Is Your Text Human or Machine? Unravel the Mystery with AI Detector Pro!

There are several reasons why you
might want to use an AI detector. First of all, because you want to avoid
getting caught using an AI writer, or second of all, you want to catch
who is using an AI writer. For this video, I'm going to show you AI
Detector Pro that can get this job done. Let me show you how right now. Let's get started with this video. Like I said, it's called AI Detector Pro, and you can use it via web or you can use
it in Microsoft Word, which I think is pretty interesting,
and that's what I'm going to show you. First of all, head on over to the link that I provided in the description
and go check it out. Now, like I mentioned before, it's going to help you detect who is using
AIWriter, or if you're using it, detect what part of the sentences
are detected as AIWriter. First of all, it's going to enter
a text you want to check.

The algorithms is going to get
to work and it's going to detect it. And then the AI Detector Pro is going
to show you which parts of the document exhibit fingerprints of AI, and it's going
to give you an overall score for this. Now, you can use the web version, so you can go ahead and upload your
document here or write your document. But like I said, what I'm going to do is show you the AI Detector Pro
on Microsoft Word. This is a document that I have for testing purposes, and I'm in the home
screen for my Microsoft Word.

Now you're going to see a particular icon that I can have right here,
which is AI Detector Pro. To have this, we have
to add it in the add-ins. So go to Insert
and then Insert you can see Get Add-ins. Let's click on this.
Here we go. And let's search for AI Detector Pro.
Here it is. Let's go ahead and select it. Let's get it now. For obvious reasons, you need to be logged in into Microsoft account and then it's
going to jump into your WordPress account.

Once you do that, you're going to be able
to view here at home the AI detector. And to enable it, we're going to go ahead and click on it, and this is
going to go ahead and open it up. So let's get started. Let me go ahead and log in. Okay, I am now logged in,
and I can start scanning for AI.

And I have pre-selected highlight AI in the document because
that's what we want to do. We want to know what is detected as AI. Now, this whole document was generated
using ChatGPT for obvious reasons. It's going to be detected. But that's the point of this video to show
you that it's actually written by AI. Now, each one of these
sentences is highlighted. You got yellow, so it's using AI. And then we have the big red. The red is like this sentence
is mostly written by AI. And once we click on this particular
sentence, we're going to be able to view the highlighted sections
of what is detected that's AI. Now, using the algorithms of AI, Dysector Pro, knowing how AI writers
write, how they think, and other type of algorithms, it's going
to detect that it's written by AI. It's really helpful to detect documents. Like I said, if you want to avoid getting caught using an AI writer,
or second of all, if you're a teacher or you're the owner of a company and you
don't want people using AI writers, well, this could be a tool for you
to detect if they're using AI or not.

Okay, so first of all,
I have options here. So I can get suggestions of alternatives. So automatically it's going to give me an alternative that is not
detected as an AI writer. I can go ahead and re-scan,
new scan, and clear highlights. So in this case, I'm going
to suggest an alternative. Here we go.
And we got some alternatives here. So I can go ahead and select from these. I can go ahead and go through them, go ahead and read them,
see which one works best. And then it's also going to give you another alternative,
but they're detected as AI.

So you want to avoid these, obviously, because that's why you're
using AI Detector Pro. So in this case, I'm going to use the best
option, which is this one right here, and it's going to automatically
replace the text in that section. Now I can go ahead and re-scan
the whole document. But in this case,
I'm going to go through these. And again, you got some red and yellow,
then we're going to suggest alternatives. So in this case, there's a mix of AI
writing and some human touches there. And I'm going to select this one. I'm going to go through these. So I'll be back. I'm going to go all through these, and then I'm going to do
a re-scan of this document.

So again, let me do some
suggestions, I'm come back. Okay, so I've done the suggestions
for some of these points. I'm going to get rid of the rest
for this test. Let me go ahead and get rid of this. Now let's go ahead and do a re-scan. Let's go ahead and re-scan this.
There we go. Now we got a score of 14. So 14 is the likelihood
of this is written by AI. You can see that this content now
is going to pass the AI writer. I'm going to go ahead and select these
just to make sure everything is fine. And again, I can go ahead and get
to suggest for new alternatives if I need to, but I can go ahead to stick
with these and I am good to go. There we go.
So we're good to go with this document. It's not going to be detected
as an AI-written document. So as I mentioned before, it's going to depend how you want to use
this if you want to avoid getting caught, or if you want to catch
who is using an AI writer.

Now, this is showing you how
to use it on Microsoft Word. Like I said, you can also
use this in the web panel. So if you just want to load in documents,
for example, I have nine AI generated documents that I've loaded
in and seven human-written ones. So I'm testing these out as I go along
to see which ones are detected or not. And you can go ahead
and do a new document. You can write the document here or you
can actually paste a link if you like. So if you have a link to a blog or something like that, you can go ahead and
detect it and it can analyze it for you. So go ahead and check this out. Ai-detector pro is going to be
the link here in the description. Test that out for yourself and decide
if it's the right fit for you.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to like,
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when new videos come out. And that's a wrap for AI-detector Pro..

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