Never Fear Traffic Spikes Again with Cloudways Autonomous Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

forget about the competition when it comes to fully managed worldpress hosting you want to check out cloudways autonomous so if you're going to run a giveaway a big sale promotion and you're going to have traffic spikes well autonomous is going to autoscale your service plus it comes with a bunch of features that are crazy so let's go check this out right now what's up everyone cloudways autonomous focuses on WordPress and wo Commerce site and it's super easy to get started now before I show you how to install an application on the service let me show the main features of cloudway autonomous because obviously this is going to show you the potential that it has and why it's a fully managed service now first thing you need to know is that you don't have to worry about traffic spikes because it's going to autoscale your service so it's a true Autos scale and it's going to do it in mere seconds things you need to consider is that it includes Cloud firstes Enterprise features in this so just by having that features I think it's fantastic I mean you got me sold just by having that it has L balancers and it has a bunch of features more more now let me go down here to show you the rest of the features you get unlimited PHP workers autoscaling High availability integrated with coffers Enterprise this is awesome integrated object cach pro security automated backups multiple PHP versions and 24/7 expert support what more can you ask so all that's included in cloudway autonomous now I recommend you pause this video in this section so you can see the comparison benchmarks of cloudway autonomous Kinga and WP engine let's get into the actual launching features now first thing you going to do is you got to select a plan that they have available as of this video These are the plans that they have if you're going to launch one application it's $35 a month and if you need three and if you need to jump more just go ahead and select the plan that you need now the more applications that you have the less expensive it's going to get like I said this is a fully managed WordPress hosting system so let's give our application a name and I'll just say test app the region these are the regions available as of now but don't worry you got cloud first Enterprise features included the CDN so I'm going to use South Carolina for this and this is going to be a WordPress side let's add our application there we go the installation has begun and it should be ready in 3 minutes so let's give it a few minutes here we go our WordPress site is now ready so let's go ahead and access the backend panel and you're going to get access to overview performance and all that good stuff but before you get started you want to go into manage access you want to connect your domain to this not to worry if you need to test if you need to start working on your site it does have a site provided already so you can jump into the site you can use your credentials and jump into the WordPress back end or I can go into the front end of this site and here we go but the idea is obviously to connect your domain from here now what you're going to get with cloudway autonomous is you're going to get an quick overview of everything so you have your app right here installed the PHP version the location you got your stagging management if you want to create one right here and your resources usage in this case it's the site we just launched so nothing is going on you get your performance information so the data database object cache Pro it's enabled and full paste caching and CDN remember from cloud first Enterprise that's also enabled here and you can Pur cach all from here you don't you don't have to jump into Cloud flare then you got your workflow tools you got your backup from restore take a backup right now just hit the button and you have a backup PHP settings if you want to change the version or change some settings in it here we go if you want to change the version and change the limits for this stagging management intelligence you got your log viewer so this is a nice touch to view the logs straight from here so if you have an error if you have something that's going on you can build Straight From Here access logs and error logs from here so it's super easy and practical just to build from here and then you got your manage access so in this case you got your SSH and SFTP so if you need to access that via an FTP manager you can do so through this or the sshh you got your domain management which I showed you database base management here we go and you got your credentials straight from here if you want to jump into the back end or the front end you can do it from this link so all that is available you can see how easy it is to launch a WordPress or a woocommerce site using Cloud was autonomous and you're going to you're going to get all the features that come along with it so you got your support you got all the main features and you're going to kick back and relax once your site is up and running so there you go that is cloudway autonomous if you want check it out the link we provided in the description and that's a wrap

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