Install Monarx malware scanner for free on your Hostinger VPS

are you looking to install Monarch's malare scanner on your BPS for free well that is possible using hosters BPS so let me show you how right now what's up SAS Masters like I said I'm going to show you how to install the Monarch mare scanner for free on the host BPS now there's a little downside and if you want to have the auto removal malware you will need to pay for the additional month-to Monon but it's way cheaper than what you were going to pay here on monarchs so let me show you the pricing for monarchs it's $15 for the server but if you buy it on hostinger it's only $7 only if you want the auto removal feature but you get the Mau scanner for free so if that's all you need you're good to go and if you want the auto removal it's only going to be $7 now before I show you how to install it on a hosting your BPS let me show you their hosting prices because I have an extra discount coupon code for you now if you jump over to the link in the description jump to hosting check out the BPS plans scroll down here you're going to find all the popular BPS plans now depending on your needs select the BPS that you want to use now in this case I'll select the most popular one because I want to show you the extra and discount coupon code once you're here you want to select the amount of months you want to lock in the price for I recommend 24 months you lock in the lowest price the lowest renewal price CU you're good to go for 24 months now right now the price is $167 with 76 cents but if you add my coupon code which is sasm and apply it the price is going to drop to $150 with 98 so don't forget to use a coupon code now to install the monarchs scanner for free Okay jump into your hostinger panel scroll down here go to your BPS that you have available go to manage it and on the left you'll find a security option you're going to find the one that says Mau scanner go ahead and select it and right now by default it's not installed so you need to install it nothing fancy about it all you do is click on this install right now and it's only going to use 15 megabytes so not a big deal it's not going to take up your resources and it's going to be a big deal if you install the M scanner now one of the big reasons you want to install a mare scanner on the BPS is because you want to scan all the files on your server on the other hand if you install a Mau scanner individual in every single site it's going to only scan the site individual so it's better to have it on the server and not individually in each single site so let's wait for this to install and I'll show you how this is going to look there we go it's just been installed so you can see it scanned 23,000 files compromised zero files malicious files 0% and we have a m word timeline here so right now everything's good to go but if there was something available we would view it right here now you can uninstall it if for some reason you don't want to use this on your server but that's how you're going to have the free m scanner for free now like I said the auto remov feature is not active on the free plan if you want to activate it you'll have to pay $7 which is cheaper than what you would pay directly on Monarch so you get more than half of what it would cost you on Monarch and you'll have it here on hosting but if you just need the malare scanner you're going to get it for free right here so it's super easy to install nothing complex and I do recommend that you have a malare scanner on the server side and not just individual on every single s so it's way more powerful to have it this way so like I said if you want to grab a BPS plan with the extra discount coupon code don't forget to use the coupon code which is sassmaster and the link we provided in the description and that's a wrap for this video

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