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if you don't make videos it's probably because you hate going on camera and I understand that but there's a deals going on right now that has realistic AI avatars that are going to make the videos for you all you have to do is give it the script and that's what I'm going to show you on this video right now what's up SAS Masters so one of the deals that just came back for a limited time only 3 days it's pipio it lets you use realistic AI avatars to create the videos for you now before we jump into the actual deal and talk about it let me show you how pipio actually works so let's jump over to my dashboard and this is my demo account for pipio and I've created several videos from here so let me show you the ones that I've created first and then I'll show you how to create one so you can see what you're going to get with pipio so let me go to my actions preview and let me show you this one my bad that's a Spanish one that I tested but yes you do you can use languages okay here's an English one unlike the latest Tik Tok Trend your Global Marketing Outreach can't rely on the content of a single video all this flossing and dabbing has done nothing for our sales whether you're prospecting or developing okay so you kind of get the idea now in my personal perspective and what I've seen from other type of similar deals this looks pretty good now you can't tell if you're really picky about it that it is an AI Avatar but it gets the job done now let me show you another test that I ran let me show you this one it was last Saturday night and I was out with my friend Constantine Chi we were walking down the busy streets of gilang when I noticed he was checking out every girl we passed he was clearly looking for a pretty girl all right that was a test that someone ran and I I use the script for that but that looks pretty good right I've seen other avatars again like I mentioned before that the eyes kind of go somewhere else and the lips just are way off in this case it's kind of on point so if you ask me pipu is worth the deal if you want to make videos right now now is it complex to make a video with pipio no it's not okay so let me go into create a project and first of all you got several avatars you can preview the Avatar so this guy is Jerry this is a preview of what your actor and final video will look like click the voices all right so you can test the voices see if you like them and select the one that you want to use this is a preview of what your actor and final video will look like okay so let's let's use Aaliyah we select her there we go now the voice we need to change the voice for this so let's go into voices now you can choose the add Avatar and you can use a different voice now in this case I'm looking at the English voices and I can choose filter from different languages so again you got several languages available here and you can make these in other languages so I can test a language this is a preview of what your okay so that guy's Aaron and we got a girl avatar so we don't want to use that let's use the filter here and we want to use a female voice okay and then we got all the females here this is a preview of what your actor's voice will sound this is a preview of what your this is a preview of what your actor's voice will sound like so one of the challenges here is to find the voice that ties with the look of the Avatar I mean we kind of talk the way we look and that's how it works so I'm going to use Aly for this one go ahead and select her and you can see it's been replaced and we have the script editor for her so now we have to input the script right here you can text script or you can use an audio script so that means you don't have to stick with text so in this case I used chck GPT and I created this really short phrase right here that I want to use there we go so that's our phrase let's hit play to hear how it's going to sound Arabica veins are sweeter and softer with higher acidity and less caffeine while robuster veins are strong okay in this case we know how the text is going to sound but the Avatar won't be rendered until the end so consider that now we can add text into the video okay if I add some text here I'll say here we go just say alley there maybe it's the the product that you want to add there or something like that you can add elements also to this so in this case I'm going to add an element like this one okay let's bring it to the back and sent it back here we go we got an office background now there's video there's shapes and there's music to this let's get some music kind of loud but let's go ahead and add it there and let's lower the volume for this use I don't know 10% Fade Out and loop just in case it's short sound okay I can also upload elements from here but in this case I'm not going to do it let's just say that this is what I like I can generate a preview araba Banes are sweeter and softer with higher acidity and less caffeine AR Rea banss are sweeter and softer with higher acidity and less caffeine while robuster bins are stronger harsher and higher in caffeine making them cheaper to produce all right there you go so you got the idea I should have used the coffee shop in the background but there you go you can see that's super easy now this was a preview if I really like the video and I want to consume the minutes from the life time deal that I purchase then I go ahead and Export now it doesn't stop there you can do way more things with this you you can add a second scene right here third fourth it make different scenes it just make the whole commercial from this pipio system now you can use different actors in different scenes and just like you saw on this preview you can you make you can make your own video with your own script super easy now like I said like I've seen other AI avatars that kind of go crazy their eyes go crazy their lips don't sink in this case it does a really good job now in terms of the lifetime deal that's going on right now first of all if you're watching this video too late then you're going to be too late to grab this deal it's only 3 days available and it's tool of the Year from the staff pick of app Sumo and it starts off at $49 for the lifetime deal now what does that actually get you so let's scroll down here first about you get lifetime access to pipu so that means you don't have to pay month to month and you get all the Premium plan updates so if there's new updates in the Premium plan you get that so if there's new features you get them okay now LIC here one which is $49 get you 15 credits per month now these are going to renew every month so consider that and you get unlimited downloads so once you render that video you can download it as much as you want now in license tier 2 and three what it does it raises the credits per month so that means that if you need more videos more time then jump into license tier 2 or three I would really recommend that you at least grab license Tier 1 so if you need to make one commercial once in a while then this would be a great option but if you're going to do this constantly and you might this make this also as a business and you have several businesses I do recommend that you grab license tier 3 and like I said it's a lifetime deal so that means that you've paid once and use it forever now if you like my video do use the link in the description if you plan to buy this there's a 60-day money back guarantee so if you don't like it go ahead and refund it so that's a really great deal so check it out Link in the description it's an affiliate link so if you buy through my link it helps you out with a small commission and it's not going to cost you a single sent more and that's a wrap

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