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if you're looking for a booking system that you can actually resell to your clients I have the solution for you it's called tra and they've just launched the white label feature that means that you will have your own branded portal login system branded domain branded emails and a whole lot more plus you get all the power of the tra booking system to actually resell it so it's time to make money let me show you how right now what's up everyone like I said this is traft and you're going to be able to have your own scheduling system to resell with your own domain so your clients can log in with your own branded logo with your own email so that means that you don't have to use emails that are from trft it can be your own domain and best of all you have multi- lingual option notification and labels with the system plus all the power of tra behind it now right now you can go ahead and start with a free trial you don't have to pay anything just go ahead and start and check it out for yourself so you can see if it's the right vid for you now the link we provided in the description and if you jump over to tra go into the White Label section okay now with tra like I said you get all the power behind it so you can have powerful systems where you can book you can have something like this already from the templates that they have built in you can go ahead and start and doing a booking right away for your clients so in this case you could have something like this go ahead and continue you can have all these options start charging for it and start offering this to your C l so it's not something that is kind of like basic no this is really good looking and here's another one where I want to show you Barbershop one so you can goad and book right now with this system and what I like about it is that you have a lot of options that it's not simple you can make it really simple or you can make it really complex for clients that need more features and all of this with white label now let me jump over to the back end right here and let me go into my dashboard okay so this is my dashboard for my a agency in this case I know it's trapped but I can add my own details so I can add my agency name my primary color logo agency logo application background the format in this case this is really important because I know different countries have different type of formats in this case in my case it's day month year for example and use my own custom SMTP settings that means that I'm not going to be sending out emails on behalf of craft it's going to be using my own domain email so could be I don't know info or booking at okay once you have that set up go into the portal here and create a client by creating a client you're going to be able to have a custom domain for it or use domain that they provide obviously you don't want to use the domain that they provide but you have the option and in client profile we can enable or disable the settings right here so that means that if you have a client that you're going to be charging less well you can can disable features or if you're going to be charging more you can enable some of these features okay you got your custom domain option here so you can add it obviously you will need to C name and to point that with your DNS nothing complex at all it's just a few steps okay you use your custom domain for booking website again with that setting okay then you can access the agency the behind part where they actually log in you can visit the booking website copy the admin dashboard invite user to join or delete decline so I'm going to access the agency okay so this going to be the back end this is going to hypothetically hypothetically think that we are logged in as a client okay so in this case there's no more tra mentioned in this section so you got my logo here and none of the other stuff okay so now I'm able to build my booking system as a client with all the power that trap has so I got my basic analytics here I got my calendar I can actually add an appointment appointment right here manually if it's not done by the booking system the appointments employees customers Services locations Finance feature Integrations all that right here so here we can enable our Google Calendar our Outlook Zoom custom domain and all that stuff as a client okay you got all those options and then you got your settings here for the general settings okay so here we go we can set everything up right here the company setting office hours Company days off SM SMS notifications email notifications payments if you want to charge for the bookings right away or just have it as a booking system users and roles you can add them right here now once you have the main part set up where you have your calendar your days off your working hours Etc go into customize and work on the customization style now now let me show you what that site looks like right now here we go this is what it looks like this is the style right now now not a lot of information not a lot of good images because it's just a testing site okay now here we go where we add the good stuff the booking from embed code booking form settings account settings Etc the look and feel the layout settings so right now it's the Brooklyn one we can change it to something else like the light version go and save as changes select primary color and you have a lot of settings as a client okay so you got all the settings like I said like you would have on the Trap normal system but you are actually the reseller right here hero section go ahead and set all this up your footer section languages available check these out labels if you want to create labels right here for services employees custom Fields custom code if you want to go really Advanced with custom CSS all that is available there now like I said this is the client side and they got the full potential to create a super good looking plug-in system like the examples that I've shown you right here all that is possible possible with this tra white label system now once you are done here if you just want to go back as the agency dashboard go ahead and click on that back right here now the client won't have access to this section okay but if you need to create a new client go ahead and create plus I'll select from my plan that I got from tra the business name I'll say test test and the client booking I'll just add whatever here the industry this is good because it's going to create the booking style based on what you select here on the industry so it's photographer continue I'll just add whatever here just to show you how easy it is to create a client the DAT format we'll leave it as it is there we go it's been created let's go ahead and view the profile let's access as an agency to view the the client's side and boom it's created let's go a check it out and here we go it's a photography type style so it helps you out once you select the type of style already for that and it helps the client also get started really easily but it's super easy to get started with this system to create a client easy to start booking is easy to connect your system is easy everything is just really well done with a tra white label system so if you want to check it out the link we provided in the description I really recommend this if you are trying to resell a service and that's a wrap

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