Install/Change Ubuntu 22.04 on Hostinger VPS: A Step-by-Step Guide

if you need to change the operating system of your BPS on hostinger I'm going to show you how let's get started with this video what's up SAS Masters like I said I'm going to show you how to change the operating system of your BPS things that you have to consider when doing this is that when you make this change everything is going to be deleted from the past OS so if you are running websites on that past OS do not make this change unless you back up those sites now before I get started and show you how let me show you their BPS plans that they have here on hostinger if you go if you go over to the link in the description go over to hosting BPS hosting and you're going to view all the BPS plant that they have in this case let me show you this one the kbm 2 which is $7.99 a month and there's an extra discount coupon code I wanted to show you now first thing you're going to do is select the amount of months that you want to lock in the price for you lock in the lowest price the lowest renewal price and you're good to go for 24 months in this case now the price right now is $191 but if you add my coupon code which is sasm and apply it the price is going to drop to $172 so use the coupon code this is my hostinger panel if you scroll down here you're going to be able to view all the BPS that you've purchased on hostinger to change the OS go into manage and in this section there's an option here OS and panel and then there's operating system now you have three main options one is OS with control panel that means that if you use this option it's going to install the server manager included with this so in this case the server manager is going to be C panel and Theos is sent OS if you want to use aun for example here's auntu with hisa with plk Etc be aware that if you use one of these server managers some of these have a recurring cost so month-to-month cost okay and if you don't want to do that you can go ahead and install a plain OS and select the BPS manager of your liking so if you want to use C panel server Avatar or another operating system for a BPS then use plain OS and select the OS that you want to install you there got they have sentos Debian Rocky Linux and auntu auntu 22 of4 is one of the most popular ones if you want to select that that's great and there's also applications so if you want to go ahead and directly install an application on the BPS you can do that so you have Django grle Juma node rails and WordPress straight from here now like I mentioned in the beginning be aware that if you make the change of the OS it's going to delete the past OS alongside with anything that you had installed over there but if you didn't install anything if you didn't start any sites you can go ahead and safely install a new OS once you do this it's going to ask you for a new password and you're good to go with a new OS let me give you a quick example if I want to change it to auntu so I have that right now but if I want to do a clean install again go ahead and change os but aware be aware that you get this warning right it's going to delete everything that you had on the past OS if you confirm it's going to start the installation but there you go that is how you're going to change the OS on your BPS from hosting roomp now don't forget to use the coupon code if you plan to grab a BPS and that's a wrap

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