Manage Your Business TVs Globally with Juuno Digital Signs’ Lifetime Deal!

okay so let me show you the reasons why you want to consider the Juno deal which is $19 for the lifetime deal and Link we provided in the description so this is my coffee shop business and I have two TVs here I have one with the menu and one which is my like advertising Money Maker this is where I illustrate what type of things I can do and where I want to suggest people what they can buy here so as the TV Chang is and this is done by Juno so you can see this it's going to change and I have a video going on right there now the beauty about Juno is that basically I can make the changes from my computer I could be in my house I could be here and I can make the changes so check this out this is what I have going on on that TV okay so I could be in my home anywhere I want and I can make changes as I want I can drag and drop these and I can add different type of elements so I can add images I can add announcements I can add Instagram posts I can embed and just a couple things that I can do which I think is pretty interesting and I can check out my TVs here so my screens so I have two TVs right here which is the menu and the LG vertical now one of the downsides right now of Juno is that they don't have vertical TVs available so all I have to do I have to add the videos in vertical mode so I'm doing this manually right now until they add me vertical option so let me show you so one of the videos I've added here you can see I actually created horizontal but it's it's for vertical TV see how it's there so it's a pretty cool option now why do I want to use this in my store physical business it's because first of all I want to have access to my menu I want to change prices whenever I need to so I could be at my home if something the price goes up or anything like that I'll just go ahead and change it if I add a new product I want to have the option to add it here a video something that looks nice and everything's done by Juno now the lifetime deal how does it work it's $19 for the lifetime deal the $19 means it's one TV okay so if you have two three four five TVs then you have to buy additional codes so in this case I've gotten six codes to satisfy my needs so right now I have a store with two TVs but I'll be adding more in the future so you can see here everything's the same it's just adding more TVs to the deal so three codes will give you three TVs if you add six codes it's going to give you six TVs six screens see that there so it's the option to work with this now if you have a phys physical business you definitely want to get this because basically it's well worth it because basically it's your money maker it's going to make you more money because you're able to display what you need so instead of going back there and adding a USB with an image or a video to do things manually you're doing everything digital and the way it works is that you have to open up a browser on your TV obviously it has to has internet connection and once it's connected all you have to do is go to like the web page that they provide and then Juno provides you a code that sticks with it so once you add the code you connect that TV to one of them so it's pretty simple and straight forward to to use in this case this is not a tutorial I just want to show you the deal that you definitely don't want to miss out if you have a physical business if you don't have a physical business if you don't plan to use a business that's physical um you want to skip on this one but if not this is the only LTD that I found that has digital signature which is what is this called digital signs this type of deal so most of them are month to month and this one is the lifetime deal that means you pay once and use forever so it's definitely a must get if you have a physical business definitely recommended so if you want to grab this deal like I said link we provided in the description and like I said this is going to make you more money than what it actually costs I mean $19 is nothing compared to what you can earn when you show someone the products that you actually have so in in this case it's a specialty coffee shop and I want to show that I have other things I mean I have a specialty coffee that's has I can do with chemx I can do with the b60 and those kind of things so most people don't know what that is and what I'm going to do in the TVs obviously show the methods that we actually have here or an alagado that has ice cream with the espresso shot inside of it I mean it sounds interesting but people don't know what it can be about so in this case I help them decide what they can probably order from here with these TVs displaying that advertising and this also works for TVs that you might want to have in the front display where you actually you're passing commercials or maybe someone pays you to pass a commercial you have the option with this so definitely there you go that's a teal and if you want to grab it link will provided in the descript description it's in a f that link so if you buy through that link it helps you up with a small commission and it won't cost you a single set more than what it is already there so that's a wrap for Juno

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