're not using a cash plugin already CDN but there you go that is Nitro pack if you want to grab it link will be provided in the description so you can go ahead and grab it from there or just go into the plugins and add it from there but there you go that is Nitro pack and that's a wrap

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